Anonymous Instagram Viewer for Viewing Private and Public Posts on IG

March 15, 2023Ashley Mae

Have you ever wanted to take a quick sneak peek at someone else private profile photo or Instagram stories? Perhaps you want to keep an on a person's daily activity covertly or what they are up to. You can use an anonymous Instagram viewer application to satisfy your curiosity about them without raising the alarm of suspicion.

Even though viewing other posts or stories without them noticing is possible, stalking is still a crime. Use the information that we have added here for educational purposes only. If you are ready, read the following information to explore the covert world of Instagram viewing and quench your curiosity in secret.

Best Anonymous Instagram Viewer

Part 1. 8 Anonymous Instagram Stories Viewer to View Stories, Post, and More for Free & Paid

1. Stories IG

Stories IG allows you to view the Instagram stories of others posted publicly, even if you don't have an existing account. It is also web-based, which means you don't need to download the app as long as you have an internet connection and browser. Though you can visit and view the others, the record of your anonymity will remain invisible to the owner of that post. Also, if you want to download their stories or post on your device, you can do that with the help of it.

Stories IG

2. StoriesDown

StoriesDown, the name suggests it all; it is a viewer you can use to view Instagram anonymously without an account. It is impressive that even without an account, you can easily see the activity of IG users with the help of this kind of tool. Input the username of the one you want to be searched for, then hit the search button, and all the results will appear on your screen. After that, you can download videos and photos you have seen into your device for free.

Stories Down

3. Insta Stories Viewer

Insta Stories Viewer can also be an Instagram profile viewer you can load online. When you have this in your arsenal, there is no need for an expert level of infiltrating an account. With this, you can type in the user's nickname on IG, and the result will show you. It is a free online platform, so you don't need to download the app before accessing it. Since it is a web tool, it is expected that different nationalities will use this.

Insta Stories Viewer

Fortunately, the app supports multiple languages so that everyone can understand the options and buttons. If you are interested in how to use it, a tutorial is added on the leading web, and additional FAQs are frequently asked about this app. Later, if you want to get more likes on Instagram, you must read the following information.

4. Glassgram

Glassagram is one of the best Instagram highlight viewers you can download on your device. It has advanced spying technology that allows any user to see what's inside of the user's account, such as profile, posts, stories, and highlights; aside from that, there is nothing else it can access. Plus, the app has content tracking that monitors the users' activity daily and will update you constantly to ensure you get all the information. Despite its advanced technology, you must purchase it for $ 59.99 per month and $ 159.99 per year. It can be too expensive for others, but for those who want to try this for free, there is a free trial that this app supports limitations also.


5. uMobix

If you are a concerned parent and want to know your child's activity, you can now download the uMobix on your device for free and use it as your private Instagram viewer. Thus, you can use this app's service even if you don't create an account on its platform and IG. Without them knowing it, you can privately know what they are about to upload, share, and watch using the Instagram, then view their daily post if you want to. Besides having a website, you can download the version on different mobile devices, such as Android and iOS. So, if you want a legal app that you can use for legal purposes, choose this.


6. EyeZy

To view Instagram stories anonymously, you can choose EyeZy. It is a dedicated viewer app to see one person's activity from your mobile device. With it, you can monitor their daily online or offline search. Plus, the app includes advanced features like parental controls that you can easily use to monitor activities on the phone itself and track them. This app could be your best choice if you want an all-in-one application. However, there has been a thousand bad feedback it receives from other users on mobile devices in regards to its service. As they say, nobody is perfect; the same goes for the app.


7. Qoob Stories

With Qoob Stories, you can easily view Instagram stories and download them if you want to. If you haven't noticed, there is no option to download private content on IG; that is why you can use this if that happens to you; even public posts will be a piece-of-a-cake task to download. If you want to do that, you will need just the person's username and paste it into the search box; then, you can view and download the contents. The app is built with a simplistic design, so anyone wanting to use it can easily participate. However, before using it, you must download the app and purchase a plan to continue using it without any limitations.

Qoob Stories

8. mSpy

What if you want a tool to be used as an Instagram profile viewer and on another platform? Then push on selecting the mSpy. Here, you can not only see the activities of the user but also see their conversation and interaction as well. If you are a parent, this feature is great to have. Also, you can do that without downloading another tool on their phone or notification that you are monitoring them. You can also block websites you don't want them to visit and recover deleted messages. When you use this, the app will automatically notify you every 5 minutes of the user's changes. But when you visit the app's main website and try to download it, the browser you are using will notify you that this website is suspicious and automatically give you the cookies. The free version is limited, so you must purchase this to continue using it.


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Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

Aside from that, you can also apply some filters and effects to the view so that the beauty that is on it will be highlighted. If the video file isn't compatible, you can use this app to solve the Instagram video won't upload issue easily. Those interested in the app can click the download button promptly to have it on your desktop.

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Part 2. FAQs about the Anonymous Instagram Viewer

Can I use an app to retrieve deleted Instagram photos?

You can retrieve lost or deleted files on Instagram using your iPhone or Android device. However, the steps could be troublesome for others because it isn't your typical way. Still, if you want to recover deleted Instagram images, search for them on a new tab and read related information.

Is it possible to stalk Instagram accounts without getting caught?

Yes, that is possible, mainly if you use the included application that we have mentioned all along in this article. So, if you want to stalk a person's Instagram account, choose the tool we have added here but remember stalking is a crime even though it is on the internet.

Does Instagram notify users when someone visits the account?

It wouldn't notify the other user that you have visited the account, but if you like or comment on that post, the app will notify the users that someone has liked or commented.


Remember that the anonymous Instagram viewers we have added here are only for legal purposes. We have covered all the applications you can download on your device or use online.

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