Top 5 GPS Spoofer Apps for iOS and Android Devices

September 09, 2022Ashley Mae

You may want to fake your GPS location for playing games, watching videos, using apps, developer testing, and other purposes. This post shares the five best GPS spoofer apps for you to easily fake your location on iOS and Android devices.

GPS Spoofer App

Part 1: Check 2 Best GPS Spoofing Apps for iPhone and iPad

As an iOS user, when you want to fake a GPS location on your iPhone or iPad, you can use the 2 GPS spoofer apps below.

Powerful GPS location changer and spoofer - AnyCoord

AnyCoord is a professional GPS location-changing and faking tool that can help you change your iPhone location to any other address or set a virtual location for different purposes. This GPS spoofing app is mainly used to stop sharing location with others, play some AR games like Pokemon Go, and watch videos on websites. It allows you to change the actual GPS location of your iPhone to a virtual one on a Windows PC or Mac.



AnyCoord - GPS Spoofing App for iPhone

  • Set a virtual iPhone location to play AR games like Pokemon Go.
  • Change and fake iPhone GPS location to stop others from tracking you.
  • Calculate the distance between two locations on Windows PC and Mac.
  • One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, or Joystick Mode to move route.
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Step 1:
First, you can double-click the download button above to free install and run this GPS spoofer app on your computer. Click on the Start button. Whether you want to fake the current GPS location of an iPhone or iPad, you should connect it to the computer.
Click Start Button
Step 2:
You can choose the Modify Location feature to quickly fake a GPS location on your iOS device. It enables you to change your iPhone location to any other location based on your need.
Choose Modify Location
Step 3:
Wait for a while, and a map will be loaded with your location marked as a blue dot. You can freely drag, zoom in, or zoom out the map to check other places.
Map Interface
Step 4:
In the search bar, you can enter the target GPS location. Click the Confirm Modify button to change your iPhone location to there. During this step, you are also allowed to directly select a place on its map and then click on the Move to button to fake the GPS location for your iPhone.
Click Confirm Modify

With this GPS spoofing app, you don't need to root your iPhone or iPad. More importantly, compared with other GPS spoofer apps or VPNs, it can give you a more stable user experience.

Fake location app for Pokemon Go iOS - iTools

iTools is a popular desktop iOS data management and transfer application for iPhone and iPad. It can work as a GPS spoofer for Pokemon Go. Its Virtual Location feature enables you to set a virtual location for your iOS devices easily.

When installing this GPS spoofing app on your computer, you must close your anti-virus software first. You can go to Toolbox and choose Virtual Location to start faking the GPS location of your iPhone.

GPS Spoofing App iTools

You can enter an address or GPS coordinates you want to go in the search box and then click the Go button to fake your iPhone GPS location.

Fake iPhone GPS Location iTools

Apple doesn't encourage users to fake GPS locations on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, so it's not easy to find some useful GPS spoofing apps from App Store. Relatively speaking, desktop GPS spoofer applications like those recommended above can better change your location on your iPhone.

Part 2: How to Fix Cannot Change App Store Country

There are many GPS spoofing apps for Android offered on the market. Below are 3 of the best GPS spoofers worth a try. They don't require you to root or jailbreak your Android device.

Fake GPS

Fake GPS is an easy-to-use GPS spoofing app that can help you fake your GPS through coordinates and location. It offers a one-click way to easily set your Android phone's location to anywhere in the world. You need to turn on Allow Mock Locations on the Development Settings to use this GPS spoofer app. You can free install it from Google Play Store. You should know that Fake GPS is not working with Pokemon Go.

Fake GPS App for Android

Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer

Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer is an all-featured GPS spoofer app that allows you to make standard spoofing on all Android devices running Android 6.0 and above. You can free download it from Google Play Store and fake your Android phone's location. It also has a paid version with extra features to make playing GPS locator games a little easier. This GPS spoofing app also offers a Share feature to easily integrate with other apps.

Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer App Android

GPS Emulator

GPS Emulator can move your Android phone to any location worldwide for developer testing purposes. It is not designed for playing games. This GPS spoofing app provides you with 3 map types, normal, satellite, and terrain. Its fake GPS coordinates injection can be easily enabled or disabled for Google Play Location Services. After setting a virtual position, your Android phone can also get the current time of it.

GPS Emulator App

Part 3: FAQs of GPS Spoofing App

Is a fake GPS VPN or GPS spoofing app legal?

No. A GPS spoofer app or fake GPS VPN itself is not illegal. Generally, you can use a fake GPS VPN for developer testing purposes and watch some online videos. But doing so is probably against the apps' Ts&Cs. In some cases, especially when you trick video games, you may get your account terminated.

How can I turn off my location on an iPhone?

If you want your iPhone to stop tracking your location, you can open the Settings app, go to Privacy, and then turn off the Location Services on your iPhone.

Can you share a location from iPhone to Android?

Yes. You can use the Messages app to easily share your location with an Android user. Also, you are allowed to directly send your location through the Google Maps app.


You want to fake your location on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device for different needs. You can get the five best GPS spoofing apps to do that. Note that when you choose to fake your GPS location, you should not use it for any illegal purpose.

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