CyberLink ActionDirector Full Review for 2024 That You Shouldn't Miss

December 29, 2022Ashley Mae

Lights, camera, action! It is a traditional cue for the beginning of the take. After the film, processing it via editing is essential, as well as filming, and you can use the ActionDirector on your mobile devices to do that.

In this article, we will highlight the app's best features, pros, and cons so that you will understand it better. Take a look at the in-depth review we did with the CyberLink ActionDirector to understand the app to its full potential.

ActionDirector Review

Part 1. Overview of ActionDirector Pros, Cons, & Price

What Is CyberLink ActionDirector?

CyberLink ActionDirector is a powerful video editing software that works similarly to PowerDirector, for they are both created by the same production, CyberLink. Yet, the app is much easier to create notable films with a bunch of filters and effects that you can apply to the film you shoot. It is a premium camera accessory, and you can export the film you have created here as 4k with 240 fps for a finer video. With the support of other advanced options that you can access, the app belongs to the ranking of the best video editor on a mobile phone.

ActionDirector App


  • It provides valuable resources to add to a video, like stocks, stickers, and more.
  • The app is straightforward and offers a quick tutorial to improve filming and editing.
  • It supports exporting videos up to 4k with 240 fps.
  • Free to download on different devices, but the better version is on Android.
  • The portrait video editing function is activated.


  • Apps have ads; a watermark is attached to the final output when exported.
  • It deals with the more extended processing of lengthy videos.
  • The free version has a lot of drawbacks and limitations.
  • The iOS version only offers limited features.

Prices of ActionDirector Package:

The price of ActionDirector will range from $ 1.99 up to $ 24.99 per item, depending on the item you want to purchase. Also, each price may vary depending on your geological location or region. After you purchase the app, you can maximize its full potential and enjoy it without restrictions since you have purchased the pro version.

Part 2. ActionDirector Review - A Users Evaluation and Key Features

Users Evaluation of CyberLink ActionDirector

As a user of ActionDirector Video Editor, the app fulfills the editing needs we need to do in the video we shoot. Since the app is built in portrait mode, accessing the features in editing is more accessible and broader than you can in landscape mode. One of the best things about the app is that most features inside the PowerDirector are also accessible on the app, but not all of the significant functions.

Since CyberLink creates the app, accessing stock photos and videos is convenient here, for it doesn't leave a watermark when you attach it. Plus, the app can edit films via 360 ActionDirector. Consider the app when picking a video editor, for it is one of the best choices on the market, but remember that you will need to purchase the app so that there are no ads, watermark attached, and restrictions when using it.

Key Features of ActionDirector

Part 3. ActionDirector Alternative to Download on Your Phone

Since the ActionDirector review proves that the app does the job for video editing on mobile devices, it has limitations when it isn't purchased, which is why you need the Vid. Fun - Video Editor. The app is considered one of the best free video editing software to download on mobile devices. Simple and effective is what this video editor is all about.

VidFun on Android

When editing is needed, downloading the app can be your way of adding materials to the video to bring life to it. Respectively, the app works even if a newbie handles it, which makes it even better for everyone, yet it provides high-quality output similar to the other apps. Even though there are some features that the app is still missing, developers are doing their best to add more delightful features. Download the app on your mobile device to create movies effectively and efficiently.

Advantages of Using the Vid.Fun - Video Editor:

Part 4. FAQs about CyberLink ActionDirector

Why could ActionDirector not upload the video to Facebook?

Sometimes, the edited video file size doesn't fit the Facebook standard, making everything problematic when uploading the video on the said social media site. So, it would be better to downsize the file or not export the final output as 4k resolution instead of using 720 or 1080p as an alternative for a high resolution. Next is to check your internet connection and ensure that you are connected to a strong internet when uploading. Lastly, some formats aren't supported by the platform, which means it wouldn't upload the video file.

Is ActionDirector works on iOS?

CyberLink created an iOS version of ActionDirector that you can download on. However, this version offers limited editing capabilities, so you can't enjoy using the app on your iOS device. So, it would be better if you installed this app on your Android devices rather than iOS.

How much is gear 360 ActionDirector Software?

For editing 360 videos, you can download the 360 ActionDirector on PC videos and purchase the app for $ 49.99. If you can't afford the ActionDirector, you might want to do a video stitch on your desktop with the best software available on the market.


Why pick the ActionDirector Video Editor? Is it because of the things that it offers? or is it because of what the app is capable of? Whatever your reason, this video editor is here to help you process everything that needs to be processed. The app's features are desirable when performing editing or beautifying the video. Yet, the app needs to be purchased so that users can use it without limitations. If you don't want to purchase it, then, in that case, use the best alternative that we mention here. Share your thoughts about the app on the comment section.

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