How to Migrate WhatsApp Chats from Old Android to New Android

March 23, 2020Nicole Jones

It cannot be denied that WhatsApp has successfully made it a popular social media service. No single user can survive without it considering the convenience it has bestowed to us. According to a recent survey, users spend over hours to access WhatsApp every day.

However, it is hard to migrate WhatsApp conversations to new Android phone. In result, you have to leave all your chats to the old device. In fact, there are several methods can help you to do WhatsApp migration. This article will show you the best methods and how they work.

Transfer WhatsApp to New Android

Part 1. The Easiest Way to Transfer WhatsApp Chats to New Android

There are several data types in WhatsApp chats, like messages, emojis, images, voice, and short videos. Therefore, you need a powerful tool to transfer them to your new phone. Aiseesoft WhatsSync can meet your need.

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How to Transfer WhatsApp Chats to New Phone

Step 1. Connect old and new phone

After you get your new Android phone, install the best WhatsApp transfer to your computer. Connect both the old and the new phones to the computer with USB cables. Once you launch the program, select WhatsApp and the Transfer options to start.

Device to Device

Step 2. End-to-end encrypted backup

After specifying which is the source and target device, click Next. Then, follow the guide to turn on end-to-end encrypted backup.

Android to Android Encrypted Backup

Step 3. Install WhatsApp on the target device

If your target Android phone does not have WhatsApp, install it to continue. Then, disconnect WhatsApp Messenger from Google Drive to make sure the transfer process will be successful.

Disconnect Whatsapp Messenger

Step 4. Complete the Transfer

To go on, WhatsSync starts analyzing your data and will notify you when the transfer has succeeded.

Transfer Succeeds

Part 2. Transfer WhatsApp between Android with Local Backup

WhatsApp is a popular instant message app. Unlike other social media, it is primarily designed for mobile devices. Moreover, it has introduced the backup feature to protect your conversations. The good news is that you can utilize it to copy WhatsApp chats to new phone. This way does not require the internet connection, but you need a SD card. Of course, the two Android phones must both support SD card.

Step 1.
Make sure to put the SD card into the old phone, and run your WhatsApp from the app tray.
Transfer Android WhatsApp Message
Step 2.
Tap the Menu button at the top right side followed by Settings. Go to Chats, and tap Chat backup. Select Backup to Google Drive option under Google Drive Settings section, and select Never.
Backup WhatsApp Chats to Google Drive Android Phone
Step 3.
Now tap the BACK UP button on the Chat backup screen. Now, you conversations are stored to your SD card in a folder called WhatsApp .
Step 4.
Next, take the SD card out and put it into the new phone. Install WhatsApp from Play Store, and open it. WhatsApp will scan your device and find the backup. When prompted, select Restore and follow the onscreen instructions to complete it.
Restore WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

Part 3. Move WhatsApp from Android to Android with Google Drive

In addition to SD card, you can transfer WhatsApp conversations to new phone via Google Drive as well. It is more convenient and does not ask extra hardware. However, you must have a good internet connection. If you set it up correctly, you can complete the process quickly.

Step 1.
On the old Android phone, open WhatsApp by signing the account and password, and go to the Settings screen. Tap Chats and then Chat backup.
WhatsApp Backup
Step 2.
Check the box next to Include videos option if you want to backup videos in WhatsApp chats too. Then touch Google Drive settings, and then enter your Google account, set the backup frequency and back up chats over Wi-Fi.
Google Drive Setting
Step 3.
Connect the old phone to a Wi-Fi network. If you select Daily, the backup process should work automatically. If you pick Only when I tap Back up, you have to tap the BACK UP button on Chart backup screen.
Step 4.
When you prompted the process is done, switch to the new phone. Install WhatsApp and open it. Sign in the same phone number and tap Restore once WhatsApp find the backup. A few minutes to an hour, the WhatsApp conversations should copy to new phone.
Restore WhatsApp Google

Part 4. FAQs of WhatsApp Migration between Android

Can I transfer WhatsApp from one phone to another?

You cannot transfer WhatsApp from one phone to another. When it comes to WhatsApp chats, conversations and messages, you can utilize the backup and restore feature or a third-party tool to move them to new phone.

Will I lose my WhatsApp conversations if I change phones?

If you just simply install WhatsApp on the new phone and sign in your account, you cannot find the chat history anymore. Alternatively, you have to copy WhatsApp chats from old phone to new one manually.

Can I use the same WhatsApp account on 2 phones?

Officially, it is not possible to use the same WhatsApp account on two devices at the same time. At a particular point in time, you can only use the same account on one device.


Now, you should understand how to transfer WhatsApp conversations to new phone when you upgrading your handset. The built-in backup and restore features can help you do it with a SD card or Wi-Fi network. If it is not working for you, Aiseesoft MobieSync is able to copy WhatsApp from old phone to new phone directly. It does not require internet connection or SD card. If you have other troubles, welcome to leave your message below.

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