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10 Best GIF Makers to Create GIF Online

You can find some excellent animated GIF files on social media. In fact, you can just download some GIF makers on smartphone to create GIF files on your own. Have you ever considered turning video to GIF? Can you make special GIF pictures? Now, this article will introduce several GIF makers with excellent features, including some GIF makers. You can download these programs to create GIF files online by yourself.

GIF Makers

GIF Makers

Part 1. Best free GIF maker

Aiseesoft Video to GIF Converter is more than a GIF maker, which is able to convert MP4, AVI, MOV and WMV to GIF format; the program is able to make GIF out of videos. What is more important, you can also edit the video some professional video editing features. Compared to the other GIF makers, the program provides high quality GIF files with fast speed.

1. Make GIFs from video formats, such as MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI and more video formats in high quality and fast speed.

2. The GIF maker is able to covert video to GIF without the limitation of Internet without any charge in a free and safe way.

3. Adjust the output GIF setting as profession, which you can adjust the encoder, resolution and more other parameters.

Part 2. Steps to use Video to GIF Converter

Step 1 Add Video to the program

Choose a video on your computer. This GIF maker software can convert video file like MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV and much more types of video. Then you should click "Open" button to load the video file that you want to convert.

Step 2 Limit the length of the video to be cut

After that click the "Clip" button to choose the time you want to start and click "Start" button, and then click "End" button to choose the end time. You are able to set 24 frames each second to get output GIF pictures from video.

Step 3 Convert video to GIF files

Click "Convert" button, the GIF maker software will soon start conversion. The process will not take so much time. The operation time and conversion time will take no more than 1 minute. Besides, you can add some special effects to output GIF pictures.

Convert Video to GIF Files

Part 3. Top 10 GIF maker software

Here are 10 other qualified online GIF makers, which can also convert video to GIF. When you do not want to download extra program to your computer. You can choose the top 10 best GIF makers, which you can certainly find the most suitable one. And you can make the GIF pictures very easily and quickly.

Top 1:

EZGIF is a professional online GIF maker with multiple functions. You can upload a video file from your own computer or just paste the link of the video into the text box. What's more, you can split GIF image to frames, write text over GIF images and make animated PNG picture by using this GIF maker software. Pay attention to the size of the file since the maximum is 100MB.


Top 2: Giphy

Giphy is compatible with many types of video so that users can operate without limitations. And it will update its functions once a week in order to make users keep up a feeling of freshness. Giphy is a very use-friendly GIF maker. It has several different parts, such as reaction, entertainment, sports, stickers, artists GIF pictures. By choosing a specific part, you can download the corresponding type of GIF pictures quickly.


Top 3: gives us several choices such as videos from your computer, pictures and so on. It also acts as a You Tube GIF maker. What's more, it can convert pictures, video, webcam to GIF pictures. You can also share your own GIF on the website or even download GIF pictures you like which are provided on the website.

Top 4: Imgur

Imgur is one of the most convenient platforms to create and share GIF pictures. You can find different types of interesting GIF pictures. Imgur is known by its convenience and easiness. Besides, the public Imgur gallery, which distinguishes Imgur from other GIF makers, has most viral images from around the web. It is based on an algorithm that computes views, shares and votes based on time.


Top 5: Gimp

Gimp is another free online GIF maker. It is accessible online so that everyone can use it freely. Gimp not only creates GIF, but also makes beautiful pictures and movie slides. The user manual for the GIMP 2.8 release provides 17 languages, including Chinese, English, Deutsch, Japanese, Portuguese and so on. However, it is not as efficient as some other movie edit programs and it cannot provides every crucial editing feature.


Top 6: GIFPal

GIFPal takes not very time to share your GIF pictures on Tumblr and other blogs. You can set 20 frames each second to get output GIF pictures. But Internet access is needed when using the GIFPal. In addition, no watermarks can appear on the pictures if you want to convert them. You can download GIF pictures from View Gallery from the online GIF maker software; the pictures are divided according to their popularity.


Top 7: Imgflip

Imhflip is a qualified GIF maker. Of course, you can also use the video files from your computer directly. If your video is smaller than 35MB, the GIF maker will provide the service for free. Or else, you have to use the Pro version. In addition, it can act as demotivation poster maker as well as pie chart maker.


Top 8: Gickr

Gickr allows users to easily create your special GIF pictures by simply uploading them from your computer with the efficient GIF maker. The most important thing is that GIF maker software is free for everyone. But Internet is must when we are using it. You can post animated GIF anywhere you can post pictures, such as MySpace, Bebo, HI5 etc.


Top 9: Meme Center

In spite of the fact that Meme Center is specialized in its meme builder and meme features, GIF maker function is also excellent on the whole. What's more, you can add some words or even draw something on the GIF pictures to make it more vivid and interesting. Also, you are allowed to make your own memes with meme builder. It has a hall of fame where you are able to go through pictures by choosing a particular year.

Meme Center

Top 10: Pacision

Picasion is also a very popular online GIF maker. It is compatible with many types of formats. Since it is user-friendly, everybody can use Pacision to create GIF. Besides, it serves several languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese and so on. This online GIF maker can make avatars, crop and resize images too. However, some advertisements may exits on the website.


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We mainly talk about GIF maker in this page. We introduce you with a professional video to GIF converter in case you want to better create GIFs on your computer. Considering that, you may also want to make GIF files on your portable iOS/Android device, we recommend top 10 GIF maker apps to help you finish the job. If you still have any question or have any better GIF maker, you can leave us a message.

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