A Complete Tutorial on How to Resize Image in Illustrator on Windows & Mac

If you want to change the dimension of an image, you can't go wrong by picking Illustrator, for it supports different editing features you can use to resize the images. However, not everyone with Illustrator knows how this function works, mainly if you have just used it lately or are a beginner. Are you reading this article because you want to know how to resize images in Illustrator ? If you want it, then absorb the knowledge we input here that could help you do it immediately.

Resize Image in Illustrator

Part 1. 3 Effective Editing Features You Must Use to Resize Image on Illustrator Immediately!

Adobe Illustrator

To resize the image on Illustrator, you will need to download the software on your desktop. You can safely install the tool if you visit the official website of Adobe. So now that you have downloaded the software on your desktop, you must know several ways to resize the image here. We will introduce to you the three ways we found that you can use Illustrator. Continue reading the ways we add with the tutorial and a short introduction on each.

1st Way. Using the Scale Tool (S)

One of the easiest ways to resize an artboard on Illustrator is the Scale Tool. It is the most commonly known feature you can use to resize the image; maybe you have already used it. But if you don't, try copying the steps we include here to use the scale tool.

Step 1:
Upload the image you want to change the size on Illustrator.
Step 2:
To use the scale tool, you can click the S on your keyboard and then hit Enter or Return if you are a Mac user.
Step 3:
Then a dialogue box will appear on your screen; here, you can adjust the scale of the object or image you upload on Illustrator. Add the correct measurement you want to achieve and press OK to save the scale you apply to the image.

2nd Way. Using the Transform Tool (E)

Transform Tool allows the user to adjust the scaling of the image you upload on Illustrator but dragging the frame of it. You can freely resize canvas on Illustrator without adding the correct measurement. However, the bad thing about this is that it doesn't show what you want the image size to become after transforming it. But it is much easier than the first one, so if you want to use it, follow the steps.

Step 1:
After launching the software, insert the file you want to transform on Illustrator.
Step 2:
Click the image you want to transform, then press the E on your keyboard.
Step 3:
Hold and drag the frame to adjust the size of it according to your preferences. As easy as that, you have now adjusted the image size with the Transform; additional options available on transform are holding the Control, Shift, etc.

3rd Way. Using the Bounding Box

Bounding Box is your typical way to change the image size you might want to know. However, several problems exist because it doesn't pop up when needed. So, to teach you how to resize an image in Illustrator without distortion, you can follow the steps we add.

Step 1:
Open Illustrator and import the image you want to resize here.
Step 2:
On the upper section, click the View options. Under it, there are several features you can use, click the Show Bounding Box to appear the bounding box on the image you want to resize.
Step 3:
Adjust the frame of the image you upload here by dragging the bounding box that will appear on your image.

Part 2. Best Free Online Adobe Illustrator Resize Image Alternative [Recommended!]

Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online is the best alternative for Adobe Illustrator to resize images on the web if you need one. With this online tool, you wouldn't need to memorize all the steps like on Illustrator, and resizing the image with this tool is less of a trouble. Unlike Illustrator, you wouldn't need to download and install this software on your device to use it because it is available and accessible widely on the web. If you are interested in how to use this tool, follow the steps we add here!

Step 1:
As we said, this tool is accessible, you can click this link, and a browser or a tab will directly lead you to the online resizer of Aiseesoft.
Step 2:
Click the Upload Photos to add the image you want to resize here. A folder will show; you can locate the file here, or you can drag and drop the file if you want to.
Upload Photo to Resize
Step 3:
After adding the file, the tool will start to detect the image with the help of AI technology. You can now select what type of Magnification you want to apply to the image you want to resize. We suggest you try them all and see which fits your image better.
Choose Resizing Options
Step 4:
If you find the right image size you want, click the Save button, and the tool will export the file you edited here.
Sava Resized Photos

Part 3. FAQs on How to Resize Image on Illustrator

Is Illustrator free to use?

The tool does support a subscription fee of $20.99 if you want to avail of its annual subscription or the monthly basis for $31.49; depending on your location price may vary. But if you can't pay its fee, you can try using its trial version for 7-days. After that, you will need to subscribe if you continue using it.

Is illustrator available on Mac?

Yes, Adobe Illustrator has a Mac version that you can use to create one of the best graphic designs you might need for presentation, business, artwork, or such. The feature presented on Windows is available on the Mac version of it.

Where can I download the Illustrator?

You can visit Adobe's official website to download Illustrator's version on Windows or Mac. Downloading Illustrator on a third-party website isn't what we suggest the most because the file could bring a virus or it is incomplete. You can avoid such problems if you download the app's official website for free.


How to resize the image on Illustrator? This question is solved as we've introduced to you the three practical ways to resize your image. Do you doubt the steps we add? Then try to follow it, and we can assure you that you can manually resize the image in Illustrator with these ways. But if you find trouble using Illustrator like many, try to use the alternative we add that is free to use and s more user-friendly than Illustrator. Want to share your thoughts about this topic? Then you can leave a comment below and share it with us!

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