Best Review of the WavePad Audio Editing Software on Phone and Desktop

December 27, 2022Ashley Mae

Do you need a powerful audio editor on your phone for mixing, podcasting, and editing? WavePad has a unique say in audio editing accessible on every mobile device and desktop. Rumors have been lurking on the web since the app has a desktop and a mobile version that you can download on your PC. Does the mobile version of the said app enough for solemnly audio editing? Let's find out if the app provides the needs of editing that you can maximize.

Funimate Review

Part 1. Overview of WavePad - Pros, Cons, Price, and Platform Supported

What Is WavePad?

WavePad Audio Editor is a complete and professional audio manipulating tool that provides an extended editing feature for sounds, music, or recording. Everything that deals with an audial file can be edited within this app. Compared to another audio editors, this app has a compact yet intuitive interface that allows everybody to use it without having trouble adjusting the settings that it provides. Traditional audio editings are available here; examples are audio splitting, cutting, copying, and pasting the part of amplification. Purchase it, and you can use the extended version of the app for adding effects like echo, amplification, and noise reduction, which works flawlessly.

Wavepad Audio Editor

Since the app deals with audio files, on its mobile version, you can import every media file that uses extensions like .mp3, .wav (PCM), .wav (GSM), and .aiff. Aside from that auditory format, the app didn't support other formats. But if you use its desktop version, you can upload VOX, GSM, WMA, AU, AIF, FLAC, OGG, and M4A, including the mentioned format before this, and many more. For a better version of the app, NCH WavePad on desktop works.


  • It is an easy-to-use sound recording and editing software.
  • It supports additional plug-ins to add.
  • The app supports batch processing.
  • It has libraries for effects, sample rates, compression, auto-trimming, etc.


  • The mobile version doesn't support comprehensive features like a desktop.
  • For working multiple tracks, you will need to download plug-ins.
  • It needs to be purchased to use it forever.

Part 2. WavePad Review in Terms of Users Perspective, Key Features, and Best Used

Users Evaluation of the WavePad

Download WavePad if you want a comprehensive audio editor on your device to manipulate the audio file's wave lengths professionally and efficiently. Processing audio is essential for everyone to create the finest audio output that can be attached to a video or used as it is. The app can be downloaded on desktop, and mobile devices, which means anywhere you are using this app wouldn't be a problem for everyone. Providing its strength, there is no doubt why the app became a stronghold of many producers, musicians, and audio editors on their devices.

Based on our experiment on the app, the app works flawlessly in audio manipulation, yet the process isn't complicated. Despite that, the app needs to make its interface look better because its UI seems too old. Also, the free app's free version lasts 14 days; after that, users who want to continue using it must purchase the app. If you want to use its best version, you better download it on your desktop, but for portability, use its mobile version anywhere.

Key Features:

Why Should You Pick the WavePad?

WavePad effects are one of the reasons why you should pick this application over its competitor. With the extensive options that are available in this app, there is no doubt why you shouldn't download the app on your device. On mobile devices, you can maximize the accessible version of the app to its full potential with the available supported editing features on a desktop; the app can only last for 14 days, which means you have a limited time to use the app. Then after that, you can purchase the app.

So, what do you think about the app? Did it fit your needs in audio editing? Well, the app is a great choice. After you have edited the audio file and exported it, you can now attach the audio files into a video with the app we included below.

Part 3. Best Video Editor to Use for Attaching Audio Edited on WavePad into a Video

Vid. Fun - Video Editor is a great video editor that processes videos and pictures without degrading their quality. One of the latest video editors has been added to the store that you can download for free, like what you can do with the audio editor we introduced here. You must install an app like this on your device to add effects, adjust the video, or attach the audio file to the video quickly. If we are about to compare this app to your default video editor, this app offers more features to use that you can enjoy using. So what are you waiting for? Let's add fun to the video before posting it or sharing it on social media with the video editor.

VidFun on Android

Part 4. FAQs about the WavePad

WavePad vs. Audacity, which is the better audio editor?

WavePad is much easier to deal with compared to Audacity. So, if you want the beginner's choice for audio processing, the WavePad is the best choice. But pick Audacity if you want advanced editing with a multitracking function without installing plug-ins. Yet, some audio editors offer more than these two that you can find on the market.

Is WavePad free?

Yes, you can download the app for free, yet there is only a free 14-day trial that you can use. If you want to purchase the app, you must have at least $ 60 for the standard edition and $ 99 for the master edition of the app.

Is WavePad audio editing software safe?

As long as you have downloaded the WavePad audio editing software on its main website or thru trustworthy stores, we can assure you that downloading the app is safe. So, if you want to use the app, download it now because it doesn't have malware files or viruses that could destroy your device.


As we wrap it up, the WavePad app is one of the best audio editing software to download on desktop and mobile devices. Downloading the app wouldn't be a regret of yours. So, start audio recording with it, export the edited version, and attach it to a video thru the application we added here.

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