The Overall Introductions to 2X Videos from Its Features, Usages, and Creating

November 03, 2021Ashley Mae

No matter you watch interesting videos on social media platforms or learn online classes on chromes, you can see 2X videos everywhere. What is the 2X video? Why do so many people use 2X videos?

For uploading videos, you can create videos at 2X speed to add dramatic effects and make them more appealing. What's more, you can watch videos at 2X speed to get information quickly and save your time. This article will introduce 2X videos from all the aspects, and you can learn how to use or make 2X videos easily.

2X Video

Part 1: Introductions to 2X Videos: Definition, Features, and Usage

1. What are 2X Videos?

As the name said, 2X videos are the videos that are accelerated to 2X faster speed than the original video footage. It will speed up the images, the audio tracks, and the duration time. Because making 2X videos will not affect the video quality, you can add this effect freely as you like.

Differences Between 2X Videos and Original One

2. The Features and Usages of 2X Videos

When you speed up videos to 2X videos, you will only spend half of the time watching them. And because of its acceleration to the audio at the same time, you can make 2X videos to create funny voices and laughs. Besides, the frame rate of the 2X videos will also be increased, which will make them smoother. Thus, it's also an efficient way to fix the quality of low-fps videos.

Part 2: The Ultimate Guide to Make 2X Videos on Windows/Mac

After knowing the application of 2X videos in daily life, you may also want to create your own 2X videos. Whether you want to make interesting 2X videos or watch downloaded movies/classes at 2X speed, you can rely on Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. It's a very powerful speed controller that will help you make any videos to 2X faster speed.

Video Converter Ultimate


The Best Way to Make 2X Videos with Customized Settings

  • Speed up videos to 2X and even 8X faster speed with simple clicks.
  • Able to clip the videos to several segments and adjust them separately.
  • Provide 1080p, 2K, and 4K resolution to keep a high quality of 2X videos.
  • Support almost all the video formats to export for better playback or uploading.
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Step 1:
Download Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate on your Windows/Mac and launch it. Click the Toolbox option at the top menu. Then choose the Video Speed Controller tool and click the Plus icon to add the desired videos.
Choose the Video Speed Controller
Step 2:
Then you can choose the 2X option to make videos 2X faster. You can also choose any speed according to your need. After that, you can preview the effect directly on the upper screen before exporting. In this way, you can adjust the speed rate at any time to meet your requirements.
Video Speed Controller new
Step 3:
After making 2X videos, you should choose the desired settings to output the videos. Whether you want to upload or watch the 2X videos, you'd better choose the commonly-used MP4 format. Then click the OK button to save the settings and choose the desired storage path. At last, click the Export button to save the 2X videos.
Adjust the Video Quality Settings

Part 3: FAQs about 2X Videos

1. Will I save half of the time when watching 2X videos?

Yes, of course. As mentioned before, making videos at 2X speed will also accelerate the duration time. A 2X video will create the time to 1/2. Thus, it's a good method to save your time when watching online classes and long videos.

2. How to play videos at 2X speed?

One easy method is to speed up videos at 2X speed as introduced in the article. And you can also rely on professional video players with the speed controller, including the default Windows Media Player for Windows, VLC Media Player, etc.

3. Are there any tips for making interesting 2X videos?

When creating 2X videos for uploading on social media platforms, you should cut the whole videos into several parts and choose some suitable clips to add this effect. It will make your videos more dramatic.


2X videos are applied wildly on the Internet. And this article has told you all about 2X videos, including the definition, features, and usages. If you want to make 2X videos for your own to save your watching time or create funny videos, the easiest way is to free download Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate to help you. Have any problems? Please leave your comments below.

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