Get the 3 Best Tree Diagram Makers to Create Your Tree Charts

October 13, 2022Ashley Mae

Tree diagrams offer a great way to represent data in various industries. You can break down broad categories into finer and finer levels of detail through a tree diagram. It also helps to move your thinking step by step from generalities to specifics. This post introduces you to 3 great tree diagram makers to create your tree diagrams.

Tree Diagram Maker

Part 1. Free Online Tree Diagram Maker - MindOnMap

To quickly make a tree diagram, you can rely on many diagram drawing tools on the internet. Some diagramming tools are specially designed for creating tree diagrams. In case you don't know which tree diagram maker you should use, here we recommend the popular MindOnMap for you to make a tree diagram with ease. It offers many useful themes, examples, and templates for you to easily start your tree diagram drawing.

Step 1:
When you want to make a tree diagram, you can open a web browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge and then go to the official website of MindOnMap. You are allowed to use this free tree diagram maker on both computers and iOS/Android devices.
Free Tree Diagram Maker MindOnMap
Step 2:
To begin, please click the Create Your Mind Map button and login it with an email or Google account. After that, you can see some commonly-used diagram types and themes offered there for you to choose from. It has a specific Tree Map option for you to make a tree diagram.
Tree Diagram Template MindOnMap
Step 3:
After you select a suitable diagram theme, you can enter its main tree diagram creating and editing page. You are offered all the necessary tools to build your tree diagram. You can freely add nodes, sub-nodes, and components based on your need. What's more, you are able to insert images, links, comments, and other elements into your diagram. On the right side of this free tree diagram maker, you can customize the tree diagram style, theme, icon, outline, and more.
Make a Tree Diagram Online MindOnMap
Step 4:
After you make a tree diagram, you can click on the Export button in the upper-right corner to store it as a JPG/PNG/SVG image, Word file, or PDF file. Also, you can click the Share button to generate a link for sharing it with others.

Part 2. Lucidchart Decision Tree Maker

Lucidchart is a popular web-based diagramming platform that offers various tools for diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration. It has an individual Decision tree maker for you to make tree diagrams and other types of charts with ease. It collects many straightforward templates and customizable formatting options to ensure you can quickly make a tree diagram. It also offers a real-time collaboration feature for you to work with others simultaneously.

Tree Diagram Maker Lucidchart

To make a tree diagram with Lucidchart, you can go to the Decision tree maker page and click on the Make a Decision Tree button. After that, you need to select a free or paid plan and then sign in to your account to move on. Some certain features are only limited to its premium version. When you enter this online tree diagram maker, you can click Templates on the left panel and then choose a suitable template to start your tree diagram creation.

Select a Tree Diagram Template Lucidchart

Part 3. Visme Free Tree Diagram Maker

Visme's Free Tree Diagram Maker is a free and easy-to-use tree diagram maker that is specially designed for making creative tree diagrams. It offers beautifully designed tree diagram templates for you to select and quickly draw your project. Moreover, it carries a variety of shapes and line styles for you to create your decision tree to exactly what you want it to. All sections in this online tree diagram maker can be customized.

Visme Tree Diagram Maker

With this Visme's tree diagram maker, you can easily drag various shapes around the canvas, connect arrows to various decisions and outcomes, customize fonts, colors, and content, and do other operations to create your tree diagram. When you get to the Visme Free Tree Diagram Maker page, you can simply click on the Create Your Tree Diagram button to use it. You need to sign in with an email, Google, or Facebook account. After that, you can select a suitable template and start making your tree diagram.

Visme Tree Diagram Templates

Compared with other online tree diagram makers, Visme takes a longer time to load its tools. When you enter the main diagram editing page, you can easily access many useful tools on the left panel. This Visme tree diagram maker is not totally free. After you do a project and want to export it, you will be prompted to buy its Premium version.

Make a Tree Diagram Online Visme

Part 4. FAQs of Tree Diagram Maker

What is a tree diagram?

The tree diagram is a new management planning tool that explains the hierarchy of tasks and subtasks needed to accomplish goals. A tree graph branches from one branch to two or more, each branch to two or more, and so on. The finished diagram looks like a tree, with a trunk and multiple branches.

When to use a tree diagram?

When you want to list or explain details, develop logical steps to fix an issue or achieve an objective, analyze processes in detail, develop actions to carry out a solution, figure out the root cause of a problem, evaluate implementation issues for potential solutions, and many other purposes, you may need to create a tree diagram.

Can I make a tree diagram in Office?

Yes, whether you are using Office 2007, Office 2010, or a newer version, you can use its built-in Block Diagram template to create tree diagrams. You can open the Office application, click on the File menu, choose New, and then select General under Template Categories. After that, you can open the Block Diagram and then drag specific shapes onto the drawing page to make a tree diagram according to your need.


This post gives you a basic review of 3 tree diagram makers. You can check their key features and learn how to use them to create your tree diagrams. If you have any other tree diagram maker recommendations, please share them in the comment with other readers.

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