Windows Miracast Review – Features, Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

March 08, 2023Ashley Mae

Miracast is a standard wireless display feature developed by Wi-Fi Alliance and supported by multiple devices, including Windows and Android. You can easily stream the content from the computer on TV with Miracast on Windows 10 or 11. But not all Windows 10 support this feature, especially if you upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7. For those unfamiliar with the Miracast feature, the following content will give you full perspectives on its features, pros, and cons. The step-by-step guide helps with the Miracast setup on a Windows computer. Moreover, other Miracast apps from third parties across platforms will enrich your choice for screen mirroring.

Miracast Review

Part 1. Faithful Review of Windows Miracast

Before the review begins, you might also wonder where to find Miracast on Windows 10. Or if there is one on your computer. Follow the detailed guide here to explore Miracast's advantages and disadvantages.

How to Find If Your Windows Supports Miracast

Step 1:
Activate the Run dialog by pressing the Win and R keys. Then, type dxdiag, and press Enter to go on.
Run Dialog Window
Step 2:
This tool will collect all information about your computer. Next, click the Save All Information button and choose a folder to place the file as a text file.
Save All Information
Step 3:
Go to that folder and open the text file you just saved. Scroll down to find the related texts to Miracast. It will say if your computer supports Miracast on Windows 11/10 or earlier.
DxDiag Whether Support Windows Miracast

Features of Wireless Miracast Windows 10

Miracast, also known as screen-mirroring/wireless display, features on most Windows 10/11 devices. You can use the wireless connection and send your Windows 10 screen to TVs, monitors, and projectors. Since it is already integrated on Windows 10 and above, the most prominent feature of Windows Miracast is to cast your PC to a bigger screen wirelessly. By the way, the Windows Miracast also provides a straightforward mirroring experience.

Miracast on Windows 10 Connection


  • Simple peer-to-peer connection for wireless PC to TV mirroring.
  • High-definition casting quality without HDMI cable.
  • Pair with compatible devices via shortcuts quickly.


  • Occasional stability issue for mirroring connection.
  • There are lags between senders and receivers.


If you do not have an HDMI cable for mirroring, the Windows Miracast feature is a great alternative. But, since the Miracast is not stable enough during wireless transmission, there will be lags during the mirroring.

Part 2. How to Set Up Miracast on Windows 10/11

Streaming movies on home theatre gives an excellent audiovisual experience. Here is the step-by-step guide for beginners to cast Windows screen to TV. More importantly, you don't need to download Miracast on Windows 10/11 if your computer and TV both support it.

Step 1:
To mirror the video from PC to TV, make sure the Miracast works on your Windows 10/11.
Step 2:
Plug a Miracast dongle or adapter into your TV. Then, open the PC and turn on Wi-Fi.
Step 3:
Click the Action Center with a message icon on the taskbar. Then, click the Connect button and choose the display screen.

On Windows 11, you can use the Windows and P shortcut combination to open presentation display mode.

Presentation Display Mode in Windows 11

Part 3. Best Miracast Apps on iPhone/Android

Except for the built-in connection on Windows 10/11, there are more Miracast apps for iPhone, Android, and Mac. You can screen mirror all your content from mobile to 4K TVs for a better movie experience.

Miracast – Wifi Display [Android]

This Miracast app on Android uses a wireless connection to cast your Android to TV screens. But the app only works for Android 4.2 and higher. Your TVs must also support Miracast for successful mirroring. This app will automatically check the supported device it can send signals to under the same Wi-Fi connection.

Miracast Wifi Display


  • Easy operation for screen casting with Miracast.
  • Support various Android models, including Samsung, HTC, and Sony.


  • Unstable wireless connection.
  • With loud and annoying ads.

Miracast Screen Mirroring + [iOS]

The powerful and versatile Miracast iPhone tool known as Miracast Screen Mirroring is incredibly user-friendly. Any smart TV wired to the same Wi-Fi network can wirelessly mirror the screen (without lag) to another one. You can load films, images, and other file resources into the application to play on the big screen and display any content on your mobile phone's screen in real-time. At meetings and in classes, whiteboards make it simpler to present and explain concepts.

Miracast iPhone App


  • Cast games, videos, and music to TVs efficiently.
  • Support project modes like DLAN and AirPlay.
  • Record the screen during the mirroring process.
  • Extra real-time annotation features for teaching.


  • No lifetime license.
  • Video mirroring can be buffing.

Bonus Tip: Aiseesoft Phone Mirror – Alternative Feature to Windows Miracast

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is a wireless screen mirroring app for Windows users. You can operate your iPhone/Android and see the screens on your PC. Supporting the latest iOS 17 and Android 13, you can cast the mobile screens to almost all PCs without quality loss. When mirroring iPhone on your PC, you will use the more stable AirPlay feature than the Windows Miracast. Meanwhile, you can also take snapshots or make annotations during the mirroring. This small software offers two connection methods: wireless and cable connection. You can flexibly switch between these two methods to find a preferred mirroring.

Phone Mirror


Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

  • Control your iOS/Android screens on a PC.
  • Record and capture mirrored screens effortlessly.
  • Cast mobile screens instantly with lossless quality.
  • Offer different mirroring modes to show your mobile screens.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 1:
Get a free download and installation on your PC. Then, launch the program and make sure your iPhone and PC are under the same Wi-Fi connection. Choose iOS Mirror on the main interface. Then, you will see the WiFi connection and a USB connection.
Choose Mirror iOS
Step 2:
Select Wi-Fi connection and Screen Mirroring. Open your iPhone and the Control Center. Then, choose Screen Mirroring. Once your PC and the iPhone are under the same Internet connection. You can see Aiseesoft Phone Mirror. Tap on it. Next, you can see the iPhone content on the PC.
Mirror Screen iPhone

Part 4: FAQs about Windows Miracast

Does Windows Miracast have input lag?

Yes, it does. Although Miracast is stable, wireless things all have stability issues and laggings compared to other cable connections.

Why is the Miracast on Windows 10 not working?

It may happen for a weak Wi-Fi connection or the Miracast not being turned on. You can check if the feature is enabled on your Windows. Otherwise, you can restart the PC or update your device driver.

Can I use Miracast from Mac?

No, you can't. Apple does not support Miracast on macOS systems. But you can use the alternative AirPlay feature for screen mirroring on Mac to other TVs.


The Miracast wireless feature is convenient for screen mirroring from PC to TV. You can operate your Windows on a bigger screen without an HDMI cable. However, there must be certain quality drops or laggings during the operation. Apart from the Miracast on Windows 10/11, you still have more options, choose from the alternative apps to cast your mobile devices to TVs with the Miracast feature.

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