2 Simple Methods to Uninstall Google Drive on Mac

February 22, 2022Ashley Mae

For various purposes, you want to uninstall Google Drive on Mac. For instance, you need to free up your Mac storage space, or you prefer backing up data using another cloud storage platform like iCloud. Question is, how to completely remove Google Drive and its Backup and Sync app from Mac?

This post tells 2 easy ways to safely remove Google Drive from Mac. When you don't need the cloud storage service anymore, you can use them to correctly and safely uninstall Google Drive on Mac.

Uninstall Google Drove Mac

Part 1. Regular Way to Uninstall Google Drive on a Mac

Before you uninstall Google Drive on your Mac, you should disconnect your Google account to stop data syncing and end all related processes. Or you may get the can't uninstall Google Drive on Mac issue.

Step 1.
Open the Google Drive software on your Mac and go to the Preferences from the menu bar. Click Settings on the left panel and then choose DISCONNECT ACCOUNT on the right. By doing so, you can disconnect your Google Drive account from Backup and Sync.
Disconnect Google Drive Account From Backup And Sync
Step 2.
Now you need to close and end all related processes of Google Drive. You can click on the Google Drive icon on the top menu bar, and then select the last Quit Google Drive option. Similarly, you can go to the Backup and Sync app, click the 3-dot More icon, and then choose Quit Backup and Sync.
Quit Backup And Sync
Step 3.
Like uninstalling other software, when you want to remove Google Drive from Mac, you can simply drag it to Trash for the uninstallation. Just open Finder on your Mac and click Applications on the sidebar.
Uninstall Google Drive On Mac

Find the Google Drive or the Backup and Sync app and drag it to the Trash. Here you can also right-click on its icon and choose the Move to Trash option. After that, you should go to the Trash and choose to empty Trash.

Step 4.
To completely remove Google Drive from Mac, you also need to delete all Google Drive leftovers and associated data. You can rely on the search function in Finder to quickly locate and get rid of these app leftovers.
Remove google Drive Leftovers From Mac
Step 5.
Open Finder and press the Command + Shift + G keys, and then go to the ~/Library folder. You should remove all Google Drive leftovers from Cookies, Preferences, Containers, Group Containers, and Application Scripts. After moving all these app leftovers to Trash, you should empty Trash again.

Part 2. Best Remove.bg Alternative to Free Remove Background from Photo

To completely uninstall Google Drive on Mac and get rid of all leftovers, you can also rely on the professional Mac Cleaner. It is specially designed to free up Mac storage, uninstall apps, and improve Mac performance. It gives you a convenient way to thoroughly remove Google Drive from your MacBook or iMac.

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Step 1.
Open your browser and go to the official site of this Free Background Remover Online. When you get there, you are offered 2 ways to upload your picture. You can choose the Upload Portrait or Upload Photo button according to your need.
Getting Started
Step 2.
To safely and completely remove Google Drive from Mac, you can click Toolkit on the left panel and then select the Uninstall feature. You can use it to manage apps on this Mac and uninstall Google Drive on Mac easily. This operation will also erase all its leftovers. You can also use this function to uninstall OneDrive on Mac.
Mac Cleaner Toolkit
Step 3.
If you want to free up Mac storage and remove useless files, you can go to the Cleaner. Then you can use different data cleaning functions to delete unwanted Mac data.
Main Interface

Part 3. FAQs of How to Remove Google Drive from Your Mac

1. Why can't I drag the Google Drive to Trash for uninstallation?

As mentioned above, before you uninstall Google Drive on your Mac, you should quit it and all related processes first. When some apps are running in the background, you will easily get a warning message saying that this item can't be removed to Trash or can't be removed. In that case, you can choose to quit all processes or reboot Mac, and then try moving Google Drive to Trash again.

2. How to force quit Google Drive on a Mac?

When Google Drive is freezing or becomes unresponsive on your Mac, you can choose to force quit it. Click the Apple logo on the top menu bar to access more menus. Click on the Force Quit option to force quit the Google Drive.

3. How to uninstall Google Drive on a Windows 10 PC?

To uninstall the Google Drive software on a Windows 10 PC, you should also quit it and end all related apps. After that, you can go to the Control Panel, select the Programs and Features, and then find Google Drive. Right-click on its icon and choose the Uninstall option. After that, you can follow the instructions to remove Google Drive from this PC.


Google Drive provides a simple and effective way to back up various data. However, as a Mac user, you may like to back up and sync data through iCloud. This post shares 2 solutions to uninstall Google Drive on Mac. You can use either one to remove it from your Mac when you don't need the Google Drive service anymore.

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