Top 3 Solutions to Convert Your WAV Audio to MP2

Do we still need to convert WAV to MP2 in 2024?

WAV is a lossless audio format that can offer high sound quality. However, for specific purposes, usually for reducing file size, you may want to convert your audio files from WAV to MP2 or MP3. I would like to compare these two audio formats and share three methods to make the conversion between them.

WAV to MP2

Part 1. WAV vs. MP2 and Why Convert WAV to MP2

WAV and MP2 are common audio formats that you may often access. WAV files can contain high-fidelity audio, while MP2 is a lossy audio format. Before telling you how to convert WAV to MP2, let’s discuss some differences between them.

As mentioned above, WAV is a lossless audio format that prioritizes uncompressed audio. WAV files store data in their raw form. That includes all the original audio information. Along with the high audio quality, WAV carries a larger file size due to the lack of compression.

Like MP3, MP2 also adopts compression to offer lossy audio. Compared with WAV, it can significantly shrink the file size. MP2 provides a relatively good quality while keeping a smaller size.

Generally, you want to reduce the large file size through the WAV to MP2 conversion. In rare cases, you may consider converting WAV to MP2 for wider compatibility. While both formats are widely used, some older devices and players may only support MP2.

Part 2. Best Way to Convert WAV to MP2 Without Losing Quality

Before converting WAV to MP2, I want to remind you that the audio conversion will lose some audio data. Moreover, MP2 is no longer the best choice for WAV file conversion. Instead, many users choose to transform WAV to MP3 for better quality and compression efficiency.

If you want to convert WAV to MP2 while maintaining the original sound quality, try using the powerful Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. It offers several customization options for you to ensure the relatively best audio quality. Besides MP2, the software also allows you to convert WAV to MP3, AAC, M4A, and lossless formats like FLAC and AIFF.

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Download and open the WAV to MP2 converter on your computer. Click the plus button in the central part to add your WAV files. It lets you convert multiple WAV files at a time.

Add WAV Files to Mac

Click the down-arrow button next to Output Format and select MP2 as the target format from the Audio category. To export audio with higher quality, you can select the High Quality option for MP2. Moreover, you can click Custom Profile to adjust the encoder, channel, sample rate, and bitrate.

Convert WAV to MP2 Mac

You can enable NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel acceleration to get faster conversion speeds. The WAV to MP2 converter software also offers a 120× Faster Conversion feature. It is mainly used for converting large videos. Click the Convert All button to confirm the audio conversion from WAV to MP2.

Part 3. How to Convert WAV to MP2 Online for Free

If you just occasionally have the need to convert WAV to MP2 or only have several audio files that need to be transformed, online tools can be the better option. Many web-based converters can help you make various audio conversions, including WAV to MP2.

Turn WAV into MP2 with Convertio

Convertio is an all-featured online file conversion tool that handles various audio conversions, including WAV to MP2. It has an individual WAV to MP2 Converter for you to quickly start the conversion. The maximum file size it can convert is 100MB. After adding your WAV file, click the Convert button to confirm that. Besides, this tool also can help you convert WAV to MP3.

Convertio WAV to MP2 Converter

Convert WAV to MP2 Online Using VEED.IO

VEED.IO is another well-regarded option for online audio conversion from WAV to MP2. Like Convertio, it has a specially designed WAV to MP2 converting page. You can simply upload your WAV file and then start the conversion. This online converter offers advanced settings to enhance the final audio quality. When the online conversion is complete, you need to download the converted MP2 file to your device.

VEED WAV to MP2 Online

Part 4. FAQs of How to Convert WAV to MP2

Should I convert WAV to MP2 or MP3?

As mentioned earlier, you’d better convert WAV to MP3 rather than MP2. Compared with MP2, MP3 can be a smaller file size while offering similar audio quality. When at lower bitrates, MP3 files can deliver higher sound quality because MP3 adopts a newer and more advanced compression. Moreover, MP3 can be supported by more devices, apps, and players compared to MP2. So, MP3 should be the preferable choice unless there are some rare scenarios.

How do you convert WAV to MP2 in VLC?

Unfortunately, VLC Media Player can’t convert WAV to MP2. While VLC has basic version features to convert video and audio files, it doesn’t have a built-in option for MP2 output. Instead, you can change WAV to MP3 using VLC. Or you can use VLC's alternatives, like Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate.

Can I convert WAV to MP3 in iTunes?

Yes, you can handily convert your WAV files to MP3 in iTunes. Open iTunes, go to the Edit menu and select the Preferences option. Click the General tab, hit Import Settings, and then choose MP3 Encoder. After these settings, you can add your WAV files to the iTunes library. Click File > Convert > Create MP3 Version to make MP3 copies of these WAV files.


This post explains some situations where converting WAV to MP2 is necessary. I compare these two audio formats in several aspects and tell three ways to reach the conversion. All the introduced tools can also help to convert audio from WAV to MP3, AAC, or another format you need.

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