Full Tutorial on How to Screen Mirror on Apple TV with Mobile Devices & macOS

April 13, 2023Ashley Mae

Apple TV is a progressive technology developed by Apple for displaying online content once connected to the internet. With the addition of its best features, AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, the device became more than a box. So if you are an avid fan of screen mirroring your handheld device such as an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch or thru your personal computer like a Mac to Apple TV, this article belongs to you. As you continue to read, you will be able to quickly understand how to screen mirror on Apple TV with the mentioned device If the screen mirroring doesn't work, we have a solution just for you.

Screen Mirror on Apple TV

Part 1. How to Mirror iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to Apple TV [Quick Guide]

iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are considered handheld devices because you can use one hand to carry this type of Apple electronic device easily. Aside from easily carrying it, you can also master how to do screen mirroring on Apple TV with the tutorial below, so read it.

Step 1:
Go first to Settings, open Accessibility, choose the Touch or Accessibility ShortCut, and activate the Assistive Touch. If your Assistive Touch is already on your screen, skip this first step.
Step 2:
Once you have it, tap the AssitiveTouch, and it will lead you to quick access to the most used features on your device, like the Control Center; tap that to proceed.
Step 3:
Inside the Control Center, find Screen Mirroring and tap it. Open your Apple TV, go to Settings, select AirPlay and HomeKit, then turn the AirPlay on.
Mirror iOS to Apple TV
Step 4:
Now all the devices are ready to be paired up to the screen of your handheld device. Find the name of your Apple TV on the list and click it to connect the screen.

Part 2. How to Mirror Mac Screen to Apple TV [Wirelessly Method]

Mac is the most popular personal computer that many professionals use now. Still, today we will unveil how to get screen mirroring on Apple TV even if you are using a Mac.

Step 1:
First, open your Apple TV and activate AirPlay by going to Settings, HomeKit and AirPlay, then turn the button on for AirPlay to make the TV visible.
Step 2:
Open your Mac on the upper-right corner of your device, click the Control Center on the menu bar, and select the Screen Mirroring icon.
Screen Mirror Mac to Apple TV
Step 3:
Select the Apple TV's name on the list of visible devices, and if it asks for a code, you can find that on your Apple TV screen.

Part 3. Complete Tutorial on How to Mirror Android to Apple TV

Since AirPlaying Android phone to Apple TV is possible, we can quickly show you how. But do you need WiFi to screen mirrors on Apple TV? You need to connect the Android and Apple TV to the same network name, and you will need to download the AllStream to your Android. Follow the succeeding steps on how to use the app to successfully AirPlay the Android screen to AppleTV.

All Stream Android
Step 1:
Set up your Apple TV first by opening Settings, HomeKit and AirPlay, and turn on the AirPlay feature of the device.
Step 2:
Download the AllStream app on your Android and launch it. Inside the app, select the Apple TV's name that will appear on your screen and tick the box.
Step 3:
Adjust the necessary settings, such as volume, here, and now you can cast everything in your Android to TV.

Part 4. 3 Reasons Why Screen Mirroring Not Working on Apple TV? 3 Ways How to Fix It

1. Not Connected to the Same Network

Problem: Both Apple TV, handheld devices, and Mac have internet but can't detect the visibility of the Apple TV AirPlay feature.

Solution: AirPlaying and Screen Mirroring will not work if your devices are connected to the network with the internet but not on the same name. To fix it, you will need to connect all of the devices that you want to use on the same WLAN name so that it will work.

2. Black Screen on Apple TV

Problem: Apple TV not showing on screen mirroring and only black screen?

Solution: There are three ways to solve that. You need to restart the Apple TV by turning it off and back on to solve that problem. If that doesn't work, you could try to update to the latest version of both devices. Lastly, check if both devices do supports the AirPlay feature of each other.

3. The Proximity of Apple TV and Other Devices

Problem: Handheld Apple devices and Macs can't detect the Apple TV visibility even connected to the same network.

Solution: Make the device's distance closer to the Apple TV or at least 30 feet, but the closer better.

Bonus: Best Way to Mirror iPhone/Android Phones to PC or Mac

Now that you have understood how to get screen mirroring on Apple TV, the next information below is an app that can help you connect your iOS or Android to your personal Mac device. Aiseesoft Phone Mirror can help you mirror everything on your handheld screen by connecting it wirelessly or thru cables. It is a portable application that you can download even with low PC specs. Thus, you must first download the Fonelab Screen Mirror on your phone to mirror your screen. What are you waiting for? Enjoy unlimited screen mirroring by having this application on your reach.

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Part 5. FAQs on How to Screen Mirror on Apple TV

Can I turn on the subtitle on Apple TV?

Fortunately, Apple TV can display the subtitle of the videos that you have played. However, there are some cases that the Apple TV does turn it off, and you will need to turn on Apple TV subtitles to show the CC manually.

How much is an Apple TV?

Apple TV 4k is a set-up box that costs about $ 129.00, depending on your region or location. Also, you must purchase a monthly subscription set to $ 6.99 per month after the free-trial ends in 7 days.

Do all devices have screen mirroring fits for Apple TV?

Old version devices don't have screen mirroring fits for Apple TV. Most Android isn't supported on Apple TV, so you must download or use a third-party application, as we have done in this article.


When screen mirroring is not working on Apple TV, we have added solutions in this article. Learn how to connect your device to Apple TV with the tutorials added in this article. All the things you need to know are here, so read it carefully to ensure you get everything.

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