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Transfer Songs from a Dead iPod to Another iPod

"I have a difficult issue. Generally my iPod is dead and it had a lot of downloadable music. I had not yet backup my pc. They are my popular. Is there any way to transfer music from the dead iPod that is not responding to my new iPod? By the way the iPod does not even convert ON when linked with the PC or a energy source and it is absolutely damaged, but I am more concerned about the music because it was my extra iPod. I cannot afford so much to obtain the music again. Any help would be significantly appreciated!"

Transfer Music from iPod

I know most of the individuals might have experienced such circumstances. If the songs were so really intended to you, then you would really try to take action to get the songs off dead iPod. You might even think of downloading them again. However, that doesn't accomplish with everyone and for all songs. Some songs might be discovered very hard and looking for it becomes very challenging. In some situations, you might not manage to buy all those songs from the apple company shops. If you are in such circumstances, then do you know any methods to transfer music from dead iPod to another iPod? Don't worry. Here I have a remedy for you!!

It is not at all a difficult issue as you experience to transfer music from dead iPod to another iPod. It can be done with the help of outstanding iPod transfer application. The one-stop remedy that allows you in migrating is FoneCopy. You can quickly share iPod music with another iPod with just a few mouse clicks using this software.

Next let us learn how to transfer music from dead iPod to ipod with Aiseesoft FoneCopy. FoneCopy can go deep into the iPod storage and check out the whole iPod storage to draw out your songs information files. This is because, even if your iPod is dead the information will still be existing on your iPod and thus, this system can extract your songs from it and allows you to share iPod music with another iPod.

How to get songs off dead iPod

Step 1Download and install the program of Aiseesoft FoneCopy

Download the .exe file from above. Double click the .exe file to install it on your computer.

Start FoneCopy

Step 2Connect your iPods to computer via USB cables

Connect both your dead iPod and the new iPod to the computer. As long as the dead iPod can be detected by the computer, the songs can be transferred with FoneCopy.

Connect your iPods to Computer

Step 3Start to transfer

After connecting, the iPods will be detected by FoneCopy and displayed on the Source Device area and Target Device area. You can click Switch to switch the positions of the devices. Check Media and click Start to Copy and the transfer will start immediately.

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