What Is VSCO? Everything that You'll Need to Know about the App

December 09, 2022Ashley Mae

You might have encountered the app, but what is VSCO? Why do users pick this over its competitor? This article highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the VSCO application so that you can understand the app better. Keep the ball rolling, for we will take you to the overview of the app.

VSCO Review

Part 1. Overview of VSCO - What it is, Pros, Cons, & Platforms Supported

What is VSCO?

VSCO or Visual Supply Company, formerly VSCO Cam, is a known editing app for photographers who want to add emoticons to images or videos by applying filters and effects. This app is downloadable on Android and iOS. Though you can download it on both mobile devices, the app still favors iOS devices. Here, you can connect, be updated on different challenges, and join the challenges with the creative community of the creators, like the popular challenge VSCO Girl.



  • It has a well-defined interface that provides an attractive approach.
  • It offers a wide range of editing that you can choose from.
  • The algorithm detects your activities to provide related suggestions for you.
  • You can do a photo shoot with the filters that are available here.
  • It receives an update regularly.


  • The app doesn't support dark mode.
  • You must pay for most of the filters and effects available here.

How Much Does Membership Cost for VSCO?

Is VSCO free? You can use the free version of the app. However, there are limitations, such as you can't access the premium filters it supports on the pro version. If you want to purchase a membership on the app, the price starts at $ 9.99 monthly and $ 19.99 a year with a 7-day free trial.

Part 2. VSCO Review - Evaluation in Users Perspective & What Is Best for

VSCO Overall Evaluation as a User

As a user who needs to do an instant edit VSCO app can be a good pick-up. Unlike similar applications, you can capture images, edit them, and then share them without leaving or exiting the application. It is very convenient for a user to do everything in the app. Yet, some things need to be noticed in the app, especially on the Android version, compared to what it provides on iOS. E.g., error in logging in and the work it brings as a slow-mo video editor on a mobile device since it doesn't do it smoothly.

5 Things That You Can Agree on about VSCO

1. Free Filters of the App

As the free version of the app, there are 15 VSCO filters you can freely use that can take your image to the next level. These are Contrast, Saturation, Grain, Fade, and many more. Though these options are available, you will need to manually override by changing the parameters of these options to be applied to the image. Also, it is a video filter app that works for editing the video to establish a better color for your video.

2. Advance Editing Presets to Use

Since there are free presets that you can use and the app offers a membership, the creatives mostly use a pro version. Unlike the free version, there are 200+ presets available in the app that you can use once you become a member. Even professionals like to use the options available in the premium version of it. So, if you are one of them, then this is the time you need to add magic to the image you have.

3. Video Editing

Aside from manipulating the photo's colors, you can download VSCO to edit your videos. With it, you change the balance of color settings with the help of its HSL. Here, you can trim a video, crop, and add a reverse effect, but the exclusive version offers additional options like Speed for Slow-mo effects.

4. Create a Montage & Collage

Want to create a fantastic video introduction? Then, this app can help you create a quick video montage and collage from your video. Tell your story by compiling the videos you have by creating a montage, or you can also layer multiple images and shapes collage. It is the best chance for beginners to experiment with their introduction or outro for a video.

Can I create a video on Mac with VSCO? The app has a VSCO Suite for macOS if you want to use this video editing software on Mac OS X.

5. Be Part of the Creative Community

With the fast growth of the VSCO community, we can see the #vsco more in different platforms. Explore and share your creation with the community; there is no need for you to become an influencer to influence other people. Let your work speak to the app's creatives or audience. Also, you can join in some fun weekly challenges that could spice up your image or video and share it with the world.

Why Should You Use the VSCO over Its Competitor

1. Easy to Use

Compared to the other applications that you can use, the VSCO edit ideas are perfectly fit for beginners. It is optional to become a pro by applying fantastic manipulation to your photography and a complicated app. Though you can perform complicated editing here, the app still performs well when we are talking about processing images or videos.

2. Compatibility

Rest assured that the app works on Android and iOS, which means you can still download the app even if you use whatever phone OS. Though the app still has a bias over iOS, especially in the built-in camera function of it, still the editing options that the app highlighted can be used on Android phones. Since the app is compatible with both systems, you must now check the version of your device to see if its updated version is still supported.

3. It works like a Desktop App

Image editing with the best VSCO edit setting works like a pro. When untrained eyes look into the image processing on this app and a desktop app, they can't see the difference. There is no need for you to have a desktop when your image editor works like the app that we are mentioning.

Part 3. VSCO Alternative for a Better Video & Image Editing for Free

Is VSCO worth it? Indeed, it is. However, some users want to experience the same intensity of video and image editing that the VSCO provides but for free, so what is the best to use? Vid.fun is the newest program that can be used as an alternative to VSCO. The app operates like the VSCO but is even more straightforward. Imagine how easily the app works.

VidFun on Android

Unlike the app that we review, this app's features are all available on the main interface of it, which means there is no need for you to find the filters or editing options you want to use. In addition to that, there is no need for you to subscribe to the app since it is free. Click what you want to do in the app, upload the image or video, apply it, and save it. As easy as that, the final product you want will be yours.

Key Features of Vid.fun

Part 4. FAQs about the VSCO

What does VSCO girl mean?

VSCO girl became a trendy insult for young women who use VSCO to edit their pictures. It is improper to insult a person who uses the VSCO app as an editor and others who don't use it. Appreciating the beauty of a person is much needed, and saying good things about a person can make their day. Boost up a person's confidence, and don't use VSCO girl as an insult to the community of VSCO.

Is there an app to see who views your VSCO?

There is no application that you can use to see who are the viewers of your VSCO. Tracking people's visits to their profiles is illegal, and VSCO will never go to disclose information that is related to you or the users according to the terms and agreement.

Is VSCO the best camera app for Android?

VSCO can be set at the top, but there are still different types of camera apps for Android that you can use to capture an image with filters added to it.


VSCO app offers the best filters and effects that you can apply to your image to create a fabulous and outstanding video or photo in an instant. However, you will need to purchase the app before you can use the full version of it. Is it expensive? Well, it isn't expensive compared to other editors, but its cost is still high. So, if you want to go in a cheaper way that won't cost you even a penny, try to use Vid.fun as an alternative.

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