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May 18, 2023Ashley Mae

How to change the font on iPhone? It has been a question roaming around the Apple world, and many iOS users are tired of looking at the default font style as something even better. One of them? Please read this article, as we teach you how to set it up and change the system font style set on it to your liking. Also, we have included additional information if the iPhone has a default way of changing the font and more.

How to Change Font on iPhone

Part 1. Can I Change the Font on iPhone by Default

Unfortunately, there is no native way to change the font style on iPhone, which means there is no other way to change the default font. But you can either use a jailbreak or download a third-party app to change the font on your iPhone, like the list in part 2. How to change font style on iPhone without an app? By default, you are only allowed to bold, change font size, and change font colors. Here is a tutorial you’ll need to follow.

Steps to Bold Font & Change Font Size on iPhone:

Step 1:
Go to Settings and open Display & Brightness on the options.
Step 2:
Tap Text Size, and drag the slider to increase or decrease the font size based on your preference.
Change Text Size
Step 3:
Enable the bold by switching on the Bold Text.
Activate Bold Text

Steps to Change Font Colors on iPhone:

Step 1:
Open the Settings again, go to the General, and select Accessibility.
Step 2:
Tap the Display & Text Size and choose the Color Filters.
Step 3:
Turn the switch on and choose the color you want to use on your iPhone font.
Turn On Color Filters

Part 2. How to Change the Font on iPhone Using iOS Third-party Fonts App

You can select which suits your font style taste from the options below. Since you have upgraded the font style on your iPhone, you should know what keyboard apps you can download to have a customized keyboard while typing messages or text.

1. Fonts App

The font is the most used third-party app offering users a unique text approach. With over 50 fonts available, users can customize their text based on how they want it to be. Let’s take a quick look at how to change the font on iPhone using this app.

Font on Appstore
Step 1:
Download the app on Appstore, namely Fonts.
Step 2:
Open the app, and change the settings it requires by going to Settings. Tap the Fonts, and choose Keyboards. Activate Font and Allow Full Access.
Step 3:
A notification text will appear, then tap Allow. After setting it up, go to the Text Messages app, and tap the globe icon at the lower left side of the iPhone screen.
Step 4:
Options will appear at the upper part of your keyboard, select the font style you want, and start to type in the text you want here.

2. AnyFonts

With AnyFonts, you can download fonts from the web and install them into your iPhone if the app supports the font format. You don't need to undergo a complex method to customize font style. If you want to learn how to change the font size on your iPhone, you can also follow the steps below.

Any Fonts
Step 1:
Download Any Font on your iPhone and then download a font file with .tff, .otf, and .ttc extensions online.
Step 2:
Open the app, tap + icon, and select the font file location you downloaded earlier. After that, quickly review the font style details to install the right font, then tap Install.
Step 3:
Go to Settings, select General, and tap Profile to see the configuration and download profiles. Select the file on Downloaded Profile and tap Install. Once it requires a passcode, you must input the iPhone security code.
Step 4:
Open the app, type in the word, and highlight the text by double tapping it. Afterward, go to the app's font, and find the font style you downloaded on your iOS.

3. iFont

iFonts is similar to the AnyFont however, this app relies only on its font style. Instead of downloading fonts on the web, you can directly use this, search for the font you want, and follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Download the iFont by going to the Appstore and then opening it.
Step 2:
Inside the app, you can install every font you want to have or even search for a specific font.
Step 3:
Open the Settings and look for the General. Select Profile from the list and under the Downloaded profile. Tap the font, and tap Install. If it requires a passcode, then enter it.
Step 4:
Launch the app with a typograph option, select the font name from the list of fonts, and start typing with your chosen font.

4. Font Diner

Font Diner is an excellent app for those who want an exclusive font style set on their phones. With its user-friendly interface, setting it up is not difficult, and the steps are identical to the previous two apps we have here. Follow the instruction below to learn and start changing the font on your iPhone.

Font Diner
Step 1:
Get FontDiner on the AppStore.
Step 2:
Pick the font you want to download and tap Install. Next is to set up the font by downloading it on Downloaded Profile.
Step 3:
Open an app that you are using to type everything based on the font you have downloaded here.

5. Cydia

Unlike the previous applications mentioned here, Cydia has a different approach to changing the font. Instead of downloading the app and setting it up, if you use this, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone. If you want to know how to change the font size on your iPhone using this and set up the font style, follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Download the Cydia app on its official website after you jailbreak your iPhone.
Step 2:
Open the app, search for the Byta Font, and you will need to install it.
Open Cydia
Step 3:
Launch the BytaFont, and choose the font style from custom to iOS. If you have selected what you want, tap it.
Step 4:
Switch it by tapping the toggle button, and once it turns green, it is activated. Here you can change the size delta of your font.

Part 3. Why Can't I Change the Font on my iPhone? A Solution to Fix the Issue

Jailbreaking is a process that allows users to remove the software restriction, especially on iOS, allowing them to download and install apps and do tweaking on the iOS system. It may seem perfectly great to do on it. Still, some issues are found on it, such as voids in device warranty, leaving iOS security vulnerable, and causing apps to malfunction or become unstable. For that reason, jailbreak stops certain apps from working, like for those who want to change the font style of their text. If there are issues on jailbroken iOS, like can't to retrieve lost files, then the best solution is what we will introduce.

iPhone Data Recovery allows you to recover all lost or deleted data on your iOS, even on jailbreak. The app doesn’t fix issues about jailbreaks on iOS since it is designed not for that purpose. So if you want to recover lost data and restore your device to its original settings, use this app by clicking the download button below. If you experience a jailbreak problem, then the best solution to solve it is by going to a professional technician or service provider to fix your problem.

Part 4. FAQs on How to Change Fonts on iPhone

How to change the font on the iPhone lock screen?

You can’t change it by default, but you can jailbreak your iPhone to make this modification. However, changing the lock screen font style is a complex method since regional modifications to the iOS system are required. It can even lead to various issues in security and stability.

How to change the time fon on my iPhone?

You can't change the time font set on your iPhone by default, so you need to use a third-party application, such as AnyFont or Fonteer.

Can I change the keyboard design on iPhone?

Yes, you can easily change the keyboard background on your iOS with the help of a third-party application. iPhone is an advanced mobile device with many features, and iOS users cannot change the keyboard background by default.


Now you can deliver messages to others in a fun way with the customizable font styles available. With the selection we added here and a tutorial on changing the font on iPhone, we hope we've given you the information needed to do the task effectively.

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