A Full Speechify Review to Know the AI Voice Generator

May 27, 2024Amanda Brown

It’s not a rare need to turn text into speeches. For instance, you want to listen to reports, emails, articles, or ebooks while doing other things. Or you prefer listening rather than reading to get information. Speechify is that kind of AI-powered voice generator that can transform text content into audio. It offers an effective solution to retain information and improve productivity. This Speechify review will guide you to know its main functions, pros and cons, how it works, pricing, and other related information.

Speechify Review

Part 1. What Is Speechify, Key Features, Pros, Cons, and Pricing

Speechify is a popular all-in-one AI voice generator that can convert written text to voice. You can access it through the Chrome extension, mobile app, Microsoft Edge add-on, and its web app. Now, Speechify gathers all the functions into two main products, Text to Speech and AI Voice Generator. It can read your articles, emails, documents, and other text files using natural-sounding audio.

What is Speechify

Speechify's Key Features

The core functionality of Speechify is text-to-speech. It uses advanced AI technology to analyze your text and turn it into audio. By doing so, you can handily listen to the content instead of the reading way. It provides you with various voices to choose from. You can switch to different voices based on specific content types or your preferences. Moreover, you can freely customize the volume and pitch to get a more comfortable listening experience.

Speechify Main Features

Speechify lets you change the playback speed to suit your current listening pace. It can read up to 9x faster than the common reading speed. Also, for some important content, you can choose to slow down the speed to ensure you can get the information. Speechify can also automatically skip unnecessary content like headers, highlight key points, and add pauses. For offline listening, it gives a download function to save the generated audio.

Speechify is designed with powerful OCR technology to accurately analyze images and turn the content into audio. It supports multiple languages. Moreover, it can also help to capture content from web pages and read it for you. The Speechify AI Studio tool also allows you to clone your voice or create AI voices. However, these features are limited to the paid Premium version.

Pros and Cons of Speechify

Speechify gives a convenient way to listen to your text content while doing other tasks. That increases productivity and may be beneficial for people with visual impairments. It also gives a different solution to retain information. This AI text-to-speech generator offers various voices to fit your preferences.

However, as mentioned above, many advanced functions are limited to the paid version. Its Premium plan is expensive for casual users. Even though it can generate text with human-like voices, these AI voices may be less attractive and engaging.

Speechify Pricing

Speechify offers a free trial to access its limited features. When you want to break these limits and get full functions, you must upgrade to a Premium plan. Speechify has different plans for Text to Speech and Speechify Studio. The Premium version of Speechify Text to Speech costs $139/year, and the Basic version of Speechify Studio starts at $69/month.

Speechify Text to Speech Pricing and Plans

Part 2. How Does Speechify Work

As mentioned earlier, Speechify can convert text content into speeches using advanced artificial intelligence. After clicking Text to Speech on the official website, you will be guided to the specific Free Text to Speech (TTS) Online page. Here, you can enter your text or paste one. Click the Play button and Speechify will then read text with your selected voice.

Speechify Free Text to Speech Online

Over 40 languages are supported by Speechify. Before reading your text, you can click Voice and select a desired voice from the drop-down options. To change the reading speed, you can click Speed. If you prefer to save the generated audio for later listening, just click Download MP3.

How to Record Speech for Offline Listening

Speechify offers a built-in functionality to download generated audio for offline listening. However, as a free user, you will be prompted to sign up for an account. After that, you still get limits to save the created speeches. To easily capture any speech with high sound quality, you can rely on the easy-to-use audio recording tool, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. It offers a convenient way to record any activities on your computer. Moreover, it allows you to edit your speech recordings and save them in your preferred format.

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Part 3. FAQs of Speechify AI Text to Speech

Can Speechify read Kindle books?

Due to Digital Rights Management restrictions, Speechify can't directly read Kindle books. DRM restrictions prevent unauthorized access to the Kindle content. However, you can choose to convert your Kindle book to a Speechify-supported format like PDF or EPUB and then use Speechify to read it. You should check copyright laws and associated information to ensure you are allowed to do that.

Why is my Speechify not working?

Various reasons may cause Speechify not to work. First, you can try refreshing the Speechify app or webpage to fix the issue. Also, you can choose to restart your device and resolve temporary glitches. When your Speechify is not working normally, you should ensure it is connected to a good and stable internet connection. If you are using the Speechify app, you can check if there is a new available app update. Go to your device's app store or the Speechify website to update it.

How to adjust Speechify's reading speed?

Speechify gives you a direct way to adjust the reading speed. When you use its desktop software or the web app, you can locate the speed control option on the playback interface and then adjust the slider to control it. To customize the reading speed in its mobile app, you can go to the options interface, find the Playback Speed option, and then select your desired speed from a list of options. In the free version of Speechify, you may have a limited speed range. If you can’t change the reading speed to a suitable point you want, you may need to upgrade to a paid plan and break the limits.


Speechify gives a simple way to transform text content into audio. It allows you to handily listen to various text files with a desired AI voice. After reading this post, I hope you can get a deeper understanding of this AI text-to-speech generator.

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