Best Free MP4 Video Trimmers/Cutters to Customize Your Video

Video Trimmer Cutter

With the popularity of social network, more and more people are willing to share their videos to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, etc. But before you upload the video to social network, you might need to cut the video and save the video clip you want. This is why you need a video trimmer or video cutter.

In this article, we have offered you several free online video trimmers for you to easily cut MP4 video, or edit video online. If you are looking for professional video trimming software, there are also some recommended desktop video trimmers and video cutters for you.

Part 1. Best free online video trimmer

Top 1 - YouTube Video Editor (

For people who want to upload video to YouTube, YouTube's own video editor may be the best option for you. This video editing tool offers great features such as video trimming, video merging, video effects editing, music adding, etc. To split video clips with this video trimmer is total free, and you can easily access this video editor by accessing YouTube account.

YouTube Video Editor

Top 2 - Video Toolbox (

Video Toolbox is an advanced online video trimmer that enables you to do different video editing task. It supports to trim multiple video formats such as MOV/MKV/AMV/MP4/M4V, along with providing the high quality output format. With this online video cutter, you can cut or trim the MP4 video files in addition with adding a variety of effects in the video.

Video Toolbox

Top 3 - WeVideo (

WeVideo is an elegant yet easy-to-use video editor that allows several people to work on one project. Multiple personalized video editing options are offered, including video trimming, motion effects and scene transitions, etc. This online video trimmer supports all video file formats. However, there are some limitations with the free version.

WeVideo Video Trimmer

Top 4 - Online Video Cutter (

This is one repeatable web that comes in handy when you need to cut a video file. After uploading the MP4 video, you can easily trim video with simple clicks. Besides, this online video trimmer also gives you other features including crop video, rotate video and more. The free Online Video Cutter only offers some simple video editing functions, it suits armatures very well.

Online Video Cutter

Top 5 - Pixorial (

Pixorial is one of the most popular video trimmers that makes photo and video sharing easy. It includes video trimming and combining of different video clips in addition to creating titles, texts, adding music and credits. This most appealing feature of this online MP4 video trimmer is that you can enjoy up to 500 music track freely.


More free online video trimmers

No. Video Trimmer Screenshot Features

    FileLab Video Editor

FileLab Video Editor Cutter
  • Free online video clipper with user-friendly website interface.
    Supported to cut MP4/FLV/AVI and other video, including HD video.
    Cut, trim, split, merge video, add music...


Mixmoov Video Trimmer
  • Excellent labeled online video trimming toolbox.
    Multiple video editing function: Frame-level cut, text, video and audio effects, transitions, templates and so on.
    Easy and user-friendly interface.


Wideo Online Video Trimmer
  • Online animated video creation platform aims on helping people to trim the perfect video.
    Offers media libraries, backgrounds, animated effects and music with limited quantities.
    Support upgrading to Pro, Agency or Premium version.


  • Popular social movie trimmer, allows you to share video clips at will.
    Support YouTube and Facebook uploading and limited downloads.
    Also has video trimmer for iOS and Android app version.


Loopster Video Trimmer
  • Cloud-based online video trimmer that offers to professinal and amateur filmmakers.
    Assists you to edit video clips by cutting videos, adjusting angles, splicing footage and adding music.

Part 2. Recommended desktop video trimmer

Most video trimmers online are instable, if you looking for more professional video trimmers, you might need to consider desktop video trimmers and video cutters. Here we'll recommend you one powerful video trimming tool – Aiseesoft Video Trimmer. This is the perfect video cutter that's stable to use and has no requirement for network. In the following article, I'll take this video trimmer as an example, and show you how to use video trimmer to cut videos.

How to use video trimmer to cut MP4 video

Download and run video trimmer

Download, install and run this video trimmer on your PC/Mac. You can see the interface as below.

Free video trimmer

Add File

Click "Add File", and load the video you want to cut. Or you could just drag the file in.

Add File

Cut MP4 video

Select "Clip" from the top menu bar, and then you can shorten the video file by dragging the two markers on the progress bar. After that, click "OK" to get the video clip. Now you have trimmed the video successfully!

Edit Video

Easy, right? With the similar method, you could also trim your own video with one free online video trimmer we metioned above. Now give it a try!

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