How Does Snap Score Work & Learn How to Use Strategies to Improve Score

June 07, 2023Ashley Mae

How does Snapscore work? It is frequently asked about Snapchat's unique automated special equation based on a super-secret algorithm. Activity and engagement in the Snapchat community became the basis for your score. You can see your generated number under the Profile screen on the said platform. Since it added this score, Snapchatters asked if it is a significant factor to become visible to the community, relevant to others, or a bad sign that indicates a violation.

Thus, many assume different ideologies about these scores, which is why we will clarify everything for you. Another exciting news is that we will share additional information that improves your Snapchat post by editing it extensively. Dive into this article as we show you the truth behind this assumption made on Snapscore.

How Does Snap Score Work

Part 1. What is Snap Score? How Does the SnapChat Algorithm Works on Scoring

What is a Snap Score? It is a feature added by Snapchat to determine how active Snapchatters are on the platform and community. But it also shows how users engage others with the total number of snaps users sent and received, stories posted, and other app interactions. With that, users tend to receive a trophy depending on the total score given by Snapchat as a milestone unlock. Aside from the trophy, you will also receive a visual reward for your accomplishment, an emoji that you can place next to your name.

Snap Score

Moreover, Snapchat does not randomly gives a Snapscore to a user, but it follows an algorithm that Snapchat can only understand. The techniques for increasing scores remain super-secret based on their official website. But we know some strategies you can employ to increase the number that will help you climb the top bracket of the leading scores.

Part 2. 5 Secret Factors to Increase Snap Score on Snapchat Easily

1. Send and Receive Snaps

Does your Snap Score increase with chats? The number of chats is not counted unless it is an active engagement, so you must attach at least a snap. Each time you send a snap to others, it adds weight to your Snap Score same goes if you received it. Actively doing this will increase the number of your score on the said platform, but you must also do the other ways below.

2. Always Upload a SnapChat Story Everyday

Snapchat stories are collective photos and videos that the public or friends can view within twenty-four hours. Uploading daily stories adds a score to your total amount, and it is essential to save Snapchat stories in case you want a copy on your device. So, if you want to be ranked higher than your friends and unlock the milestone, you must also do this.

3. Utilize the Snapchat Features

Since Snapchat has many features for you to use, it is vital to utilize these features in every snap you will take since it can increase your score level. You can use filters, lenses, stickers, and AR effects to find these features inside the app.

4. Use Discover and Share Content Oftenly

The Discover section lets you see what other Snapchatters post in the community. It varies from exciting articles, snap videos, or other content you can share with your friends that will improve your scores.

5. Become a Regular Active User of Snapchat

How to get your Snap Score up? Be an active user of Snapchat. Regardless of all the listed factors, it will only matter if you are willing to become an active platform user. Your mere presence contributes to the scores, so being active here is essential. For sure, if you become devoted to this platform and are always present all the time, then the algorithm will reward you with a better score than others.

Part 3. 3 Advantages of Having a High Snap Score in the Community

1. Relevant Snapchat Account

A high Snap Score makes your account relevant, meaning you are not faking your identity. Since the number declares how engaged and active a user is on it, it is excellent to determine which is which easily. Yet, some community members use the score as a social hierarchy, so others are discriminated against for low scores. But only some people with a high score on Snapchat have this mindset.

2. Increased Interaction and Connection with the Community

Surely, once you get a better score, you will receive more recognition from other community users. In this way, it became easier to interact with people and connect with them to increase your and their scores on Snapchat.

3. Unlock Trophies and Special Access Features

The average Snap Score of 100 is a great start, but you will need to do more to increase those numbers to unlock the milestones that Snapchat sets and access all of the special features limited to the people who reach a particular score.

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Part 4. FAQs about How Snap Score Works

How often do Snap scores update?

Snap Scores will not be reflected immediately, but the update is daily. The computing of scores happens in the background, and you’ll be able to notice the changes once it is done updating your score.

How to use Snapchat on PC?

You can use different approaches to use Snapchat on a desktop, such as accessing it on the main website, downloading the app, mirroring it, or downloading emulators.

How much does your Snap score go up per Snap?

The platform has no exact number on how much the score increase per Snap. To increase your score, you can also increase the number of sent and received snaps, stories, and engagement on the features available.


Every hard work will pay off, especially if the algorithm detects your effort exerted to increase the number of your scorer. After reading this, you must know the Snap Score and how to increase it. We hope this article helps you and share it with others who want to increase their Snapchat scores.

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