How to Share Your Screen on iPhone running iOS 17 and Other Versions

December 19, 2022Gerald Christian

Sharing screens has become a go-to skill for many since working at home and isolation became a reality over the past couple of years. Today, more and more people prefer to do everything on their handsets, such as participating in video conferences, playing games, watching movies, and more. Fortunately, Apple has realized the demand and introduced the screen-sharing functionality into the latest iOS devices. This guide will show you how to share screens on iOS 17/16/15, and earlier.

Share Screen on iOS

Part 1. How to Share Screen on iOS 17

Thanks to a new technology called SharePlay, iPhone users can share their screen in the FaceTime app on iOS 17 and later now. However, you will need a third-party app to share the screen on iOS 17/16/15/14/13.

How to Share Screen on iOS with FaceTime

Step 1:
Run the FaceTime app from your home screen.
Step 2:
Tap the Create Link button to initiate a meeting. Then press the info icon and select Share Link. Then send the link to your recipient. Another way to start a video call is by tapping the New FaceTime button, entering the contact, and tapping FaceTime.
New FaceTime
Step 3:
Press the Screen Share icon at the top right corner, and tap Share My Screen. After the countdown, your iOS screen will be shared with the recipient.
Share Screen FaceTime
Step 4:
To stop sharing the screen on iOS 16 or 17, tap the toolbar icon at the top of your screen, and tap the End button.

Note: This way is only available to iOS 17 and earlier. Therefore, you have to update your software to the latest version.

How to Share Screen on iOS without FaceTime

The FaceTime call is not the only way to share screens on iOS 17 and earlier. A part of messaging apps and online meeting services lets you share the screen with your friends and family too. Telegram, for instance, is a feature-rich instant messaging app. It enables users to share screens on iOS during a one-on-one call or group call

Share iOS screen on one-on-one call:

Start Call
Step 1:
Run the messaging app, and start or join a video call.
Step 2:
Once the call is on, tap the camera icon at the bottom to stop your camera.
Step 3:
Then tap the camera button again. Next, swipe right until you see PHONE SCREEN. Tap the Continue button, and press Start Broadcast on the Screen Broadcast screen. Screen sharing will begin on iOS after 3 seconds.
Step 4:
Touch anywhere on your screen to return the call.

Share iOS screen over group call:

Group Chat
Step 1:
Join a group chat in Telegram, and tap the group picture on the top.
Step 2:
Press the video chat button, and press the Start Video Chat option. Tap the video, swipe right, and press Continue on the PHONE SCREEN. If you want to share both screen and video, tap Continue below the Front or Rear Camera.
Step 3:
Tap Start Broadcast to start sharing the screen on iOS without FaceTime.
Step 4:
To stop screen sharing, tap You are sharing your screen, and hit Stop Sharing. Next, tap the screen recording icon in your Control Center, and hit Stop Broadcast.

Note: As long as you stop the video call in Telegram, screen sharing on iOS will end too.

Part 2. How to Share iOS Screen to a PC

One important purpose that you intend to share screen on iOS is viewing the content on a large display, such as a PC. Although you can join FaceTime calls in a web browser on PCs, the screen-sharing feature is only available to the latest versions of iOS. Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, on the other hand, is compatible with a variety of systems.

Phone Mirror


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How to Share Screen on iOS to a PC

Step 1:
Install screen sharing tool

Make sure to connect both your PC and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network. Launch the screen-sharing tool after you install it on your PC. Click the iOS Mirror button to enter the main window. Choose the WiFi Connection tab, and select Screen mirroring. If you just want to share audio on iOS, choose Audio mirroring.

Choose Mirror iOS
Step 2:
Share the iOS screen

Turn to your iOS device, head to the Control Center, and tap the Screen Mirroring icon. Choose Aiseesoft Phone Mirror on the list. Now, you will see your iOS screen on your desktop. It means the iOS screen starts sharing with your PC.

Choose Screen Mirroring

Part 3. FAQs about Sharing Screen on iOS 17

Can I share the iPhone screen with Android with FaceTime?

Starting with iOS 17, Android and Windows users can join FaceTime calls using their web browser, like Chrome or Edge. They can't start a FaceTime call but only join one initiated by someone using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Apple users can also share their screens over FaceTime calls.

Why cannot I share the screen on iOS 17?

If you cannot share your screen with FaceTime call with an update to iOS 17, there are probably a few bugs regarding the update or update process, rather than the SharePlay feature itself.

What is the best way to share a screen on iOS?

on iOS 17 and later, the FaceTime app is the easiest way to share the iOS screen. If you are using the old system, you will need a third-party app or service.


This guide has demonstrated three ways to share your screen on iOS 17/16/15 and earlier. The new SharePlay feature enables you to share your iPhone screen with FaceTime. Of course, you can do it with a messaging app, such as Telegram. Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is the best option to mirror an iPhone screen to a PC. If you have other questions, please contact us by leaving a message below this post.

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