Top 5 Methods of How to Unlock LG Phone [Step-by-Step Guide]

Smartphone password is a good feature to protect your device from unauthorized visits. But it becomes a trouble when you forget your password and can’t unlock your own phone. This is a very frequent problem for LG Phone users. Here, we prepare 5 common methods of how to unlock your LG phone without password.

Unlock LG Phone

Part 1. How to Unlock LG Phone Forget Password in 5 Different Ways

Generally, there are 3 different kinds of passwords for LG phones: pattern locks, PIN locks (at least 4 digits), and password locks (alphanumeric sequence at least 4 characters). And all the password issues can be fixed with the following methods.

Android Unlocker Backup pin Android Device Manager Forgot Pattern LG Camera
Easiness Easy to use with 3 simple clicks Easy with 4-digit number Moderate operation with a Google account Easy to operate on an LG phone Complicated operation and repeated steps
Successful rate 100% Depends on whether you remember the PIN 100% 100% if you remember security questions or Google account detail Unknown
Workable device brands 6000+ Android models of different brands such as Samsung, LG, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc. Android devices with PIN code Android devices connected to Google account Android 4.4 or lower with pattern lock Android 5 or below with alphanumeric passcode

Use Android Unlocker to Unlock LG Phone without Password

The best way we recommend is to remove your LG phone password with Android Unlocker. No matter what password you are using: pattern, PIN, Face ID, or fingerprint, you can always use Android Unlocker to remove the lock. It can also work on LG and other Android smartphone brands. Besides the regular password, you can also fix the Google FRO lock when you can’t get verification from your old Google account.

Android Unlocker Interface
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How to unlock lg phone forgot password without resetting:

Step 1.
Download the .exe or dmg file and install Android Unlocker on your PC or Mac.
Step 2.
You can see two options on the interface. Click Remove Screen Lock first. Then, connect your LG phone to your computer via a USB cable.
Step 3.
On the next page, you need to choose the brand accordingly. You can see LG in the middle. Hit the brand mark and enter the next part.
Choose LG Brand
Step 4.
Finally, click Start and wait for it to unlock your locked LG phone.
Click Start Unlock

FYI: Removing the password will erase all data on your device. You need to backup your Android in advance.

Reset Password with Android Device Manager

There is another third-party tool that can help unlock your LG phone without a password by resetting the screen lock. The Android Device Manager developed by Google is one of the most powerful ways to locate, lock and reset your Android devices. Now, it has become Google Find My Device, but the function remains the same.

Every Android device will be asked to connect to a Google account once you turn it on for the first time. If you didn’t skip this part, you are able to use Find My Device.

Step 1.
Enter the Google Find My Device page on computer or mobile devices.
Step 2.
Log in to the same Google account on your LG phone.
Step 3.
All your devices will load all your devices on the left and the current location on the right. Choose your LG phone and click ERASE.
Click Erase LG
Step 4.
Now, Your LG phone password will be closed and you can enter your phone directly.

This only works when your phone can access to internet and this will clear all the information on your phone.

Use Backup PIN to Bypass LG Lock Screen without Reset or Computer

If you are using the pattern lock, fingerprint, or face ID, you can use the backup PIN to unlock your LG phone when you forget your password. You will be required to set a backup PIN on your phone when you activate pattern lock or fingerprint. Usually, it will be a 4-digit number. If you never change your settings, the default PIN is probably 0000.

1. Unlock with the backup PIN is very easy. When you try to unlock your phone but fail 5 times, your LG phone will automatically ask for the PIN code to unlock.

2. Or, you can see the Backup PIN option on your screen when you lock your phone. Tap it and input your PIN code to get access to your phone.

Unlock LG with Pin

You still use a password to unlock your phone, so there will be no data loss or damage to your LG phone.

Enter LG Phone with Forgot Pattern

What can I do when I forget my PIN to unlock my LG phone?

Some old LG phones (Android 4.4 or lower) have a Forgot Pattern option to unlock LG pattern lock without factory reset. You can choose to unlock with the security question you have set before or enter the Google account details to prove you are the user.

Step 1.
You need to draw the wrong pattern at least 5 times. Then, you can see the Forgot Pattern option on your screen.
Forgot LG Pattern
Step 2.
Choose Answer question or Enter Google account details.

You need to preset the security questions and Google account, and this method won’t change your data.

How to Bypass LG Lock Screen Using Camera

The last method is a little complicated and can’t always succeed. If you can’t remember the backup PIN, security questions, and Google accounts, you can try to break through an LG phone with the phone camera app. This method only works on Android 5 or lower because it utilizes a system bug of Android 5.

Step 1.
Open the Emergency Call button on your locked screen to open the dial page.
Step 2.
Enter ten asterisks (**********) on the dial box, copy and paste until you can’t do it anymore.
Enter Asterisks
Step 3.
Now you need to go back to the lock screen and tap the camera mark on the corner.
Step 4.
Swipe down your screen and pull down the notification bar. Then tap the Settings button.
Step 5.
You will be asked to input the password. Paste the 10 asterisks to the password bar.
Step 6.
Do this until your screen lock is cashed.

Pay attention that this only works on Android 5 or lower and your password should be an alphanumeric sequence.

Part 2. FAQs about Unlocking LG Phone

Can I unlock my LG phone free with the IMEI number?

Yes, you can unlock the network restriction with the IMEI number. Enter *#06# into the dial box when your phone is unlocked, and you can get the IMEI number. There are lots of unlocking services that can help you unlock with the IMEI number, but they are not free, such as DirectUnlock. You just need to enter the detailed information of your device and pay to unlock the network of your LG phone.

How do I reset my LG phone lock screen?

You can hard Factory reset your phone by long pressing Volume Down Key+ Power Key (This may differ according to your LG phone model). Or you can use Android Unlocker to remove the password.

Can you unlock a phone from a network for free?

Yes, the network service provider must provide the free unlock network service. Contact your service provider and follow the procedure to unlock your phone network. You can also use third-party tools such as MobileUnlocks, Direct Unlock, etc.


You can see 5 different ways on how to Unlock LG Phone in different locking situations. If you can’t reset with PIN, Google account and camera, you can try Android Unlocker to remove LG phone password with 3 clicks.

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