How to Use Instagram on PC Like on Phone This 2024 [Quickest Way]

April 13, 2023Ashley Mae

Instagram targets mobile users, and they didn't fail to do it since it became one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, with millions of active users daily. Even though it is designed as a mobile app, people prefer to browse it on a broader screen, such as a PC. Whether you are a social media manager, an influence, or just someone who wants to post photos and videos on their computer, using Instagram on your PC isn't complicated as it sounds. Need help? Luckily, we wrote how to use Instagram on PC using the tools at your disposal, including the official website, third-party, and browser extension.

Use Instagram on PC

Part 1. How to Use Instagram on PC or Mac [4 Effective Methods]

Method 1. Go to [Official Way]

How to use Instagram Direct on PC? Searching the main domain is the answer, and here's how you do it.

Step 1:
Open a browser, type in, and hit Enter on your keyboard.
Step 2:
Wait for it to load up, and on the main web page, you can sign up or log in to the account you have used on your phone to use it here.
Step 3:
When the account and password are already typed in, you can now click, Save Login info so that you wouldn't need to save your account on the PC, and press Login to sign in to your account.

Method 2. Desktop For Instagram Chrome Extension [Chrome Way]

How to use Instagram app on a PC? You can download a Chrome extension to do so. You can copy and follow the steps here to show you how it works.

Step 1:
This only work on Google Chrome, so you better download it, open the browser, search Desktop for Instagram, and click Add to Chrome.
Add to Chrome Extension
Step 2:
Once it is downloaded as an extension, click the puzzle icon to activate the extension you have downloaded.
Step 3:
Login to your account here, and the app will display your IG like on Apple iPad.

Method 3. Download Instagram Desktop App [Download on PC]

If you don't like the idea we added above, you can try downloading Instagram on your PC instead of searching as we did in the steps below.

Step 1:
Click the Windows button on your keyboard and search Microsoft Store.
Step 2:
On the search bar, type in Instagram and hit Enter to search the app for you.
Step 3:
Once it appears on the store, click Get. Ensure that your Microsoft account is logged into the PC because if not, then you wouldn't be able to download the app. If you don't have an account, you can create one once you visit
Get IG on Microsoft

Method 4. Mirror Your IG on Phone Screen to PC/Mac [Third-Party]

If the methods we have mentioned aren't your forte, and you are looking for a way to move things on IG using your phone and computer, then screen mirroring could be an option. Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is the best social media mirroring app you can download on your Windows and Mac to perform screen mirroring for free. Learn how to use this app by doing the same steps below.

Step 1:
To download the application to your Windows or Mac, you will need to click the button that we added below. Install it promptly, then launch the app.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 2:
Once the app is loaded, click the phone you are using, whether it is an Android or iOS Mirror.
Select Mobile Phone
Step 3:
After you have chosen the device, choose whether you want to connect it wirelessly or via a USB cable. Now that you have successfully connected it, download the Fonelab Mirror into your phone, and you can visit its official webpage on any browser you have. No need to worry because the app is safe to download and contains no malware.
Get IG on Microsoft
Step 4:
Open the app you have downloaded on your phone, and ensure that both devices are connected to the same name network. Tap the search button on your phone, wait for the result, and click Connect to cast it on your screen. A notification will ask you to confirm the action and click Start Now.
Start Now Notif
Step 5:
Now that it is already screencast open the IG on your phone, and you can do the Instagramming on your phone, but the display will be on the PC.
Mirror IG to PC

Part 2. How to Use Instagram Features like Filters, Posts & Live on PC

1. How to Post Photos/Videos on IG Using PC

If you want to know how to add posts on Instagram using a PC, you can read the instructions below.

Step 1:
Go to the + button on the left tab of your screen and select New Post.
Upload Photo Video to IG
Step 2:
After that, click Select from Computer. Ensure the image or video you want to upload is already on your PC.
Select Video Photo on PC
Step 3:
Once you have uploaded the photo or video, click Next, then Next again, add the caption if necessary, and tap Share.

2. How to Add Photos Filter on IG Using PC

Want to add filters to IG photos? Worry no more because we will teach you how to use Instagram filters on your PC.

Step 1:
Upload the image you want on IG by clicking + sign, New Post, then Select from Computer .
Step 2:
After you choose the image that you want to add the filter into, click Open, then the app will lead you to the first editing you can do, which is the crop. Change the size of the image base on your preference, then click Next to proceed.
Crop Photo
Step 3:
On the next edit, you can add the Filters or use the Adjustment based on your needs. The filters are already pre-made, which means you can see that they will change the color of your post into the filter you have chosen. Press Next to proceed.
Add Filters Adjustment
Step 4:
Now that you have added the filter to the image click Share to post it and share it with others.
Add Caption Share

Part 3. FAQs on How to Use Instagram on PC

How to use Instagram Live on a PC?

You can't perform a direct broadcasting live IG on PC because it isn't supported, but you can use a third-party website that allows you to perform live on IG. You can search over the internet what are these applications we are talking about.

Why is IG keep on crashing?

Your cache may be full, and if this is your problem, you will need to clear your iPhone storage to fix the IG problem. If the problem isn't solved and Instagram keeps crashing, you can try updating the iOS system.

What's the reason why I can't upload a video on IG?

A slow internet connection could be why Instagram videos won't upload properly. Try to refresh your connection or find a stronger connection to connect in.


The question about how to use Instagram on PC has already been answered. We hope that the information added here to help you to maximize the potential of Instagram on PC. There are still features of IG that we haven't mentioned, but that info will be in the following article.

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