Full 2024 Nox Player Review & Best Alternatives to Use in Your PC

June 16, 2023Ashley Mae

Nox Player proves that even in the ever-expanding world of PC gaming, you can still choose it to emulate games that are playable on Android into your computer easily. Enhanced gameplay is what the emulator wants to promote; that is why we will review and dig deeper into the said software. Let’s see what this software offers, its advantages, disadvantages, steps to use it, and the best alternative if this will not suit your preferences.

Nox Player Review

Part 1. What Is Nox Player - Know More about This Emulator Features & More

What is Nox Player?

If you are a PC gaming enthusiast who loves to play Android games, then the Nox Player app is the emulator you need. The program emulates the Android operating system to allow your PC to access the Android application through your computer. Also, the app offers an intuitive interface and a range of customization options to optimize the gaming experience to the desired level. Aside from that, the program is accessible on all major platforms to be used.

Nox Player

Configuration Requirements:

Before downloading Nox Player, you must ensure the computer requirement meets the following standard. The standard set below is based on the developer, which is not our opinion. Check out to see if it suits your system.

Key Features:


  • User-friendly and intuitive navigation interface.
  • It runs smoothly for any gameplay.
  • It supports different types of popular games on Android.
  • Comprehensive support on customization controls and settings.
  • Open multiple games simultaneously.
  • Macro-recorder is supported.


  • It consumes a huge part of the system resources to play powerful games on the computer.
  • Limited compatibility with resources demand of an app.
  • Bugs and glitches are happening while it runs.

Part 2. How to Use Nox Player on Windows and Mac to Emulate Android Games or Apps

Now to teach you how to use the Nox Player Emulator, you can copy the steps based on the operating system you are currently using. The steps we have added here are based on the updated version of the app, so there will be a slight change once the app receives a newer update.

How to Use Nox Player on Windows:

Step 1:
Visit the official website of Nox Player and download the file there and set it up.
Step 2:
You will need to log your Google account on the initial startup. Enter it if you have one, or you can create a new account if you do not have an existing account.
Step 3:
Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the set-up, then click the Play Store icon to find the Android game you want to be emulated with the app.
Step 4:
After searching the app, install it, then click the app or game icon to launch it.

How to Use Nox Player on Mac:

Step 1:
Download and install the package of the Nox Player on the main website.
Step 2:
Log in to the Google account or create a newer account, then enter it on the prompt that will appear.
Step 3:
Press the Play Store icon, click the search bar, and type in the application you want to emulate on your Mac.
Step 4:
Install the game or application using this emulator, and launch the app to start using it.

Part 3. Alternative to Nox Player - Cast Gaming on Android to PC Easily like Emulating

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is an app like Nox Player, but instead of emulating games, the program mirror what is happening on your Android. With it, you would not experience bugs happening on the emulator since you are mirroring the game or app played on Android to a PC. The app was made to eliminate all of the disadvantages you are experiencing on a smaller size screen, like your phone, by casting it into a large screen. Whether you want to play games, display a presentation, or efficiently manage your device, this app covers you. Unlike other known screencasting apps, this supports iOS and Android devices, so there is assurance that your mobile device is supported for screen casting.

Phone Mirror


Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

  • It can mirror phone to a PC without any delays, wirelessly or with a USB wire.
  • You are allowed to perform complete control on your Android display efficiently.
  • It ensures that the video quality displayed is at the highest quality possible.
  • The app is compatible and can connect to Android or iOS to be screencast.
  • Prioritize the privacy and security user; it will not store sensitive information.
  • It is designed to become a user-friendly app so that even beginners can use it.
  • It is free to download on any version of your PC.
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Part 4. FAQs about the Nox Player

Which is better? Nox Player vs. Blue Stacks?

Nox Player vs. BlueStacks are popular emulators, but choosing the best will depend on the user's preference. For example, if a user wants an emulator that prioritizes gaming performance and advanced customization options, and is willing to allocate system resources, then Nox Player is the choice. While users who want to have a visually appealing interface, widely compatible with lighter resource usage, BlueStack is the suitable option.

Is Nox Player safe?

Yes, the app is safe to download if you download it on the main website. However, if you download this Android emulator from another website, there is a chance that the package needs to be completed, or worse, it has a virus.

Does Nox Player have a built-in PlayStore?

Nox Player has a built-in Play Store wherein you can search and install the app or game you want to use on an Android device.


No matter how good Nox Player is, downloading has drawbacks. It can be a resource-intensive requirement for optimal performance and such. If you did not meet its preferences or requirement, we suggest you download the Aiseesoft Phone Mirror to screencast the game or app you are doing on your Android device to the PC. Overall, Nox Player is a solid emulator to experience the best Android gaming experience in the comfort of your computer.

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