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December 27, 2022Ashley Mae

Users think twisting waves and editing audio clips is complex, but it only takes TwistedWave to do the job. The app's primary function or purpose is to manipulate the waves that the audio produces. Before downloading the app, you should read the information below. Learn more about the app to help you understand more about it.

TwistedWave Review

Part 1. Overview of TwistedWave - Pros, Cons, Supported Platforms, and Prices

Here, we include a comprehensive TwistedWave review that users must consider reading. The information included in this part is based on the information gathered on their website and additional information through trustful resources. Continue reading to know the app even deeper instead of searching different resources.

What Is TwistedWave?

TwistedWave Audio Editor is one of the most powerful audio editors you can install on nearly all devices. The app is a portable home studio you can instantly use to record and edit audio clips. With it, users can choose whether to download the app or use its online version; either way, producing clear audio is possible in both areas.

TwistedWave Audio Editor 4+

Platform Supported: macOS, iPhone, iPad, online, and a beta version for Windows.

Prices of WavePad:


  • It is cross-platform.
  • The app's strengths in audio editing are the favorite to use by a pro.
  • It has a simplified interface for everyone to understand.
  • It has a built-in audio recording option.
  • Preview your audio file limitless here.
  • Import audio files thru Google Drive and Sound Cloud.


  • The free version of the app has a lot of limitations.
  • UI needs some improvement.
  • If audio uses multiple tracks, the app automatically converts it into mono.

Part 2. TwistedWave Complete Review in a Users Perspective & Key Features

Mainly, use the Twisted editor to edit the audio recording natively saved on your iOS, Mac, or any device. When we used the app, some functions were still missing that professional tools have, but this app is more than enough. This app's pitch control impresses the user; anyone can easily change the audio file's decibels based on the editors' likeness. Adding fade in and out brings a unique approach to the app's editors. All primary audio editing features are accessible such as crop, cut, paste, speed, and loop. For an extreme measure of audio files, you can convert and adjust the equalizer of it.

However, you can't enjoy the app to the fullest if you are using the accessible version of it. Limited access to the options makes the app less likely of choice for audio editing, especially for those who don't want to spend. Moreover, the app provides a professional approach for every audio file you have, and you can be as precise as you want.

Key Features of the TwistedWave:

Part 3. Ultimate Phone Video Editor to Add Edited Audio from TwitedWave into a Video

After you edit the audio on TwistedWave and want to add it to a video, use the Vid. Fun - Video Editor. It is a cost-free video editor that you install on your mobile device to add audio to video instantly. Besides attaching, you can also enhance the video file you have to create a better look to amaze others when you post it. Despite being a free tool, the app doesn't att

VidFun on Android

Moreover, the app works stable compared to other video editors. You do not need a high-end device because the app works evenly on the lower phone version. As great as it seems, the app doesn't cover all the major advanced video editing usually available on desktops' flagship video editors. Yet, the app provides blended advanced and basic options so that users can still enjoy using the app. Download the app on your phone to easily edit your video into a picture-perfect version.

Part 4. FAQs about the TwistedWave

Is TwistedWave free?

Yes, the app is free to download and access on the web. Its Windows beta version and official version on other applications are free to download and use, yet it only offers limited functions that could restrict users' audio editing. But if you want to use the app to its fullest, purchasing will give you a better advantage in processing the audio clip.

Is TwistedWave good?

For audio editing, TwistedWave is enough and a good choice for the user. Since the app is accessible on almost all devices, you can now instantly record audio and do the recording afterward with the help of TwistedWave audio editor.

What is TwistedWave online?

TwistedWave online is the online version of TwistedWave that you can access using different search engines. There is no need to download the app because it is web-based. Straight away, do the recording and editing with this version to produce the best audio file you want.


Download TwistedWave to edit the audio clip according to your needs. Here, you can also do the recording efficiently thru a built-in mic or an external microphone. You can do many things to the app, so if you want to make your clips sound better, enhance them with this app. In addition to the audio editor in this review, we added a video editor that you can download on your phone to process your video and bring more colors. It is better to download both of the best apps in two worlds for editing audio and video today and in the future.

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