Top 5 Alternatives to Clone Your Voice

May 14, 2024Amanda Brown

AI voice cloning technology is beneficial for podcasting, audiobooks, animation, gaming, and various other fields. It brings more possibilities for creativity, accessibility, and communication. is a popular AI voice creation tool that allows you to clone voices and generate speeches from text. However, for specific needs, you may prefer a alternative to create synthetic voices.

This post will guide you to learn more about, tell what the AI voice cloning application is, explain the main reasons why you may want an alternative to, and share five similar AI voice cloning tools. Alternative

Part 1. What Is and Why Need a Voice Cloning Alternative is mainly designed for cloning your voice or any other desired voice. It uses AI to create synthetic voices. It lets you directly capture your voice and generate AI voice cloning. Also, it allows you to provide a voice sample or select a preferred voice from the library for cloning. Now, is developing a text-to-speech function that can convert your text to spoken words. You can choose a desired voice model to clone.

What is offers a simple way to clone your voice or create another AI voice. However, during my tests, it often stuck and had no response. Compared with other AI voice cloning apps, it only carries basic functions. Various advanced features are limited to the paid plans. While as a free user, you can only try cloning three voices. What’s worse, the free trial version doesn’t offer training models, FaceSwap videos, and others. You are also not allowed to output high-quality voices. Limits

Part 2. Top 5 Alternatives for Voice Cloning

AI voice cloning technologies are rapidly developing, and many associated tools are brought to the market. You can start with a free trial of and check its AI voice cloning quality. If you prefer a alternative, you can check the five recommendations below.

ElevenLabs Voice Cloning

ElevenLabs is a powerful AI voice generation platform that offers various tools for creating voices and turning text into speeches. It has an individual AI Voice Cloning page for you to generate realistic voices from short audio samples. This alternative supports 29 languages and over 50 accents. Like, it offers a free trial version with limited credits. Alternative ElevenLabs

Invideo AI Voice Cloning

Invideo is an AI platform that is known for its capability to create videos with text prompts. It also offers various other AI-powered tools, including AI Script Generator, AI Text to Video, AI Voice Generator, and more. For AI voice cloning, Invideo offers a specially designed tool. It lets you easily clone your voice through a 30-second snippet. Alternative Invideo AI


Speechify is a user-friendly AI text-to-speech app that offers various voice generation features. Its AI Voice Generator has a specific Voice Cloning option for you to clone voices. This alternative to offers a convenient way to create natural-sounding voices. You can simply speak for 30 seconds and let Speechify do the rest. Speechify allows you to upload an audio sample or directly start a voice recording. Alternative Speechify Voice Cloning

Resemble AI

Resemble AI is a famous AI voice generator platform that caters to enterprises. It offers a simple way to clone your voice for free. Before the AI voice creation, you are required to sign in to an account and offer some information about your company and team. Then, you can start the Rapid Voice Clone. Similar to, this alternative enables you to clone voices by uploading an audio sample or directly recording on the web. WAV and MP3 audio files are supported. Alternative Resemble AI

Murf AI Voice Cloning

Murf is an AI-powered voice generator designed to create high-quality voiceovers. Besides text-to-speech, translation, and dubbing products, this alternative also has an AI voice cloning tool. It can easily generate a voice with human-like emotions. Similar to Resemble AI, Murf is mainly designed for business applications. After submitting contact sales, you can access its studio by signing in to your account. Then, you can create a project and start cloning voices. Alternative Murf

All these introduced alternatives allow you to clone voices through audio samples and recordings. You are suggested capturing your voice through a microphone. You’d better make a 1-minute recording in a quiet environment. To ensure the best voice cloning quality, your voice recording should not carry background music, multiple voices, long pauses, coughing, laughing, and other noises.

Bonus: How to Capture Your Voice with High Quality

If you don’t want to directly capture your voice on the web and prefer an audio recorder for the voice recording when you are ready, you can turn to the professional screen, webcam, and voice recording software, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

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Aiseesoft lets you capture your voice from the computer’s microphone or an external speaker. More importantly, it is designed with noise cancellation and microphone enhancement functions to guarantee high sound quality.

Set Recording Audio Options

When you want to prepare an audio recording for the AI voice cloning, you can download and launch this recorder and then use its Audio Recorder. To reduce various noises, you should disable System Sound first. Then, go to Preferences and turn on various voice enhancement functions.

Set Audio Source

Part 3. FAQs of Alternative

Can Mac Personal Voice be an alternative to

If you have a Mac with an Apple Silicon and want to clone your voice, the Mac Personal Voice can be a good alternative. However, if you are a Windows user or prefer more customization options, can’t be replaced. Moreover, can be used for different purposes. For instance, it lets you create voiceovers, audiobooks, and other audio content. On the contrary, Mac Personal Voice now can only create a similar voice that sounds like you.

How does work? enables you to clone voices using AI. It lets you directly capture your voice or upload a voice sample to copy. Its AI algorithms will analyze the voice characteristics and make a model to replicate the voice. Like Mac Personal Voice, plans to offer a text-to-speech function.

Is voice cloning safe?

Voice cloning technology brings a lot of benefits and possibilities. For instance, it can be used to create audiobooks, design text-to-speech applications, and do other creative tasks. However, it also comes with some safety and privacy concerns. You should be aware of its safety risks and use it with caution.


After reading this article, I hope you can get a better understanding of I recommend five great alternatives for you to clone your voices. When selecting an AI voice cloning tool, you should consider its functionality, ease of use, voice customization, price, and other factors. If you have any better synthetic voice creation tool, please share it in the comments below with my other readers.

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