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How to Transfer Music/Audio Files from iPod to iPhone

iPod is the perfect choice of listening music losslessly. But would you like to take an iPhone with an iPod in this society where mobile is everything, if an iPhone can meet your demands of listening music, watching movies, taking photos, etc. Most of you may say no. Why?

When you shop in the mall, hanging out on the street, taking the subway or railway or some other traffic tools, you will find that most people are listening to their favorite songs with headphones. Yes, they are using iPhone. iPhone is widely accepted by users, even though iPod is the first product that Apple sells to its users.

Transfer iPod Music to iPhone

iPhone is convenient to you to listen to online music or purchased offline music, however, what if you have saved many songs on iPod touch 6/5s/5c/5 and now want to enjoy with iPhone?

The common way provided by Apple Inc. is using iTunes or iCloud. But you could only back up purchase history for music from iPhone and restore it to your iPod by downloading those songs from iTunes Store. You will lose your patience to finish the tedious process step by step when you move music from iPod to iPhone X/8/7/SE/6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5/4S/4/3GS with Wi-Fi.

So how to get music from iPhone to iPod? Read the description below.

Part one: How to sync music from iPod to iPhone with iTunes

Can I transfer music from my iPod to my iPhone? Yes. iTunes is a must-have tool to back up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. To some extent, it is also a good file transfer helper. You can transfer music from iPad to iTunes for backup. And then download music from computer to iPad for restoring after an accidental loss of music file.

However, you must pay attention to that, when you transfer music from your iPod to iPhone, you must make sure your iPhone iOS version is higher than your iPod version. And turn off "Find My iPhone" by tabbing "Settings" > "iCloud" > "Find My iPhone".

Transfer Music from iTunes to iPhone

1 Transfer music from iPod to iTunes

Launch iTunes on your PC, and plug iPod to PC with USB cable. Find your iPod icon and click it > Click "Back Up Now" to "This Computer" to sync music from iPod to iTunes on this computer.

2 Sync music from iTunes to iPhone

Pull out iPod out of computer, and plug your iPhone to computer with USB cable, find your iPhone icon > Click "Music" > "Sync Music". There is a pop-up reminder that says, "Are you want to remove existing music and movies...and sync with this iTunes Library?" Click "Remove and Sync" to send music from iPod to iPhone.

In this way, iTunes will definitely put iPod music to iPhone, but the songs, music files, movies, and other audio files on iPhone will be erased by iPod backup. You have to think twice before you decide to do it.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind when you use the above method, is that you need to turn off Find My iPhone.

Part two: How to transfer music from iPod to iPhone without iTunes

iTunes is not mighty to transfer music files from iPod to iPhone every time, so you have to think about what would you do if your iTunes is broken or without iTunes app on your desktop. Here an alternative to iTunes, FoneTrans, is the exact tool to help you. Go through the guide as below to copy iPod music to iPhone. Firstly, free download this iPod to iPhone music transfer on your computer.

Tools you need: an iPod with USB cable, an iPhone with USB cable.

1Connect iPhone and iPod to PC

Connect your iPod and iPhone to your computer with two USB cables. All files on your devices will be shown in the interface.

Add Files

2Transfer iPod music to iPhone

Click "Media" from your iPod touch on the left frame > "Music" to checkmark music files > "Export to" > "XX's iPhone" to transfer iPod music to iPhone.

iPod Nano MP4

As long as you have enough space on your iPhone, these music files will be transferred from your iPod to iPhone in a short while.

The above way of moving iPod music to iPhone needs you to prepare two cables and make sure both USB ports of computer are OK. If you only get one USB cable for iPod and iPhone, or one USB port is OK in your PC, then you are allowed to get the iPod music on your windows computer and then import these songs to iPhone with this iPod to iPhone music transfer software.

1 Export iPod music to PC

Plug iPod to your computer with USB cable, click "Media" > "Music" and check the music files that you want to transfer to iPhone 6s Plus/6s/6 /5/5c/5s, etc. Click "Export to" > "Export to PC" to navigate the location save the exported music file on your PC. After finishing the process, pull out your iPod of PC.

Export iPod Music to PC

2 Move music from PC to iPhone

Connect your iPhone to PC, click "Media" > "Music" > "Add" > "Add File(s)" to load the songs which you just exported from iPod to your computer.

Add Music from PC to iPhone

After the steps above, your iPod music have been moved to your iPhone successfully. You can enjoy your favorite songs on your iPhone freely now. More than transfer music to iPhone without iTunes, you could transfer iPod music to iPad or other iPod as you wish.

The above way shows you how to transfer music from iPod to iPhone. If you do not have another iPod to export music to iPhone. Then how do you solve it? Get free music on iPhone here.


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