How to Screen Share on Samsung TV Using Android, iOS, and Laptop

April 18, 2023Ashley Mae

We all want to enjoy watching our favorite movies and TV shows and start gaming on a big screen. That is where the newly released smart Samsung TV comes in. Samsung is a famous brand for building high-quality displays and innovative technology, making it a popular choice for entertainment enthusiasts. Everything you all want to do for watching is already here, but did you know that you can mirror your iPhone, Android, and Laptop screen to your Samsung TV? Screen sharing is a convenient feature, and now you can easily use it. Let's take a closer look at the Samsung TV and how to screen share on Samsung TV effectively, even if you are using non-Android related devices for a better entertainment experience.

Screen Share on Samsung TV

Part 1. How to Setup Samsung TV Ready for Screen Mirroring on Any Devices

Step 1:
Plugin your Samsung TV into the electricity and open it. Connect your Samsung TV to the same WLAN name as the device you want to mirror.
Step 2:
On your homepage, find the gear icon, Settings, and the wrench icon, General.
Step 3:
Under it, find the External Device Manager, and the Device Connection Manager, then pick Device List.

Part 2. How to Screen Mirror Android to Samsung TV [Pre-Installed]

SmartView is the latest feature on the new version of Samsung devices. Here, you can share your media on your Android screen to Samsung TV, such as photos, movies, and music. If you need to screen share on Samsung TV using an Android device, these steps will help you.

Step 1:
Pull down the quick settings panel and find the SmartView icon. If the SmartView isn't presented, swipe it to the left to see if it is included on the next page.
Step 2:
Wait for it until it detects the Samsung TV, and tap the name of it on your Android screen.
Step 3:
There will be a notification screen that will appear, and tap Start Now. Once paired up, you can share everything on your Android screen display with a Samsung TV.
Android SmartView

Part 3. How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV [Built-In]

iPhone has an AirPlay feature that you can use to stream a video on a Samsung TV. However, there are limitations that you can use with this feature since you are connecting it to a non-Apple TV. If the limitation isn't your problem, you can proceed with the how-to screen share on a Samsung TV by following the steps below.

Step 1:
Open your Gallery and look for the video you want to mirror on Samsung TV.
Step 2:
Tap the Share icon and press AirPlay on the features available below.
Step 3:
When you are done, choose the Samsung TV that you activated earlier. You must cast the video on the Samsung TV as quickly as possible. Isn't it easy to screen mirror iPhone to Samsung TV?
iOS AirPlay

Part 4. How to Screen Mirror Laptop to Samsung TV [Connect Wirelessly Display]

The latest laptop that has Windows 10 and up has this option. Luckily, we can teach you how to share screens on Samsung TV below.

Step 1:
Hit the Windows icon and search Settings.
Step 2:
Inside it, open the System, choose Display, and pick Multiple Displays.
Step 3:
Under the Multiple Display, click the Connect button.
Windows Wireless Display
Step 4:
A cast pane will appear on the side of your screen. Under the Available displays, select the [TV Samsung] version of the TV (number) and press Connect. Once it is connected successfully, you will see that the screen on your laptop is mirrored to the Samsung TV screen.

Extra Tips: Want to Mirror Your Phone to a PC? Use This Best Phone Mirroring App!

With the information above, you have a compact knowledge of how to share screens on Samsung TV, but if you use the Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, you can now easily mirror every action on your phone to a wider screen like Windows or Mac. Thru this app, you can easily expedite what is on your phone screen when it is mirrored to a PC. Click and move everything once you connect it via USB without tapping it on the phone; this feature is known as Control Phone.

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

Once you have activated that feature, you can use other mobile interactions using the instruments on a computer connected like a keyboard and a mouse. You can even open the mirrored phone on your computer screen. Isn't the app amazing? If so, you can click the download button below to have the app downloaded to your computer drive right now.

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Part 5. FAQs on How to Screen Share on Samsung TV

Does mirroring on Samsung TV ask for a passcode?

Sometimes, it will ask for a password, especially when the request passcode is active. You can turn that off so that whenever you want to connect your phone to the Samsung TV, it won't ask for a password anymore. However, other devices within the range can now connect to the Samsung TV freely.

Does Samsung TV support Airplay?

The latest Samsung TVs support Airplaying video streams playing on your iOS device quickly whenever you want. However, there are some limitations that you will need to know when you are using the AirPlay feature while connecting to Samsung TV. If this feature doesn't work, you could use a third-party application to connect your phone to Samsung TV effectively.

Why are there some delays on mirrored Samsung TV?

Connection interference and the distance of the device, Wirelessly connecting your device to a Smart TV like Samsung is the most convenient way. Still, there will be mirroring lags you will experience. To overcome that, you may use an HDMI adapter to connect it to Samsung TV and reduce the lagging.


Learning how to do a screen share on Samsung isn't as hard as you think! As you have read the information, you will only need to spend a few minutes setting it up, and voila! You can now watch every action on your phone on a Samsung TV.

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