6 Best Video Background Noise Removal Apps for Computer and Smartphone

Today, there are more tools to capture videos than ever before, like laptops, tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, action cameras and more. However, these customer devices cannot produce as professional level videos as commercial video cameras. When you project the home-made videos on home theater, the background noise in the videos will appear. Is it possible to remove background noise in videos and produce better audiovisual experience? All you need is a powerful video editor that has the ability of background noise removal. And in this post, we are going to share top 6 best ways to do video background noise removal on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone.

Background Noise Removal

Background Noise Removal

Part 1. Background noise removal apps

To remove background noise in a video or audio, you will need a professional tool. And in this part, you can learn about multiple background noise removal apps.

Aiseesoft Video Editor

Aiseesoft Video Editor is one of the best background noise removal software. Its key features include:

1. Reduce background noise in the video using advanced algorithm.

2. Remove video background noise automatically or manually.

3. Keep original quality during background noise removal.

4. Provide a wider range of video editing tools besides noise removal, such as crop, flip, rotate and more.

5. Optimize videos quality for portable devices and social media.

6. Decorate videos with plentiful video effects, watermark and text tools.

7. Compatible with all video and audio formats, including HD and 4K videos.

In a word, it is the easiest way to remove background noise from videos on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP and Mac OS.

Video Editor

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is famous professional video editor available to both Windows and Mac. Its features related to background noise removal include:

1. Analyze and separate audio track from the video for editing further.

2. Adjust the volume of the audio track on the timeline.

3. Offer a variety of tools to remove background noise in the video, such as Reduction knob.

4. There are several plugins for Adobe Premiere to help you do background noise removal, such as Crumple Pop's AudioDenoise Plugin.

5. Provide extensive audio and video editing features besides noise removal.

6. Support a wider range of video formats, including 360 degrees and VR videos.


1. This background noise removal program almost integrates all video and audio editing features.

2. The output quality is great.


1. You have to pay for $49.99 a month to enjoy these features.

2. For average people, this video editor is too complicated.

Adobe Premiere


As its name said, Denoise is a dedicated background noise removal app for iPhone. Its basic features include:

1. Separate and display the audio track of the video.

2. Zoom in or out audio track using gestures to discover the noise.

3. Reduce noise level by moving the slider until you are satisfied.

4. Or remove common noise from the video in one tap.


1. This background noise removal app is easy to use.

2. The interface is user friendly.


1. It is a paid app.

2. This app cannot deal with long videos.


Video Noise Reducer

Video Noise Reducer is a simple tool to remove background noise in videos on Android devices. Its principal features include:

1. Able to remove hum sounds and other background noise from the video.

2. Reduce background noise by adjusting noisy frequency and bandwidth.

3. Build in frequency spectrogram viewer.

4. Save the resulting video as a new file in photo gallery.


1. This background noise removal app is free of charge.

2. The interface is well designed.


1. You have to view annoying ads to exchange free features.

Video Noise Reducer


If you need a professional tool to remove background noise from audio, Audacity is a good choice. Its key features include:

1. Remove background noise in the audio using the Noise Removal tool easily.

2. Adjust the volume of a part of the audio to reduce noise.

3. In addition to remove noise, offer a wider range of audio editing tools, such as fade in and out, invert, change speed and tempo, and more.

4. Record, convert or merge audios with high quality.


1. Audacity is an open source project, so everyone could use it for free.

2. There are many guides on the forum.


1. This background noise removal program lacks some necessary features, such as publish and share.



GarageBand is an audio editor for Mac, which was released by Apple. Its main features include:

1. Provide various custom options to remove or reduce background noise in audio, such as Gate.

2. Record up to 255 audios tracks simultaneously.

3. Offer extensive basic and advanced audio editing tools.

4. Integrate more than 2,000 Apple Loops in a variety of genres.


1. The interface is intuitive and easy to find what you want.

2. This background noise removal program is flexible and supports third party plugins.


1. There is no mixing console view.


Part 2. How can I remove background noise from a video

To help you understand how to remove background noise in video easily, we will show you the step by step guide below.

Step 1 Install the best background noise removal app

Download and install the latest version of Aiseesoft Video Editor on your computer. Launch the video editor and select "Enhance Video" from the Home interface.

Step 2 Remove background noise in one click

When go into the video enhance window, click "Add File" on top ribbon to load the noisy video. Then tick the checkbox in front of the "Remove video noise" option on left sidebar, and preview the result on right panel.

Note: You can try to select multiple options, such as "Reduce video shaking", to enhance your video.

Step 3 Export the resulting video

Locate to bottom area, drop a folder in "Output Folder" field and click the "Save" button to export the resulting video to your hard drive.

Export the Resulting Video


Based on the introductions above, you might grasp multiple ways to do background noise removal in audio and video. If you are a professional or tech savvy, you can use Adobe Premiere to reduce background noise in video. For mobile-first people, Video Noise Reducer and Denoise are simple way to enhance audio quality. And you can try the best audio editors, such as Audacity and GarageBand, to remove noise from audio files. For average people, Aiseesoft Video Editor is the easiest way to get rid of background noise in videos.

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