Introduction and Unbiased Review of PowerMyMac for Mac for Potential Buyers

Much like other digital devices, junk files build up over time on Mac computers and laptops, taking up a lot of storage space. It is true that Mac can clean up a part of system junk files when you restart your machine. However, the iTunes junk, email junk, similar photos, and old files are still on your hard drive. You need a cleaner app to boost Mac performance. This post will help you learn one of the best cleaner apps, PowerMyMac for Mac.

PowerMyMac Review

Part 1. Brief Review of PowerMyMac

As its name said, PowerMyMac is a powerful way to clean your Mac, free up space and optimize the performance. It powers your device as well as new. Compared to other cleaner apps, PowerMyMac is pretty affordable. A single license for one year is available for $19.95 while a lifetime license is just $29.95.

Main Interface

Key Features of PowerMyMac

Unbiased Review of PowerMyMac


  • PowerMyMac is an all-in-one solution coming with a Mac cleaner, app uninstaller, and privacy keeper.
  • It offers a free trial and the price is reasonable.
  • When scanning junk files or duplicate files, it responds very fast.


  • The free version only scans your Mac but is not clean.
  • The security protection is relatively weak.
  • It lacks some features, such as virus or malware alerts.
  • The customer support service is poor.

How to Use PowerMyMac to Free up Mac Space

Clean Junk
Step 1:
Download a free version from PowerMyMac's official website. If you intend to get the full version, buy a license on the site too.
Step 2:
Launch the app and you will get the home interface. The toolbar is on the left side displaying all features. To free up space, for example, select Junk Cleaner.
Step 3:
Next, press the Scan button at the bottom right corner to find all junk files on your Mac currently. When it is done, you can select the junk file types in the middle panel, and check the unwanted files on the right panel.
Step 4:
Hit the CLEAN button and you will get rid of these files.

Part 2. Best Alternative to PowerMyMac

PowerMyMac is a good cleaner app for Mac, but it is not the only one. To be honest, you'd better learn more options and make the best decision. Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner, for example, is one of the best alternatives to PowerMyMac. Moreover, it equips a wide range of bonus tools.

Mac Cleaner


Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner – Best PowerMyMac Alternative

  • Clean up plentiful data types, including email junk and more.
  • Include a duplicate finder to search for the same files on Mac.
  • Monitor the status of your Mac in real-time.
  • Offer bonus tools, like hiding files, protecting Wi-Fi, etc.
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How to Use the Best Alternative to PowerMyMac

Step 1:
Check status

Run the best PowerMyMac alternative once you install it on your Mac. Click the Status button and you will get the information about your CPU, memory, and storage space.

Getting Started
Step 2:
Free up space

If your Mac becomes slower and slower, go to the Cleaner tab from the left side. Here you will get the cleaner tools. To remove system junk files, choose System Junk. Click the Scan button to begin looking for junk files. When scanning is complete, hit the View button, select the unwanted file types, and click the Clean button.

Main Interface
Step 3:
Manage apps

To get more tools, switch to the Toolkit tab. If you intend to uninstall several apps, for instance, choose Uninstall, and click Scan. When available, hit the View button, select unwanted apps, and hit Clean.

Mac Cleaner Toolkit

Part 3. FAQs about PowerMyMac

Is PowerMyMac safe?

Yes. If you download the app from the official website, it is secure to use this cleaner app. However, some users reported that the app may download extra apps when installing.

Can I use PowerMyMac on macOS Mojave?

PowerMyMac is available to macOS Mojave, macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra, OS X El Capitan, and OS X Yosemite.

How to free up Mac space without third-party apps?

Firstly, you can restart your Mac to remove a part of system junk. Moreover, the built-in Storage Manager feature is available to clean up useless data and files on Mac.


Now, you should learn what PowerMyMac for Mac is, the benefits and shortages, and how to use it to keep your device healthy. Moreover, we also identified the best alternative, Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner. You can follow our introduction and recommendation to make your decision. If you encounter other problems, please contact us by leaving your message below this post.

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