How to Find Coordinates of a Location on Google Map from Different Devices

September 01, 2022Ashley Mae

Your exact GPS location coordinates can be crucial when surviving under extreme conditions, sharing your position in an emergency, or wanting to search location by coordinates and navigate to a certain place. There might be other various reasons that make you wonder about the latitude and longitude of a location. And Google Maps, the common navigation app, can tell you exactly where you are. Therefore, here you will learn how to find the coordinates of a location on Google Maps and vice versa. Besides, there is an extra tip for you to prevent others from locating your position.

My Location Coordinates

Part 1: How to Find Coordinates of My Location

Whether you want to know your location coordinates or the coordinates of your property, Google Maps can be your convenient solution. From smartphones to computers, you can search locations by coordinates and vice versa on Google Maps anytime. Follow the steps below to learn how to find location coordinates from different devices via Google Maps.

From Smartphones

Find Location Coordinates on Smartphones by Google Maps
Step 1:
Open the Google Maps app on your iPhone or Android phone. Then, enter the location or tap the My Location icon to get your current position.
Step 2:
You may also tap and hold your finger on the screen to drop a pin on the map and find location coordinates.
Step 3:
Scroll down to see location coordinates and detailed address. You can also tap the coordinates to copy them to your phone's clipboard.

Tip: If you need some help, you can share your real-time location with your friends in the Google Maps app on your phone. Meanwhile, you can choose who can find your location and how long to share your location.

From Computers

Check Location Coordinates by Google Map on Computer
Step 1:
Launch Google Chrome or any other preferred browsers on your computer. Go to the official website of Google Maps.
Step 2:
Type the location name or search location by coordinates on the Search Bar above on the left side.
Step 3:
A red pin appears on the screen that marks the location. Right-click on the pin and you will see the exact coordinates. You can also click the coordinates and copy them to the clipboard.

Part 2: How to Change GPS Coordinates of My Location

Apart from navigation and map applications, other apps can also read your location coordinates. Sometimes, this can be annoying since you carry your phone everywhere, and you may wonder how to stop apps from finding out the exact coordinates of your location. You can use Aiseesoft AnyCoord to change or fake location coordinates for your iOS devices. In this way, applications cannot find your real-time position, and you can freely explore the internet without worrying about exposing your location coordinates to unknown malware.



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Change Location Coordinates with AnyCoord

Step 1:
Free download and install the AnyCoord on your computer. Launch the program and connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable and tap the Trust button if any popup appears on your phone. Then click the Start button to begin.
Click Start Button
Step 2:
You will see four modes to change your location, and click the Modify Location button on the left side of the window. This mode allows you to modify location coordinates to a specific place precisely.
Choose Modify Location
Step 3:
A map with your location will show up. You can click a random point on the map or type the position you want in the Modify Location bar. Next, click the Confirm Modify or Move To buttons to finally change your GPS coordinates
Click Confirm Modify

Part 3: FAQs about My Location Coordinates

What are the components of location coordinates?

When writing location coordinates, the latitude and longitude are the fundamental features. The format of these two data is also important. Additionally, the accurate location coordinates can be written using degrees, minutes, seconds, and decimals. When writing the latitude and longitude, you should also use letters to indicate the direction.

How accurate can GPS coordinates of my location be?

The accuracy of the GPS coordinates depends. If you are outside and can see the open sky, the GPS accuracy from your phone is about five meters. Many factors can affect the accuracy of GPS location coordinates and you may experience this in real life when the Uber app displays the wrong pick-up location on the map. The influence factors include satellite geometry, atmospheric conditions, signal blockage, and the quality of the GPS receiver.

How to find coordinates of a location on Apple Maps?

Open the Maps app on your iPhone or iPad. You need to tap the arrow icon on the right side of the screen to see your location coordinates. Then, you will see a circle or blue dot showing your current position. Tap the dot and pull up the My Location below to see the exact coordinates. You can tap and press the coordinates to copy


Finally, at the end of this article, you have already learned the method of how to find the coordinates of a location, and you can also use Google Maps to do the opposite way and find the location by coordinates if you have one. Meanwhile, suppose you are afraid of leaking your current position. In that case, you may also use the AnyCoord – the virtual location changer for iOS devices to protect your privacy while surfing on the internet.

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