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Many of us set a PIN to protect our Android devices from being illegally used. However, if we leave an Android phone unused for a long time, it's easy to forget its PIN. In this case, we need to find a way to unlock it to access the Android device. In this tutorial, we will introduce you to six methods to unlock an Android phone if you forget your PIN. Read through the article, and you will find the way that suits you most, no matter whether you are using a Samsung, Motorola, or other Android models.

Unlock Android Phone if Forgot Pin

Part 1. How to Unlock Android Phone If Forgot PIN - Work for Any Android System

Android Unlocker is your top choice for unlocking an Android phone when you forget the PIN. It can easily remove the screen PIN lock on Android within only a few clicks. It's suitable for beginners since it doesn't require any expert knowledge or complicated operations. More importantly, the Android Unlocker can unlock nearly all Android phones, including Samsung, Google, OnePlus, Huawei, Motorola, etc. In addition, you can use it to bypass FRP or Google Lock on your Android phone if needed.

How to unlock an Android phone if forgot the PIN?

Unlocking your Android phone will delete the device data permanently.

Step 1.
Download the powerful Android Unlocker on your computer and install it.
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Step 2.
Run the Android Unlocker and connect your Android to your computer via a USB cable. Choose Remove Screen Lock on the left of the interface. Next, choose your Android brand.
Choose Remove Screen Lock Feature
Step 3.
Click the Start button to remove your Android PIN lock easily.

If your Android device is an old Samsung, you can keep its data after the screen lock is removed. Simply click the Unlocking Solution dropdown list, choose Keep device data, and enter your device name and model.

Click Start Button
Step 4.
Wait for several minutes to let the Android Unlocker remove the PIN lock. When you see the interface below, the PIN lock on your Android is removed successfully.
Remove Lock Screen Successfully


  • It's widely compatible with Android phone brands and models.
  • It doesn't require any expert knowledge to unlock your Android.
  • Removing the PIN lock on Android can be done quickly in minutes.


  • It will erase all data on Android unless it's an early Samsung phone.

Part 2. Forgot PIN on Android Phone? Try Factory Reset

Factory reset in Android Recovery Mode is another 100% workable way to unlock an Android phone when you forget your PIN. This method doesn't need any extra app or computer. Anyone with an Android phone can perform a factory reset even if they do not know the PIN. However, different Android brands or systems usually apply different methods, which may take you more time to learn. Here, we take the Samsung Galaxy S8 as an example.

Before getting started, you should know that after a factory reset, all data on your Android device will be erased.

Step 1.
Make sure the power level of your Android is above 30%. Press and hold the Volume down and Power buttons for several seconds until the screen turns dark.
Step 2.
Press and hold the Bixby, Volume up, and Power buttons simultaneously. Release the buttons when the phone vibrates. At this time, your Android phone is in Recovery Mode.
Samsung Recovery Mode
Step 3.
Press the Volume Down button several times to select the Wipe data/factory reset. Then, press the Power button to confirm. Select Yes and then choose Reboot system now.

The Android photo will restart automatically. Next, you need to follow the instructions to log in to your Google account.

Factory Reset Samsung


  • The method enables you to unlock your Android if you forget the PIN without extra apps or account information.
  • Any Android user can use the method to unlock an Android.


  • Users have to search for the right method to perform a factory reset accordingly.
  • Making your Android phone enter Recovery Mode is a little complicated for beginners.

Part 3. How to Unlock My Phone If I Forgot My PIN - Find My Features

Google's Find My Device

You can also use Google's Find My Device to reset your Android remotely and remove the PIN lock. However, it does not apply to all Android users. You have to make sure the Android device is logged in with your Google account and you have turned on the Find My Device feature. This method is easy to learn and needs only a browser.

Step 1.
Open your browser, go to, and log in to your Google account.
Step 2.
Find your Android device on the left side and click ERASE DEVICE. Follow the instructions to confirm the erasing.
Step 3.
After a while, all data on your Android phone will be deleted, including the PIN lock. When it finishes, you can turn off your Android phone and set up a new PIN.
Reset Android Phone via Google


  • The method is easy to learn with simple steps.
  • All you need is a browser, your Google account, and the password.


  • Android phones can only be erased when it's online.
  • It requires the Android device to be logged in to your Google account and turn on Find My Device.

Samsung's Find My Mobile

Aside from Google's Find My Device, Samsung users have one more way to unlock Samsung via its Find My Mobile. The process is similar to the one with Google's Find My Device. The main difference is that you need a Samsung account and password.

Step 1.
Make sure you have enabled Find My Mobile on your Samsung phone. Enter and search in your browser, and follow the instructions to sign in with your Samsung account.

If you have turned on two-step verification, you need to enter the verification code that is sent via a text message.

Verify Account Samsung
Step 2.
Click Erase Data on the right pane and choose factory data reset.
Click Erase Data
Step 3.
Enter your Samsung password in the dialogue box and click OK to start the erasing. Your Samsung will be erased if it's connected to a network. If it's offline, the erasing will start once it's online.


  • It's easy to operate and requires fewer techniques.


  • The method is limited to Samsung phones that have turned on Find My Mobile.
  • Many users may not remember their Samsung accounts and passwords.
  • Your Samsung has to be connected to a network.

Part 4. How to Unlock Android When I Forgot PIN- Smart Lock

The Smart Lock is a smart and easy way to unlock your Android if you forget your PIN. After you enable the feature, you can unlock your Android when it's on you, connected to a trusted device, or in a trusted place you have added. However, to unlock your Android in this way, you have to set up the Smart Lock before you forget the PIN.

If you are lucky enough and have enabled the Smart Lock before, simply take your Android to a trusted place or connect it to a trusted device, and your Android will be unlocked easily.

To prevent your Android from being locked if you forget your PIN someday, you can follow the steps to set up the Smart Lock.

Step 1.
Go to Settings > Security/Lock Screen > Smart Lock.
Step 2.
Choose On-body detection to keep your Android unlocked while it's on you;
Tap Trusted places to add the address where your Android should be unlocked;
Select Trusted devices to add the device to keep your Android unlocked when it's nearby.
Smart Lock


  • It's the easiest way to keep your Android unlocked if you forget your PIN.
  • It doesn't need any verification or factory reset.


  • It requires your Android to enable Smart Lock before you lose the PIN.

Part 5. Use the Forgot PIN Feature to Unlock Android Phones with Forgotten PIN

If you are using older Android versions (Android 4.4 or earlier), you can use the Forgot PIN feature to unlock the Android. It allows you to enter your Google account and password or answer security questions to set up a new PIN.

Step 1.
Enter the wrong PIN on your Android consecutively until a prompt "Forgot PIN" shows up.
Step 2.
Tap it and enter your Google account and password to sign in. Follow the instructions on the Android to create a new PIN.
Forgot Pin Unlock Android


  • You can unlock your Android easily without a reset or data loss.


  • It only works on old versions of Android.
  • It's not secure enough since others with your Android can unlock it similarly.

Part 6. FAQs about Unlocking Android Phone If Forgot PIN

What is Motorola's default PIN code?

The default PIN code for Motorola is 1234. If it's incorrect, you can try to unlock the Motorola with the Android Unlocker or a factory rest.

Does resetting an Android phone remove the forgotten PIN?

Yes, resetting an Android phone will remove all data on the device, including the forgotten PIN, and the resetting can't be undone. Therefore, you'd better keep a backup of your Android before resetting.

What happens after you enter the wrong PIN code too many times?

If you enter the wrong PIN code several times on your Android, it will be locked unless you perform a factory reset in Recovery Mode.


The post shares six workable methods to unlock your Android if you forget your PIN. To unlock your Android with one click, use the powerful Android Unlocker. If you don't have a computer, try factory setting your Android in Recovery Mode. Find My Device or Smart Lock is also a convenient way to unlock an Android as long as you have enabled the feature. With all these methods provided, we believe you can regain access to your Android easily.

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