Top 5 GIF Cutters for Every Device

April 23, 2024Amanda Brown

It’s quite a common situation that you find a GIF file that contains a few extra seconds at the beginning or end to affect the whole effect. You need a GIF cutter to extract your desired clip from the animated GIF. This article introduces you to five popular GIF trimmers. You can learn their functionalities, benefits, and how to trim your GIFs.

GIF Cutter

Part 1. What Is a GIF Cutter and What Can It Do

A GIF cutter, also known as a GIF trimmer or editor, is a tool that allows you to delete a specific section of an animated GIF. Here is what a GIF cutter can do.

Shorten a GIF: Cut out unwanted parts at the beginning, middle, or end of the animation. That helps to focus on a specific action or reaction within the GIF.

Extract a specific scene: Extract a moment or a detail from a longer GIF.

Reduce the GIF file size: By removing unnecessary frames, you can reduce the overall file size of the GIF, making it easier to share online or via email.

Benefits of Using a GIF Cutter

There are some advantages to using a GIF cutter. It can help to focus on the most relevant part of the GIF and better convey your message. Moreover, a GIF trimmer can easily reduce the file size or shorten GIFs for faster uploads and easier sharing.

Types of GIF Cutters

There are two main categories of GIF cutters: web-based and desktop tools.

Online GIF trimmers are convenient and accessible from any device with a web browser. However, you should know that some online cutters may have limitations on file size or processing power. Desktop GIF cutters generally offer more advanced features and greater control over the editing process. However, they may come with a cost.

Part 2. Best GIF Cutters for Windows PC and Mac

With the growing demand for GIF editing, many online and software-based tools have been brought to the market. If you require more advanced functionalities, often edit large files, or prefer offline editing for privacy reasons, select a desktop GIF cutter from the two recommendations below.

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

While Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is primarily designed to convert videos, it also carries some basic image editing features, including the GIF cutting capability. It allows you to trim unwanted parts of animated GIF files. Moreover, you can edit several GIF files at a time.

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Open this GIF trimmer and add the GIF file(s) you want to cut. Click the Cut button to enter the main cutting window. Here, you have various options to trim, split, or merge GIFs. For instance, you can simply drag the left and right trimming bars to erase unwanted sections from the beginning or end of the animation. Also, you can directly set the start and end times for trimming. As you can see, it also provides other helpful options like Fast Split, Add Segment, Fade in, Fade out, and more.


After trimming your GIFs to perfection, select GIF from the Output Format menu. Here, you can click the Custom Profile to adjust more settings, such as encoder, frame rate, resolution, color settings, and more.

Output GIF Custom Profile Mac VCU


While there are many excellent GIF cutters available, GIMP is a good consideration for users seeking a free and powerful GIF trimming tool. It is ideal for casual users or those on a budget.

Open Source GIF Cutter GIMP

GIMP goes beyond basic GIF cutting. You can use its image editing tools to optimize your animated GIFs. For instance, GIMP lets you edit individual frames within the GIF animation, crop unwanted areas or resize the entire clip, add text overlays or apply filters, and more.

Edit Cut GIF in GIMP

Part 3. Free Online GIF Cutters

If you just need to remove a few unwanted seconds from the beginning or end of a GIF, a free online cutter is a quick and convenient option. Moreover, if you only edit GIFs infrequently, an online tool eliminates the need for downloading software that might not be used often.


Ezgif is a popular online GIF editing tool for basic cutting and trimming. It allows you to upload a GIF from your computer or device or enter a URL to a GIF online. You can then select the duration of the GIF you want to keep using its handy sliders. Ezgif allows you to preview the cut before saving it. This online GIF cutter also offers other useful editing features, such as resizing, cropping, adding text, and applying filters.

Free Online GIF Cutter Ezgif

VEED Online GIF Cutter

VEED offers a free online editor with GIF-cutting functionalities alongside resizing, cropping, and conversion options. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to upload your GIF, select the part you want to keep, and then download the edited GIF. VEED also allows you to convert your GIF to MP4 format if needed.

Free Online GIF Cutter

Flixier GIF Cutter

Flixier offers the necessary features for editing your animated images. Whether you want to trim unwanted parts or extract specific scenes, you are offered the specific controls to do that. Its GIF Cutter is specially designed for GIF cutting. You are allowed to precisely select the animation content you want to keep using the timeline editor. Flixier also lets you merge multiple GIFs into a single animation. That can be perfect for creating reaction GIFs or showcasing a sequence of events.

Flixier GIF Cutter

Flixier offers a free plan that allows basic GIF editing, including GIF cutting. Paid plans unlock additional features like HD exports, longer video editing capabilities, and access to a larger stock library.

Part 4. FAQs of GIF Cutter

How can I cut out part of a GIF on my Mac?

Preview gives a quick and convenient option for basic GIF trimming on your Mac. For precise control and additional features, you can turn to Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate, GIMP, or another third-party GIF editor.

Does the iPhone have a built-in GIF cutter?

No, iPhones do not have a built-in GIF cutter within the Photos app or any other native iOS app.

Can QuickTime make GIFs?

No, QuickTime cannot create GIFs directly. It is primarily a media player for various video and audio formats and doesn't have built-in functionalities for exporting animations as GIFs.


Most GIF cutters allow you to preview the edited GIF before downloading or exporting it. Use the feature to ensure you are happy with the results. If you are new to GIF editing, start with a powerful and stable GIF trimmer like Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate.

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