What Is Angry IP Scanner and How to Use Angry IP Scanner for Beginners

December 16, 2022Ashley Mae

This article will introduce and review one of the popular IP scanners, Angry IP Scanner. Nowadays, cyber security is still the hottest topic on the internet. An IP scanner is a useful tool not only in the network field but also for home Wi-Fi security purposes. It checks and looks for the exact details of all devices connected to your network. That can prevent intruders from lurking efficiently. Before downloading Angry IP Scanner, you can learn all the essential information you should know about it below.

Review Angry IP Scanner

Part 1. Angry IP Scanner Review

IPScan Win10

Angry IP Scanner is free to download since it is an open-source project. Once users download it to desktops, they can open the software, and use the features directly. Of course, before downloading, you may want to learn what Angry IP Scanner can do exactly.

Main Features of Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner Mac

Review of Angry IP Scanner


  • Angry IP Scanner pings a wide range of IP addresses and scans them.
  • Users can customize the software with the plugins.
  • It is an efficient tool for network administrators and individuals who want to stay informed on their network.
  • Angry IP Scanner is lightweight and working on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • It is free to use for anyone.
  • The GUI and command-line interface make the software flexible and available to diverse users.
  • The software offers a portable version and does not ask users to install it on their desktops.
  • The interface is intuitive and user-friendly.


  • Angry IP Scanner lacks scalability on enterprise-size networks.
  • It is basic and does not include bonus tools.
  • It does not provide the maximum amount of detailed information.
  • Although it is portable, Angry IP Scanner lacks a web app.
  • It requires Java installation on your machine.

Bottom Line

Overall, Angry IP Scanner is a reliable IP scanning program to keep your Wi-Fi network secure. It can do just that by detecting all devices associated with your network including mobile devices. Moreover, Angry IP Scanner is open-source and completely free to use. The major benefit of having this app is protecting network security. The more secure and protected your network the less you need to worry about data and privacy loss.

Part 2. How to Use Angry IP Scanner

Using Angry IP Scanner to scan your network and host is easy. To start, you can download the software to your desktop. Then you can follow the steps below to begin scanning your Wi-Fi.

Step 1:
Run Angry IP Scanner after downloading for free.
Step 2:
Pull down the menu next to IP Range, and choose the desired mode. Here we select IP Range.
IP Range
Step 3:
By default, the software only displays Ping, Hostname, and Ports. If you want to add more information about an IP, click the Tools menu, and choose Fetchersv. Select the desired item in the Available fetcher pane, and click the arrow-pointing-left icon. Hit the OK button to confirm it.
Fetcher Add
Step 4:
Once settings are done, click the Start button to begin scanning your network. When the process finishes, you will be presented with the Scan Statistics dialog. Close the dialog and you can see the result.
Start Button

Part 3. Best Alternatives to Angry IP Scanner

Top 1: LanScan

LanScan Pro

LanScan is the alternative to Angry IP Scanner for macOS. It is a simple network scanner to discover all active devices on any subnet that you configure. It is free to download from Mac App Store and includes in-app purchases.

Key Features

Top 2: Fing – Network Tools

Fing App

Fing is the Angry IP Scanner alternative for Android devices. It sees devices connected to a selected Wi-Fi network and evaluates security risks. Moreover, it can find intruders who try to access your network without permission.

Key Features

Top 3: Total Network Inventory

Total Network Intventory

Unlike Angry IP Scanner, Total Network Inventory is a network audit application for office and large-scale enterprise networks. It can scan, identify, and report your network as efficiently as possible.

Key Features

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Part 4. FAQs about Angry IP Scanner

Is Angry IP Scanner safe to use?

Angry IP Scanner is safe to use. The utility is just a monitor and doesn't have the power to make any changes to your device settings. The information that the service returns is simply a list of IP addresses that are in use, with any gaps in a range implying unused IP addresses.

Do hackers use Angry IP Scanner?

It is very similar to programs such as NMAP, and it is a tool frequently utilized by both black hat and white hat hackers.

Is it illegal to scan an IP?

Unauthorized port scanning, for any reason, is strictly prohibited. Even if an ISP does not explicitly ban unauthorized port scanning, they might claim that some anti-hacking provision applies.


This article has reviewed one of the best free IP scanning software, Angry IP Scanner. It cannot be denied that it is a good way to protect and monitor your network. Moreover, we also identified three alternatives for macOS, Android, and other systems. You can make the best decision accordingly. More questions? Please feel free to leave a message below.

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