Top 5 Speechify Alternatives to Explore

May 28, 2024Amanda Brown

Speechify is a popular text-to-speech (TTS) tool that can help to turn text into natural-sounding audio using AI. However, for various reasons like pricing or feature limits, you might prefer a Speechify alternative to generate voices from written content. Here in this post, I will introduce you to the five best TTS alternatives to Speechify.

Speechify Alternative

Part 1. Why You Need a Speechify Alternative

Speechify gives you a free trial to access its text-to-speech and AI voice generation functions. Even though it is a famous TTS tool, there are still several reasons why you might look for a Speechify alternative. This part will talk about some key factors.

First, the free version of Speechify has various limitations. Even though it offers several plans to grade to its Premium version, they are expensive for casual users.

Speechify is mainly used for transforming text into voices. It may not carry the specific features you need. For instance, you may want more options to customize the generated audio.

Speechify provides various AI voices for you to choose from. However, you may still not find the desired one. This AI-powered text-to-speech generator supports over 40 languages. That may not include the language you need. You might require more languages or voices to match your project.

In addition to these main reasons, you may have subjective factors to search for an app similar to Speechify. Whatever the reason, you can explore five great Speechify alternatives in the next part.

Part 2. Check the 5 Best Speechify Alternatives

This part recommends five top Speechify alternatives for you to make the text-to-speech generation. You can check their key functions, pros and cons, and other information to make your decision.


NaturalReader is a popular AI text-to-speech tool that can handle various files, such as emails, articles, PDFs, and other documents. Moreover, it has the capability to analyze current content on web pages and generate real-time voiceovers. Like Speechify, NaturalReader provides various voices for you to choose from. You can customize accents and playback speeds to better fit your listening needs. This Speechify alternative also gives a free trial with some limitations.

Speechify Alternative NaturalReader

Peech Text to Speech

Peech is an AI-powered app similar to Speechify that can transform written text into realistic voices. It supports over 50 languages and various file types. This Speechify alternative offers mobile apps and a Chrome extension for you to read articles, e-books, webpages, other text content, and even images. It lets you freely control the listening speed and pitch to better suit your preference.

Peech Text to Speech is mainly used for generating professional-sounding voiceovers. It can work as a Speechify alternative to turn text into human-like speech. provides all kinds of videos for different needs. This alternative to Speechify allows you to adjust inflections and emotions for the desired tone. This powerful AI voice generator can integrate with popular video editing software. You can start with a free trial to access its text-to-speech features.

Speechify Alternative

Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream Reader is another feature-rich TTS tool designed to create high-quality voices from text. Similar to Speechify, it lets you freely customize voice parameters like pitch, speed, and intonation. Moreover, you are allowed to change emphasis, pauses, and pronunciation rules. These advanced customizations make it ideal for specific reading preferences. Voice Dream Reader can read e-books, emails, documents, and web pages. This Speechify alternative offers a free trial with limitations on file size and voice options. Some advanced features like OCR require a separate paid app.

Speechify Alternative Voice Dream

Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is specially designed to generate high-quality, natural-sounding human voices. Its powerful TTS functions can handle multiple languages. This cloud-based voice generator can integrate with other Amazon services. It is ideal for users who have already invested in the AWS ecosystem. The Speechify alternative also allows you to adjust various voice characteristics, such as pitch and speed.

Speechify Alternative Amazon Polly

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Part 3. FAQs of Speechify and AI Voice Generator Alternative

Is there a free Speechify version?

Yes. Speechify offers a free version for users to access its basic text-to-speech features. Surely, there will be some limits during the free trial. For instance, you are only allowed to generate 10 minutes of audio per day. Also, you get limited voices compared to the full Premium version.

What is the difference between Peech and Speechify?

Both Peech and Speechify are text-to-speech generation tools, but there are some differences between them. Peech is a mobile app that is mainly designed to read text on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. It only offers one voice to read your text content. Speechify, on the contrary, supports desktops and mobile phones. Moreover, it can deal with more file types, including documents, articles, PDFs, ebooks, webpages, and even images. Compared with Peech, Speechify provides many more AI voices to choose from.

What is the difference between Speechify and NaturalReader?

Speechify offers a simple but effective solution to transform your text content into audio. It can read written words with various natural-sounding voices. Moreover, it supports 40+ languages. Compared with NaturalReader, it can offer higher-quality voice creations. On the contrary, NaturalReader can only offer some basic text-to-speech functions. It gives an easier and more affordability option to generate voices from text.


This post gives you the five best Speechify alternatives for you to select from. You can compare them in different aspects and then pick the preferred one according to your needs.

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