How to Speed Up Videos in Windows Media Player [Ultimate Guide]

January 12, 2022Ashley Mae

When you need to use some videos for TikTok or other social media sites, you should speed up the video according to the time limitation. Is it possible to speed up videos in Windows Media Player? How to sync the audio with the speed-up video? Just learn more about the ultimate guide to speed up videos in Windows Media Player and its best alternative from the article.

Speed up Video in Windows Media Player

Part 1: How to Speed Up Videos in Windows Media Player

Just as the other media players, Windows Media Player provides the basic features, which allows you to playback, fast-forward, reverse, file markers, and control playback speed. It means you can only speed up the video in Windows Media Play, but not apply the desired effect directly. Just learn more details about how to speed up video and DVD playback with the program as below.

How do you speed up a video playback in Windows Media Player?

Step 1:
Open Windows Media Player on your computer and choose the Video tab from the left menu. It will detect all video files on your computer. Select the desired video in the main user interface.
Open Windows Media Player
Step 2:
Right-click it to open the video, or you can click the Play button at the bottom middle corner of the interface. Moreover, it enables you to speed up multiple videos in Windows Media Player with a playlist.
Play Video File
Step 3:
When you go to the playback window, right-click the video and choose the Enhancements option. Select the Play speed settings option to adjust the video playback speed.
Adjust The Playback Speed
Step 4:
Drag the slider bar to speed up the video in Windows Media Player. It also provides multiple presets, such as Slow, Normal, and Fast, which increase the speed 1.5x, 1.0x, 1.4x respectively.

How about speeding up a DVD playback in Windows Media Player?

Step 1:
Insert a disc you want to play into the drive. Open Windows Media Player to detect the DVD files, and then you should find the Player Library option available on the left.
Play Dvd Wmp
Step 2:
In the Player Library window, select the disc name and double left click to play the video. Right-click to open the pop-up menu and choose the Play Speed Settings option from the Enhancements list.
Step 3:
Drag the Play Speed slider to speed up movies from the DVD, which you want to play, or you can click the Slow, Normal, or Fast link directly on the upper-left to speed up the DVD playback in WMP.
Media Player Speed Settings

Part 2: Best Windows Media Player Alternative to Speed Up Videos

When you need to apply a speed-up effect to the videos instead of playback the videos at a fast speed, Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is the all-in-one video speed controller, which provides speed rates range from 0.25x to 8x. Different from speeding up video in Windows Media Player, you can adjust the video settings and audio settings, boost volume, or even cut out the desired part only.

Box 2


Best Video Speed Controller - Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

  • 1. Provide 10 different presets to speed up or slow down videos on PC/Mac.
  • 2. Adjust the frame rate, file resolution, zoom mode, and even audio volume.
  • 3. Cut out the desired part to speed up and merge different video clips easily.
  • 4. Apply audio and video sync, enhance the audio and more excellent filters.
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Step 1:
Download and install Video Converter Ultimate, you can choose the Toolbox menu and select the Video Speed Controller option to speed up video as the Windows Media Player alternative.
Tiktok New
Step 2:
Click the + button to add the desired video that you want to speed up. Choose a preset under the video to increase the speed accordingly. Preview the video to find a suitable one accordingly.
Video Speed Controller New
Step 3:
You can change the format, resolution, and quality within the speed control squares when you have altered the speed. After that, you can choose the location and click the Export option to save the video.

Part 3: FAQs about Speed Up Videos in Windows Media Player

How to fix the Play speed setting feature not working in WMP?

Open the control panel and click the View By option, and then click the Large Icons option to access all features. Click the Troubleshooting option to select View all to get into Windows Media Player Library. After that, select the Apply this Fix option to speed up videos in WMP again.

Why does WMP stop responding when you speed up a video?

Re-load the video if WMP stops responding after you speed up the video several times. The speed-settings tool occasionally stops if WMP cannot re-configure the track for the requested custom speed in enough time to reload the track before you make another speed change.

Will WMP reduce the video quality for the speed-up videos?

No. Instead of reducing the video quality, when you speed up the video in WMP, it divides the frame of the video. If you speed up a video 0.5x faster, the video frame will be 60 frames per 1/120 second. But the fast speed will also make a blurry visual effect.


It is not difficult to speed up or slow down a video in Windows Media Player. Just use the default video speed controller to playback the videos. But when you need to make a fast or slow motion video, Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate should be the best alternative. Moreover, you can also sync the audio with video and boost the audio volume before sharing the video to social media websites.

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