A Review of the 5 Best Goku AI Voice Generators in 2024

May 29, 2024Amanda Brown

As a Dragon Ball fan, for creating some engaging content, entertainment, or other reasons, you may want to generate a Goku AI voice. As AI voice technology continues to develop, many Goku voice generators are offered to transform a song, a voiceover, a speech, or even text into a sound, just like the real Goku's voice.

This post will introduce you to five compelling tools that can create Goku AI voices. You can check their key features, strengths, weaknesses, and other associated information and then select your desired Goku voice changer.

Goku AI Voice

Part 1. What Is Goku’s AI Voice

Goku is the main character from the popular Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama, which ran from December 1984 to June 1995. He is a fusion of Sun Wukong, a prominent figure from Journey to the West, a 16th-century Chinese novel. The video game Black Myth: Wukong is also based on the novel. In February 1986, the first anime adaptation of Dragon Ball was released. Then, the anime series continued through the 90s. Ever since then, Goku has become iconic in the world of anime.

Dragon Ball Anime Goku

Goku AI voice refers to the new technology that can turn audio or text into the voice of Goku. Many tools use artificial intelligence to analyze and learn the specific characteristics of Goku's voice, including pitch, tone, inflection, and more. Their AI models are trained by a large amount of audio data from the original voice actor, Masako Nozawa (Japanese version) or Sean Schemmel (English version). They can then generate voices that sound similar to Goku.

Goku Voice Actors

Part 2. Top 5 Goku AI Voice Changers and Generators

If Goku is your favorite anime character, surely you want to use his voice as a voiceover, narration, or background music, especially when there are many AI-powered voice generator tools that allow you to do that with ease. Here in this part, I would like to share five popular Goku voice changers that can help you transform audio or even text into Goku.

Jammable AI Goku Voice Generator

Jammable is a popular AI voice and cover creation platform that is mainly used for creating AI covers with your desired voices. It is not a specific Goku AI voice generator. But Jammable does offer an individual AI Goku Model for you to turn your audio file, a URL, or text to Goku. Jammable also provides a large community where you can find various AI voice models.

Jammable Goku AI Voice Model

Musicfy Goku Voice Generator

Musicfy AI is an online voice generation platform that uses artificial intelligence to create music from voices and text. It lets you easily transform vocals into music. Also, you are allowed to generate speeches with your selected voices. Musicfy AI has a unique aspect to create Goku AI voice from WAV/MP3 audio. Moreover, this Goku voice changer allows you to directly capture your voice and then turn it into speech that sounds like Goku.

Musicfy AI Goku Voice Generator

Lalals Goku Al Voice Changer

Lalals is another famous music creation platform that uses the latest AI technology to compose songs, create covers, and change voices. It is mainly used for vocal transformation. It enables you to easily transform audio into the voice of famous singers or characters. Lalals collects over 1,000 AI voices for you to choose from. Among them, you get an individual Goku AI to make any voice sound like Goku. You can simply upload or record an audio file and then let Lalals Goku AI do the rest. It uses advanced algorithms to ensure you get a high-quality Goku voice.

Lalals Goku AI Voice Changer

Media.io Goku AI Voice Generator

Media.io has a specially designed Goku AI Voice Generator for you to change audio to Goku's voice. It gives a simple way to generate a Goku AI voice or song cover. Moreover, its Text-to-Speech feature allows you to create content with Goku's voice from text. You can use the Goku’s voice as background music, voiceover, or generate a song.

Media.io Goku AI Voice Generator

VoiceDub AI Goku Voice

VoiceDub is a famous voice cloning platform that allows you to easily change the vocals in your audio file. It offers various AI voices for you to choose from. Moreover, you can upload your own voice to VoiceDub and let the platform train its AI based on that. This AI voice generator leverages the latest AI technology to transform audio and text into your preferred voice. VoiceDub also enables you to create original music with royalty-free voices. For Goku voice generation, it has an individual AI Goku Voice page.

VoiceDub AI Goku Voice

Part 3. How to Record Goku AI Voice with High Sound Quality

Most Goku AI voice generation platforms and apps offer a direct way to download or share your created voice. However, in some cases, you are required to purchase a subscription or upgrade to a paid plan to do that. To easily record Goku AI voice with high sound quality, you can try using the all-featured Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. It can capture audio from your device’s system sound card, microphone, and external speaker.

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After the Goku AI voice creation, you can play the generated audio. While playing, just click the REC button on this recorder to capture Goku's voice. To prevent the background noise, you can choose to disable the Microphone. Also, you can go to Preferences and turn on Microphone noise cancellation.

Set Recording Audio Settings

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder allows you to directly listen to your audio recording and edit it. For instance, you can freely trim the Goku voice recording and remove the unnecessary parts. When you are happy with the captured audio, select a desired output format to export it.

Part 4. FAQs of Goku AI Voice

Is Goku voiced by a girl?

In the source classic Japanese version of Dragon Ball, Goku is voiced by a woman, Masako Nozawa. That is quite common in Japanese anime for women to voice children and young male characters. However, if you are watching the English version of Dragon Ball, you may notice that Goku is voiced by a male actor.

How to make Goku sing songs?

With the development of AI voice generation technology, many AI voice generator tools are offered to create various audio. Some can use artificial intelligence to generate a song with Goku's voice. You can upload a song, select the Goku voice model, and then rely on it to transform audio to sound like Goku.

How long does it take to make a Goku voiceover?

Depending on the script length, the specific AI voice generator you used, hardware, and other factors, it may take different times to make a Goku voiceover. If you ask a voice actor to make a voice over like Goku, that will be affected by the actor's experience, editing needs, surrounding environment, and more.


After reading this article, I hope you can get a deeper understanding of Goku’s AI voice. When you want to create content with Goku’s voice, you can select your preferred generator tool from the five recommendations.

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