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10 Best Microsoft Video Editors for Windows 10/8/8.17/XP and Vista

Windows is the most popular operating system around the world. The reason why people prefer to use Windows operating system is that Microsoft updates and introduces new utilities for Windows continuously. When editing videos on Windows PCs, Windows video editor like Windows Media Maker offers plentiful useful features. But many people still are not familiar with Microsoft video editor. Therefore, we are going to introduce Microsoft video editor and show you how to use it to edit videos. And if you want to learn more options, you can find multiple excellent Microsoft video editor alternatives in this post as well.

Microsoft Video Editor

Microsoft Video Editor

Part 1. Microsoft video editor on Windows 10/8/7

Windows Movie Maker is a program in Windows Essential suit. Though Microsoft has discontinued this program, it is still available to Windows 10/8/7. This Microsoft video editor offers several basic video editing tools to help you create home-made movies on Windows PCs. The latest version of Microsoft video editor is Window Movie Maker 2012. It is rather easy to use.

Windows Movie Maker

Step 1 Import your videos into Microsoft video editor

Run your Microsoft video editor and click the "Add videos and photos" option in the "Home" tab to add the video to edit.

Step 2 Edit videos on Windows PC

Microsoft video editor provides several basic video editing tools distributed into the tabs on top ribbon.

In the "Home" tab, you can rotate video with the "Rotate Right" or "Rotate Left" tool, or add titles and captions on your videos.

In the "Edit" tab, you can find more editing tools.

For example, the "Split" tool is able to split a video into clips for editing further.

Split Video

Or you can use the "Trim" tool to shorten the video and remove unwanted frames.

Microsoft video editor also allows you to change the video background color.

If you want to create time lapse video, you can adjust the value of "Speed" in the "Edit" tab.

And the "Stabilization" tool is able to reduce shaky and blurring on your videos.

After trim or split, you can set "Fade in" and "Fade out" to make the starting and end points naturally.


To apply video effects on your videos, such as "Flip" and various filters, you can go to the "Visual Effect" tab and search for the available video effects.

When stitching two or more video clips in storyboard, you can use the transitions in "Animations" tab to smooth the video playback.

Visual Effect

Step 3 Save or share the resulting video

When video editing is done, you can save the output to your computer by clicking "Save" movie in the "Home" tab, or share it to your social media account in "Share" section, such as YouTube or Facebook.


1. The interface of Microsoft video editor is user friendly and easy to navigate.

2. Most commonly used video formats are compatible with this video editor, like AVI.

3. It is free of charge for all Windows operating systems.


1. You cannot download it from Microsoft app store anymore, though it is pre-installed on Windows 7.

2. Microsoft video editor lacks some video editing features, such as reverse.

Part 2. Microsoft video editor alternative

To get more video editing features, you might want to learn about more Microsoft video editor alternatives for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone.

Best Microsoft video editor alternative: Aiseesoft Video Editor

Aiseesoft Video Editor is one of the best Microsoft video editor alternatives. Its benefits include:

1. Cut a clip out of the video using the Basic Clip tool.

2. Or trim several clips from the video and merge them to create a new video.

3. Keep original quality during editing video clips.

4. Enhance and optimize video quality before or after editing.

5. Beside trim, also provide crop, rotate and other video editing tools.

6. Create special video effect with plentiful Effects, customized watermark and text.

7. Compatible with all video formats, including 4K and ultra 4k videos

In a word, it is the easiest way to edit videos on Windows 10/8/7/XP and Mac OS.

Video Editor

Best Microsoft video editor alternative online: WeVideo

If you prefer to edit video online, WeVideo is a versatile Microsoft video editor alternative. Its main features include:

1. Edit videos on the timeline or storyboard.

2. Offer a wider range of video editing tools, such as merge, trim and more.

3. Use titles, captions, music, text elements, and watermark to personalize your videos online.

4. Create portrait mode by facial recognition technology and blurring the background.

5. Adjust audio tracks, video speed, style and other video parameters.

6. Save your video to Google Drive, Dropbox or YouTube account directly.


1. This Microsoft video editor alternative has pro-level video editing features.

2. It does not need to install anything on your computer.


1. You have to sign up with your personal information to use the features.


Top Microsoft video editor alternative for Android and iPhone


Magisto app is both a movie maker and a video editor. Its basic features include:

1. Provide plentiful themes to create personalized movie, such as Foodie.

2. Create professional looking movies with several taps and your videos.

3. Use filters, video effects and transitions to make videos stylish and smooth.

4. Analyze and stabilize shaky videos automatically.

5. Publish the resulting video to social media.


1. This Microsoft video editor is available to both iPhone and Android.

2. It is free to download.


1. The video editing features are limited.


Adobe Premiere Clip

Though Adobe Premiere Clip is not the mobile version of Premiere, it is a one of the best Microsoft video editor alternatives. Its basic features include:

1. Trim videos and remove unwanted clips.

2. Adjust brightness, contrast and other parameters.

3. Enhance and balance audio tracks in videos.

4. Apply filters to create special video effects.


1. The interface is intuitive.

2. It is free to download in both Play Store and App Store.


1. Some features need Adobe account.

Adobe Premiere Clip

iMovie for iOS

iMovie for iOS is the best Microsoft video editor for iPhone. Its features include:

1. Edit videos using finger gestures.

2. Integrate several basic video editing tools, such as split, trim, rotate and more.

3. Adjust audio tracks together or separately.

4. Transfer resulting videos between Apple devices, like Apple TV.


1. The output quality is great.

2. Apple's support pages are helpful.


You have to purchase it in App Store.



Based on the introductions above, you may understand what Microsoft video editor can do and how to use it to edit videos on Windows computer. Though it has some limitations, Microsoft video editor is still worth to try. And if you want to edit videos on other platforms, you can get 5 best Microsoft video editor alternatives in this article as well.

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