Top 3 Solutions to Share Your Location on iPhone

You often need to share your real-time locations with family members, friends, and others. In fact, it's quite easy to access your location services information. Location sharing is a very versatile and useful feature in iOS. iPhone can use Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, and GPS to determine your current location.

This post tells 3 useful methods to check exactly where you are and share location on iPhone precisely, even while you are on the move. Just keep reading to learn more about location services and location sharing.

Share Location on iPhone

Part 1. How to Check and Share Location on iPhone Using Find My

When you need to send your location to someone on an iPhone, you have many options to do so. For instance, you can easily check and share your precise address through Maps, Find My, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other GPS-reliant apps. First, we like to show you how to share location on your iPhone using Find My.

Turn Location Services on

Before you use the Find My app to send location information, you should ensure that it has permission to use your location. You can open the Settings app, choose Privacy, and then go to Location Services to check that. Make sure the Location Services is enabled.

Turn on Location Services on iPhone

Set up location sharing and send location on iPhone

Step 1:
The Find My app is pre-installed on your iPhone. So, you can directly open it to view and share your location. You can open it from the App Store or through the Spotlight feature.
Step 2:
Tap Me at the bottom screen and then turn on Share My Location. After that, an approximate location will appear above the My Location section. During this step, you are allowed to edit the location name, customize Find My or Tracking notifications, and decide whether allow friends requests or not.
Step 3:
Tap People at the bottom of your iPhone screen. Now you can see a blue dot appears on the map to tell your current location. Tap the Start Sharing Location button.
Set up Find My Location Sharing
Step 4:
In the pop-up Share My Location, you can select who you want to send the location from your contacts. Tap Send in the upper-right corner, and then select Share for One Hour, Share Until End of Day, or Share Indefinitely. Then he or she can see your location. When you want to stop sharing location on your iPhone, you can tap on the profile and choose the Stop Sharing Location option.
Location Sharing iPhone Find my

Share your location on iPhone with Family Sharing

With Family Sharing, you can also share your current location with members of your Family Sharing group. After you send locations, they can see the location information in the Find My app.

Step 1:
First, you should ensure that you have enabled Share My Location. You can open the Settings app, tap on your Apple account, and then go to Family Sharing. Tap on the Location Sharing option, and then turn on the Share My Location feature.
Step 2:
Now you can simply tap the name of your family member, and then tap Share My Location to send your location with her or him. While the location sharing, your family member can open the Find My app to check your real-time location.
Share Location on iPhone Family Sharing

Part 2. How to Find and Send Location on iPhone Maps App

Apple Maps also enables you to share your location with ease. It comes with iOS and is pre-installed on your iPhone. You can open it and follow the steps below to send location on an iPhone.

Step 1:
Open the Maps app, and tap the arrow in the upper right to check your location on iPhone. The blue dot will indicate your location address.
Step 2:
Tap the blue dot to arise a pop-up menu. You can tap on the Share button and then set an app to share your location.
Send Location on iPhone Using Maps App
Step 3:
To send your current location information, you can also tap the Share My Location button.
My Current Location iPhone Maps

Part 3. How to Share Your Location on iPhone with WhatsApp

As mentioned above, many social apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger allow you to easily share locations. This part will guide you to share location on WhatsApp.

Step 1:
Open WhatsApp and tap on Chats. Select the group or person that you want to send your location.
Step 2:
Tap on the plus icon in the upper-left corner and then choose the Location option. Now you can allow WhatsApp to access your location. You can choose either Only While Using the App or Always Allow as you like.
Step 3:
You can use Send Your Current Location or Share Live Location to start the location sharing on this iPhone.

Note that, for the first time you use the app, you will get a notification asking for permission to access location services on your iPhone. You should permit WhatsApp to use your location information.

Part 4. How to Change Your iPhone Location



AnyCoord - Change iPhone Location

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Step 1:
Free download and open this iPhone location changing software on your computer.
Step 2:
Connect your iPhone to it and customize settings to make the connection successfully. Back to the AnyCoord and click the Start button.
Click Start Button
Step 3:
Choose the Modify Location to check your current location.
Choose Modify Location
Step 4:
Your location will be marked on the map as a blue dot. You are allowed to freely drag, zoom in, and zoom out the map to check more details.
Map Interface
Step 5:
When you need to stop sharing location on iPhone, you can easily input or search for the destination address and then set it as a virtual location. After that, click on the Confirm Modify button to change your real-time location to the virtual one.
Click Confirm Modify

Part 5. FAQs of How to Share Location on iPhone

Question 1. How to turn off location services for a specific app on iPhone?

When you want to disable location services for specific apps, you can open the Settings app, tap the Privacy option, and then choose Location Services. When you enter the main Location Services interface, you can scroll down to the app you want to prevent it from using your location services. Tap on it and then set Never.

Question 2. Can I share my location with Messages?

Yes. You can directly send your location to others with the Messages app. While having a conversation, you can tap on your contact on the top screen, and then tap on the Send My Current Location or Share My Location. After you permit the app to access your location, your real-time location will be sent as a new message.

Question 3. Why the Share My Location button is greyed out on my iPhone?

If the app doesn't have permission to share your location, the Share My Location button may be greyed out. There are also many other reasons that will cause the button can't be tapped. You should turn Location Services on, update iOS to the latest version, and restart your iPhone to fix the issue.

Question 4. How can I share my location on my iPhone using Google Maps?

You can free install the Google Maps app on your iPhone from App Store. Open it and allow Google Maps to use your location. A blue dot will appear on the map to show your current location. Tap your profile on the top, and then use the Location sharing feature to share your location with ease.


Location sharing is quite a common need while using an iPhone. You can use the 3 methods above to easily share your location on iPhone with others. Moreover, you are introduced to a great iPhone location changer to change your GPS location.

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