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May 28, 2024Amanda Brown offers a simple way to create videos from text using AI. You can select from various avatars and voiceovers to generate various realistic videos, from educational tutorials and marketing explainers to information security training videos. However, for different reasons like pricing, feature limits, lack of customization, and others, you may consider a Synthesia free alternative.

This post introduces you to five free alternatives to You can check and compare their functions and then select your preferred one to replace Synthesia. Free Alternative

Part 1. What Is and Why Need an Alternative is a popular text-to-video generation platform that uses artificial intelligence to create videos. You can select a desired avatar and voiceover, enter your text, and let Synthesia create an associated video. Synthesia is ideal for making all types of videos for education, marketing, social media content, and more. It allows you to quickly create realistic videos with just text. Turn Text into Video

However, Synthesia is not a free AI video generator. The free plan's limitations can be restrictive, and its paid plans are not suitable for casual users or those on a budget. Moreover, a Synthesia free alternative can be a low-risk exploration choice for those new to AI video creation. In some cases, users search for Synthesia AI competitors to get more functions and customization controls.

Part 2. Check the 5 Best Free Alternatives

Many free AI video creation tools are offered on the market that can work as a Synthesia alternative for generating engaging videos. This part recommends five compelling competitors for you to choose from.


HeyGen is a powerful free alternative that can create professional-looking videos. It is designed with a user-friendly interface to empower users to easily access its functions and create engaging videos. Like Synthesia, it offers many realistic and cartoon avatars for you to choose from. Its powerful Lip Syncing feature allows you to generate natural-sounding voiceovers like real humans. This Synthesia AI alternative supports over 40 languages. Moreover, it provides a built-in script editor to craft your message. Free Alternative HeyGen


Colossyan is a compelling free alternative to create AI videos from text. You can start from scratch or select one popular template from its presets. Then, input your script, customize various options, and let Colossyan generate a video. You are allowed to select from various offered voices and control the speaking pace. This Synthesia AI competitor gives a free trial with 5 minutes of video generation. However, compared with Synthesia, it only carries a more basic text-to-video feature. Free Alternative Colossyan


D-ID is another famous text-to-video platform that is designed to create personalized videos. When you access its Creative Reality Studio, you can select a realistic presenter, enter your script, and then click Generate video to turn text into a video. As a free video generator alternative to Synthesia, many presenters and advanced functions are limited. Using a free account, you get 20 credits and 200 sessions to create AI videos for free. Free Alternative D-ID

DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI is a great free alternative to that is especially designed for creating natural-looking expressions and body language. Like Synthesia, it allows you to enter your script, select a desired avatar, customize the background, and then generate a video using AI. Over 100 voices and 80 languages are offered to ensure you can generate videos that best suit your needs.

Synthesia AI Alternative DeepBrain AI


Elai is a feature-rich AI video creation alternative to Synthesia. It offers various human and cartoon avatars to generate different styles of videos. It can currently clone your voice in 28 languages. In addition, it lets you select from over languages and 450 accents. This Synthesia alternative also provides many pre-designed templates that cater to all kinds of themes. Some basic editing functions are offered to optimize your generated videos. Similar to Synthesia, Elai gives you a free plan with limited credits.

Synthesia AI Competitor Elai

Part 3. FAQs of and AI Text-to-Video Generator

Which is better, HeyGen or Synthesia?

Both HeyGen and Synthesia are AI-powered video creation tools. However, they have different strengths and cater to different needs. HeyGen offers high-quality avatars to generate videos. Its lip-syncing is more natural. Moreover, this AI video generator carries some unique functions, such as Talking Photo, Faceswap, AI Script Generation, and more. Compared with Synthesia, HeyGen is easier to learn and use. In comparison, Synthesia is specially designed for text-to-speech and supports more languages. It offers multiple templates to quickly create videos.

Is Synthesia safe?

Generally, Synthesia is considered safe to use. This AI text-to-video generator claims that it follows industry standards for data protection. Your data and privacy are protected. Moreover, Synthesia adopts both technology and humans to ensure there is no inappropriate or harmful content is created.

What are the downsides of Synthesia?

Synthesia offers a convenient solution to create videos using AI. However, it still has some downsides you should consider. It provides various avatars to help you make videos. But their expressions still appear robotic, and they don’t like humans. Synthesia lacks advanced customization options. Due to the text-to-speech nature, it may generate low-quality videos. What’s more, Synthesia is not a free AI video creator. Its free version comes with time and feature limits.


For various reasons, you want to look for Synthesia alternatives to generate videos using AI. The good thing is that many strong AI-powered text-to-video contenders are available, both free and paid options. With the rapidly evolving AI video creation, there will come more free alternatives. If you have any better recommendations, please share them in the comments with my other readers.

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