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March 24, 2023Ashley Mae

You can easily stream the content from your iPhone on Hisense TV with the AnyView Cast app on the iPhone. Hisense develops AnyView Cast for Phone users to cast their screens to smart TVs. This simple app allows you to enjoy movies or music with better sound quality on a bigger screen. If you are still new to this app, check out the step-by-step tutorial here to learn how to use AnyView Cast on the iPhone and cast the screen to a Hisense TV.

Use AnyView Cast iPhone

Part 1: How to Use AnyView Cast on iPhone and Mirror Screen to Hisense

Hisense developed the AnyView Cast app for a more convenient casting for mobile phones. But for users who have yet to try it, you might want a simple review to reveal the advantages and disadvantages of the app. Hence, you can take a quick look at the review below before jumping to the detailed guide to use it.

AnyView Cast Review: Pros & Cons

Undoubtedly, AnyView Cast looks extremely simple, with only two buttons. So, it lacks advanced utilities like mirroring your iPhone to PC. See the pros and cons below to learn more.


  • It's easy to use with a user-friendly interface.
  • Require no complex set-up.
  • Mirror your phone to other Chromecast TVs.


  • Large annoying ads in the app.
  • Ask for permission to access all your photos on your iPhone.
  • iPhone devices often have screen casting failures.

Use AnyView Cast on iPhone for Mirroring

With AnyView Cast, you can use the mobile phone as the remote and browse content from your iPhone on the TV. Check the steps below to mirror with AnyView Cast on the iPhone and enjoy the content on Hisense TV.

Step 1:
Download the AnyView Cast app from App Store on your iPhone. Then, open your TV and install the AnyView Cast tool as well.
AnyView Cast on iPhone
Step 2:
Ensure your Hisense TV and iPhone have the same Internet connection. You can check your TV network connection in Settings. Next, open AnyView Cast on your TV. You will see ‘Wait for the External Device to Connect.'
Check Hisense TV Internet Connection
Step 3:
Open AnyView Cast on the iPhone. Tap Screen Mirroring. The app will search for your TV. Once you see the name of your Hisense TV, tap on it. You can see ‘Creating connection' on your TV. Wait till they connect.
Creating Connection AnyView Cast on TV

Once the two devices connect, you can see your iPhone screen on the TV and start browsing from your TV. Meanwhile, AnyView Cast is also accessible on iPad, which means you can connect iPad to the TV for screen mirroring.

Part 2: Mirror iPhone Screen to PC [Extra Tip]

Although the steps above look easy, AnyView Cast on the iPhone is very likely to fail when mirroring your iPhone to the TV. Besides, the app can't mirror your iPhone screen to a PC, either. Hence, if you want to check the messages from your iPhone while working on the PC, you will need a more reliable app than AnyView Cast. Here comes the Aiseesoft Phone Mirror. This software is a convenient mirroring tool that helps you cast Android and iPhone to a PC without hassle. Meanwhile, you can achieve mirroring by Wi-Fi and USB connection within this mirroring tool. Check out the steps below to see how to cast your iPhone to a PC with both connection methods.

Phone Mirror


Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

  • Offer stable connection for remote control of iOS and Android devices.
  • Take notes on the mirrored screen on your PC.
  • Capture your Android or iPhone screen on the PC with ease.
  • Enjoy real-time monitoring of your phone screen on a PC
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Mirror iPhone Screen to PC – Wi-Fi Connection

Step 1:
Get a free download of this mirroring tool on your PC. Install and launch the tool. Choose iOS Mirror on the main interface. Then, choose Screen Mirroring.
Choose Mirror iOS
Step 2:
Make sure your iPhone and PC are connected to the same network for a Wi-Fi connection. Open the Control Center on your iPhone. Tap Screen Mirroring and choose Aiseesoft Phone Mirror.
Mirror Screen iPhone

Mirror iPhone Screen to PC – USB Connection

Step 1:
If you have a USB cable, you can connect the iPhone to your PC with it. Next, choose iOS Mirror and USB connection after launching the mirroring tool.
Connect Phone USB
Step 2:
Once connected, you will immediately see your iPhone screen on the PC. Now, you can check messages on your iPhone and even play mobile games on your PC.
Shortcut on PC

Part 3: FAQs about AnyView Cast on iPhone

Does AnyView Cast only effective for Hisense TVs?

No, it doesn't. Based on the official description of AnyView Cast, this app can also mirror your iPhone to other smart TVs. You can check if the app is available for your TV.

What can I watch on TV with AnyView Cast on the iPhone?

Based on the official statement of AnyView Cast, this mirroring tool allows you to browse local media files, daily shows, and TV series from your iPhone once you connect the iPhone to your TV with AnyView Cast.

Can I connect my iPhone to Sharp TV with AnyView Cast?

If the TV supports Chromecast, then AnyView Cast might work and mirror your iPhone to the TV.


Now, you have learned the detailed guide above about how to use AnyView Cast on the iPhone and mirror your iPhone screen to the Hisense TV. You can easily browse iPhone content on Hisense TV from now on. Meanwhile, AnyView Cast also has limitations in casting and can't help screen mirroring on PC. Therefore, you can try a more reliable alternative like Aiseesoft Phone Mirror.

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