iMyFone Fixppo– Is It Safe? The Honest Review of the iOS System Recovery

Apple devices are mostly reliable for many professional works. The devices are also easy to use with regular updates. However, the iOS updates often go wrong, resulting in freezing, blank screens, and other errors. One tool that helps solve the problem is iMyFone Fixppo. But is it a safe app to use? Is it successful in resolving the errors? Whatever questions you have in your mind will be answered with this article.

iMyFone Fixppo

Part 1. iMyFone Fixppo - Is It Safe Enough

The desktop tool is an iOS recovery program you can download on a Windows PC. It is developed mainly to find the problems that cause interruption on the device by ranging the possible issues in the system. While it fixes the device, iMyFone Fixppo makes sure the data is protected without losing any information. Additionally, it can enter recovery mode using the physical buttons of your phone. Other than the main functions, here are more features to check with the program:

On the other hand, the iMyFone Fixppo repair tool comes in two versions: The free version is sufficient for quick device recovery and a new firmware installation. Meanwhile, the paid version requires you to pay $49.95 to help you restore the iPhone or iPad to normal function and other features for iOS problems.


  • Generous features for the free trial.
  • Compatible with almost all iOS devices and versions.
  • Excellent protection for the device and data.
  • Affordable one-time purchase without additional fees.
  • User-friendly interface without requiring technical knowledge.


  • The Standard mode will likely cause errors in the device.
  • The recovery process takes some time.
  • No guarantee of recovering the device to normal function.

If you are looking forward to using iMyFone iOS System Recovery, follow the guide below on how to use the tool for an easy and quick fix:

Step 1.
Download and install iMyFone on your computer and open it. From the main interface, choose the Standard Mode option. For this mode, it will allow you to install firmware to fix the phone or get the new iOS update.
iMyFone Fixppo Download Install
Step 2.
Connect your iPhone with a lightning cable and wait until the tool recognizes it. Confirm the details of the device model and firmware version. After that, click the Download button. Wait for the firmware to be downloaded.
iMyFone Fixppo Connect Device Standard Mode
Step 3.
Click the Start button to repair the device. You may need to enter the passcode and press the Home button a couple of times to initiate the process. Then, iMyFone will fix the errors on your iPhone.
iMyFone Fixppo Download

Verdict: The iOS recovery software is a needed tool for when an iPhone or iPad is malfunctioning. Since there are many possibilities for a broken device, iMyFone easily eliminates them and turns the device to normal function. However, it also has disadvantages, which you need to watch out for, especially if you don’t want to lose any information or data on your device.

Part 2. iMyFone Fixppo vs Alternative

If this iMyFone Fixppo review reveals that it is not enough for your device, Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery will be a great alternative to use on Windows or Mac. It is an updated program that supports device repair, including the newest iOS 17 version. While iMyFone covers possible causes on a device, this alternative recognizes more problems, such as a disabled device, charging issue, activation, no service, battery drain, and loop restart. It is also safe enough to repair all iPhone models and iOS versions without losing data and turning off physical functions.

iOS System Recovery


Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery

  • Directly fix system issues with a careful fixing process.
  • Freely upgrade and downgrade iOS system versions.
  • Enable to sync and back up data before repairing.
  • 100% safe and a lightweight program to download on a PC and Mac.
Free DownloadFor Windows

Secure100% Secure. No Ads.

Free DownloadFor macOS

Secure100% Secure. No Ads.

Step 1.
Download Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery and install it on your computer. Once done, open the software and prepare a USB Cable to connect the iPhone. If a prompt appears on the smartphone, tap the Trust button to connect to the program successfully.
Download Connect iPhone Trust
Step 2.
Select the iOS System Recovery option from the main menu. This solution covers almost all issues and fixes them immediately. Before proceeding to repair, confirm the device details to get the right firmware package.
Download Firmware Package Repair
Step 3.
Finally, click the Next button, and the iMyFone Fixppo alternative will repair your device. Wait for a couple of minutes, and when the process is done, restart your iPhone to complete the procedure.
Device Information Download Details

iMyFone Fixppo vs. Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery

If you compare the two iOS System Recovery tools, you will find that they are almost similar in many cases. However, when it comes to the fixing process, Aiseesoft is quicker without interruption, while iMyFone can take longer, even with a minor issue. Furthermore, Aiseesoft offers flexible subscriptions instead of a one-time purchase of Fixppo. You can easily get the pro version of the iOS System Recovery tool starting at $19.90 instead of at a larger expense. Furthermore, the free trial is without limit and generous with free trials.

Part 3. FAQs about iMyFone Fixppo

Does iMyFone Fixppo work for Android phones?

iMyFone Fixxpo is not for Android devices for system repair. It only supports various Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, and Apple TV. It also supports all iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS versions, which is a huge coverage.

Can you uninstall iMyFone Fixppo completely?

Yes. To remove the app from your computer, go to the Start menu and find the iMyFone folder. Right-click on it and choose the Uninstall option. Follow the prompts to complete uninstallation on Windows. On Mac, simply go to the folder where the app is located. Click the Move to Trash button to eliminate it.

Does iMyFone wipe data?

Its Advanced Mode and the Reset iDevices options have the potential to wipe data off your iPhone. The only problem is that the app requires you to purchase the pro version to safely remove all information without causing the device to malfunction.


With this iMyFone Fixppo review, you have learned the program’s best way of fixing iOS issues. It has a lot of beneficial factors, but it does not guarantee the best result. Looking for an alternative? Try Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery for a professional and quick system repair. Download and install the free version on Windows or Mac.

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