Quick Guide: 3 Best Ways to Unlock Samsung Phone Without Data Loss

Samsung smartphone is one the most popular Android devices over the world. One good feature is its security system; you can set pattern, PIN, password, biometric fingerprint, and face ID as the lock password. However, sometimes you may forget our password, and you need to know how to unlock Samsung Phone when forgetting password without losing data. I believe the following content will help.

Unlock Samsung Phone Forgot Password without Losing Data

Part 1. Unlock Any Phone Password on Samsung by Official SmartThings Find

Best for: Users who can log in to Samsung account can unlock Password without data loss for all Samsung device.

To protect your device almost every smartphone brand develops a management tool to better protect your devices, such as iCloud, Find My on iPhone, and SmartThings Find on Samsung. You can lock and erase your phone remotely when you lose it. It can also help to unlock your phone when you forget your password, no matter what kind of screen lock you are using.

But this method is only available for users who turn on Find My Mobile function on Samsung. In case you can’t use Samsung SmartThings Find when you need to, I suggest you go to Settings > Samsung Account > Find My Mobile and check whether you have turned on Allow this phone to be found option. Generally, it is activated when you create or sign in with your Samsung account.

Step 1.
Search SmartThings Find on the web and enter the official website with the Samsung suffix. And sign in with the same Samsung account of the phone you want to unlock.
Sign in SmartThings
Step 2.
The mobile device and menu will show on the right side. If you have more than one Samsung device using the same account, make sure you choose the one you want to unlock remotely. Then, click the Unlock button to bypass the screen lock.
Click Samsung Unlock
Step 3.
You will see a pop-up window once you click Unlock. You need to enter the Samsung Account password again to prove you are the real owner of the device. Click Next after you enter the Samsung account password. Wait for a while; the website will notify you if it unlocks your phone successfully.
Click Next and Unlock

Part 2. Enter Early Samsung No Data Loss with Android Unlocker

Best for: Users who want to unlock early Samsung models or other brands more easily.

Most people like me don’t use Samsung accounts very frequently. I never entered my Samsung account settings after the first setting when I bought it. Some people don’t know the SmartThings Find, or they may forget the password. To avoid this problem, we will show you how to unlock an early model like Samsung Galaxy S5 password without losing data with Android Unlocker.

Android Unlocker is on the list of the best mobile unlocking tools. It can remove PIN, pattern, password fingerprint, Face ID, etc. It supports unlocking Samsung without data loss, but it should be early models Galaxy Note 3/4/4 Edger, Galaxy S3/4/4/5/6, etc. If you use the model, it still can help to unlock, but it needs to clear device data. The best thing I like is how simple it is. You just need to connect your phone to your computer and click several times. Actually, it is not limited to Samsung mobile. It supports more than 6000 different models of different brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, LG, Google, Lenovo, etc.

Free DownloadFor Windows

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Free DownloadFor macOS

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Step 1.
Preparation: get the latest version of Android Unlocker installed with the Free Download button above.
Sign in SmartThings
Step 2.
Link your Samsung to your computer with a USB cable.
Step 3.
Open the Android Unlocker and choose Remove Screen Lock on the main interface.
Choose Remove Screen Lock
Step 4.
On the new page, you can see a lot of mobile brands, click the Samsung logo on the top.
Click Samsung Logo
Step 5.
Next, you need to choose Unlocking Solution. If you want to keep phone data undamaged, choose Keep device data (only supported for early Samsung devices). Then choose the Device Name and Device Model in the drop list according to your phone. If your phone model is not available, you can choose Clear device data (recommended) and click Start.
Choose Model Accordingly

For your information: If you don’t know your phone model, you can check the label on the back, battery (if available) and About phone in Settings.

Part 3. Bypass Samsung Password without Losing Data - Forgot Pattern

Best for: Unlock pattern password on Android 5.0 or lower.

The last method is the Samsung system default solution. If you use a pattern password to protect your phone, you can use the Forgot Pattern function to bypass the device without data loss. But this only works on Android 4.4 or lower, where SmartThings is not available. It is not able to get Samsung Galaxy S9 password reset without losing data, which uses Android 8.0. In the meanwhile, you also need to offer the right answer to the security question you have set before: google account details you connected with your old Samsung Phone.

Step 1.
Draw the incorrect pattern 5 times then your screen lock will be frozen for 30 seconds. You can see the Emergency call and Forgot pattern options on your screen now. Choose Forgot pattern and enter the next page.
Step 2.
You will see Answer question and Enter Google account details (This may differ from different Android versions and Samsung models). Tap one and input the correct information needed.
Unlock Samsung with Forgot Pattern

Part 4. Tips: Backup Your Locked Samsung Data to Avoid Data Loss

You might meet the emergency to use your Samsung phone data when you can’t unlock it successfully. There may be different reasons for failure in unlocking: unresponsive touching, black screen, broken screen, or forgetting the password to unlock. Don’t worry, the Aiseesoft Fonelab Broken Android Data Extraction can help to access messages, contacts, call history, WhatsApp data, photos, etc. from your locked Samsung Screen. Before it scans your data, it will also try to check your phone and fix it to normal if it is damaged.

Broken Android Data Extraction


Aiseesoft Fonelab Broken Android Data Extraction

  • Compatible with multiple Samsung models.
  • Fix different Android errors: frozen, crashed, black-screen, virus-attack, irresponsible phone to normal.
  • Extract and backup important data from your locked or broken Samsung storage and SD card.
  • Very safe without harm to your phone and easy to use with clear guidance.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 1.
Click the Free Download button above, install and launch Fonelab for Android on your PC.
FoneLab for Android Interface
Step 2.
Since you can’t unlock your Samsung device, you need to choose the Broken Android Data Extraction option. You can experience the Android Data Recovery and Android Data Backup and Restore functions anytime you need them.
Step 3.
Connect your broken Samsung to your computer with a USB cable.
Step 4.
To save the data on your phone, choose the first Start.
Choose Mode
Step 5.
On the next page, select the correct device name and device model in the drop list then click Confirm.
Select Mode Name
Step 6.
If you can’t find your device name, click No my device in the list and input your device name, brand and model the box and choose OK.
No My Device in the List
Step 7.
You need to set your phone to the Download mode before extraction. Just follow the guide and click Start.
Enter Download Mode and Start

Part 5. FAQs about How to Unlock Samsung Phone Forgot Password without Losing Data

Can you transfer data from a locked Samsung phone?

Smartphone device protection will not allow any access to its storage when it’s locked. However, you still can use a third-party tool to extract data from your Samsung and transfer it to another device. You can download the Aiseesoft Fonelab Broken Android Data Extraction. Open the software and choose the option according to your situation. Then, select your device model and click Confirm. At last, Enter the Download mode with guidance and choose Start.

How do I reset my Samsung password without the old password?

There are many different methods to reset Samsung password without the old password. First, you can log in to the Samsung SmartThings Find with the same Samsung account on your phone, choose Erase data and enter the account password, then your phone and password will be reset. You can also use a similar tool, Google Find My Device to reset your phone, if you have connected your Samsung with a Google Account. But I think the Android Unlocker will be a better option because it is simpler to use, you only need to connect it to the computer and click to choose device. Moreover, you are able to reset the password without losing data if you are using an early Samsung Phone.

How do I turn off the pattern lock on the Samsung A12?

You can’t use Forgot Pattern to turn off the pattern lock on the Samsung A12 because its OS is at least Android 10. But still, you can use Samsung SmartThings Find to unlock Samsung A12 pattern without data loss if you have a Samsung account on your device and you still remember the password. When you can’t recall your Samsung account, you can use Android Unlocker to remove any screen lock including pattern. However, it only supports a limited number of Samsung models to remove passwords without data loss, and, unfortunately, the Samsung A12 is not on the list. If you use Android Unlocker, all your data will be erased after unlocking.


This article introduces how to unlock Samsung phone forgot password without losing data in three ways. Let's make a summary SmartThings Find can access your Samsung account to unlock your phone without data loss. And Android Unlocker can remove the screen unlock. Finally, for pattern lock on Android system 5 or lower, you can answer the security question and offer Google account details in Forgot Pattern mode to unlock your phone.

Here is a tip: If you want to use the data from your locked Samsung, you can use Aiseesoft Broken Android Data Extraction to save and transfer contacts, messages, WhatsApp and other important data.

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