What Is Visme and How to Use It to Create Great Images without Design Experience

March 01, 2023Ashley Mae

Nowadays, almost everyone needs some kind of design skill, such as making presentations, creating images, drawing icons and logos, designing charts, and more. However, these jobs are pretty difficult for beginners and average people without any clues. Therefore, platforms like Visme are helpful. This article will review the platform and tell you everything you should know about it, such as what it can do, the price, and much more.

Visme Reviews

Part 1. Visme Review

As mentioned previously, Visme is a versatile platform in the design community. However, it is not for professionals but also average people. It integrates design tools and templates that can streamline your job

Key Features of Visme

Template Menu

Unbiased Review of Visme


  • Visme integrates a lot of graphic types for ads, marketing, social media, and more.
  • There are numerous templates for various types of graphics.
  • It is easy to start with online tutorials and documentation.
  • Visme provides a free plan and several paid plans.
  • It supports lots of output formats and languages.


  • The free plan only has basic features and 100MB of storage.
  • There are some bugs when duplicating projects.
  • It is difficult to navigate between individual slides or page views.
  • It requires a good internet connection and cannot work offline.

The Price of Visme

There is a free plan of Visme that gives a user 100MB of storage and limited templates. The Starter plan costs $12.25 per month, which expands the storage to 250MB, enables users to fully access templates, and download graphics as JPG, PNG, or PDF. The Pro plan costs $24.75 per month. It provides more storage, export formats, and integrations. However, access to collaboration features requires an extra payment.

How to Use Visme Online

Step 1:
To get started, visit the Visme website, and sign into your account.
Menu Bar
Step 2:
Head to the dashboard, click Create New, and choose Project.
Create New
Step 3:
Now, you will see a library of templates that you can customize for your project. To quickly find the desired template, you can select a type and then find an appropriate one.
Step 4:
Click Use This Template to enter the editor page. Here you can change or add text, font, icons, diagrams, and more from the toolbox on the left side.
Text Font
Step 5:
When you are done, save the project to your account or download it as an image or PDF.

Bottom Line

It cannot be denied that Visme is a powerful design tool for professionals and amateur designers. It provides plentiful templates and tools for making professional presentations, social media posts, online ads, storyboards, and more. Of course, you have to subscribe to a plan if you want to get the full features.

Part 2. Best Alternative to Visme

Visme is a great design platform, but it is not free of charge. Some people may wonder whether they can find a real free design tool online. The answer is MindOnMap. It is absolutely free to use without any payment, subscription, or fee. Similar to Visme, users can find high-quality templates on the website to simplify the creative job. That is the best option for beginners and people who have a limited budget, such as students. Here are the basic steps to create diagrams with the best alternative to Visme.

Step 1:
Access the online design tool (https://www.mindonmap.com/) in your browser.
Step 2:
Log into your account. If you do not have an account, create a new one with your email address for free. Then click the Create Your Mind Map button to enter the next page.
Mind on Map
Step 3:
Head to the New tab on the left side, and pick a proper template on the right side based on your need or create a blank graphic.
New Template
Step 4:
Rearrange the main node, nodes, and sub-nodes on the graphic. Or add nodes and sub-nodes by hitting the Node and Sub Node buttons in the Add Nodes section on the top of the page. To label a node, double-click on it, and enter the text.
Add Node
Step 5:
Next, customize the diagram based on your preference. Click and expand the toolbar on the right side. Go to the Style tab, change the shape of nodes, adjust font and colors, and more.
Shape Style
Step 6:
Finally, click the Export button, choose an output format, and save the diagram. Or hit the Share button to publish the graphic directly.

Part 3. FAQs about Visme Review

Is Visme safe to use?

Yes, Visme is a great online tool for creating, editing, sharing, and storing visual materials. The platform is safe to use, but you'd better not upload private content to the website.

Visme vs. Canva, which one is better?

Visme is best suited for data visualization, while Canva is a great option for designing anything. In a word, Canva is a better option than Visme since it is much more affordable.

Is Visme free?

Although Visme provides a free plan, it is too basic. If you want to create some high-quality diagrams, you have to subscribe to a plan.


This article has reviewed one of the most popular online design tools, Visme. It enables you to learn how to make visual content, convert your idea to diagrams, and store your designs online. If you do not like the online tool, we recommended you try the best alternative, MindOnMap. It is completely free to use and comes with plentiful templates too. More questions about this topic? Please feel free to leave a message below this post.

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