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How to Crop a GIF File without Photoshop

It is easy to crop an image with any photo editor. However, cropping an animated GIF is quite different from common image cropping tasks. But there is no need to worry about how to crop a GIF to a specific size. Here are top GIF copper programs, with which you can shorten GIF files with ease.

GIF Crop

GIF Crop

Part 1. Overviews of the Versatile GIF Cropper Software

Aiseesoft Video to GIF Converter is not only a powerful GIF maker but also a GIF cropper freeware. You can get various in-depth video editing functions including cropping, trimming, merging, etc. Therefore, you can convert an FLV video to GIF format using a cropping tool. Being a free GIF cropper, Video to GIF Converter allows users to cut GIF length and width freely. Moreover, you can preview every change in detail to get your best GIF file screen.

How to Crop a GIF with a Safe GIF Cropper

Step 1 Upload an animated GIF file

Download and install GIF cropper software on your Windows or Mac computer. Double click to open the GIF cropper program. Hit "Add File" button to add a GIF file.

Add File

Step 2 Preview and crop a GIF

Tap "Edit" button in the tool bar, and then turn to "Crop" page. You can see original preview and output preview windows display in the main interface. Draw the area you wanna crop manually.

Preview and Crop a GIF

Step 3 Output a cropped GIF on Windows and Mac

Press "Apply" to confirm to crop a GIF animation. Later, set a destination folder and adjust output GIF settings if necessary. After that, press "Convert" to get a resized GIF file with the free GIF cropper.




Part 2. Top 5 Alternative GIF Cropper Programs Online

Just as above mentioned, using online GIF cropper sites enables users to access a cropped GIF file quickly. And the followings are popular GIF length editors that can crop an animated GIF online in fast speed.

Top 1:

It offers easy-to-use interface for users to crop GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, WebP, APNG and FLIF formats.

How to Crop a GIF with

Step 1 Hit "Choose File" or paste URL to upload a GIF file

Step 2 Tap "Upload" to add the GIF image to GIF online cropper

Step 3 Choose the "Crop" tool and set the image width and height

Step 4 Adjust its aspect ratio and press "Crop it"



Top 2:

You can upload a GIF animation to, and then crop its length and width in customizable way.

How to Use to Crop a GIF Online

Step 1 Click "Upload GIF" or "Paste Image URL" to import a GIF image

Step 2 Draw the area you want to crop or set its width and height

Step 3 Tap "Crop" button and preview the modified GIF file

Step 4 Choose "Download the result" from the GIF shape cropper



Top 3:

There are 5 different parts from iLoveIMG online GIF cropper app. To be more specific, you can compress, resize, crop, convert images to JPG and from JPG quickly.

How to Crop an Animated GIF with

Step 1 Click "Select Image" to upload a GIF from desktop, Google Drive or Dropbox

Step 2 Define a rectangle in pixels of your animated GIF file

Step 3 Tap "Crop Image" button and wait for few seconds

Step 4 Get the automatically downloaded GIF or paste its link to share



Top 4:

OnlineImageEditor offers wide selections of online video-editing tools. Thus, you can customize output GIF animations with the GIF cropper site for free.

How to Crop a GIF Online Using

Step 1 Choose a GIF image from your computer or URL

Step 2 Select a "Crop" tool and select the area with the provided red box

Step 3 Resize the red box by holding down the left mouse button

Step 4 Tap "Apply" to download and crop GIFs online



Top 5: offers user-friendly interface, which has divided every step you need to operate in advance.

How to Crop a gif File via

Step 1 Hit "Upload an Image" to import your GIF file

Step 2 Select the area you want to crop or write down its accurate width and height

Step 3 Preview and then press "Apply" to save the change

Step 4 Output a cropped GIF file for free via an online GIF cropper safely



Part 3. Recommendation – Crop GIF Images with the All-in-one Video Software

There is the professional GIF cropper software named Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. You can crop GIF images with more choices than above GIF croppers. Furthermore, the one-stop video software provides many other setting parameters for popular devices. Open "Edit" menu to enter into GIF cropping page. You are able to crop GIFs freely and keep its aspect ratios without distortion. In addition, the output modified preview window and its original window enable users to get better experience. So if you are looking for a comprehensive GIF cropper program, then you should not miss Video Converter Ultimate software.

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