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December 13, 2022Ashley Mae

Are you looking for the quickest way to edit your videos and export them as full HD quality? VITA provides a video editor to easily download on your mobile devices to pre-process any videos you want. But the question is, is it the best video editor to use? To answer that specific question, you can read the evaluation we did here to determine if it will fit your needs.

Vita Video Editor Review

Part 1. Overview of VITA Video Editor - What Is VITA App, Pros, Cons, and Price

In this part, you will understand what the things that the VITA app offers to you are. As a user, knowing the overview, pros, cons, and app price is much needed before you use or download it. Learn what information is related to the app by reading this.

What is VITA App?

VITA App is a multipurpose video editor that allows users to insert creative media files to create excellent output. Here, you can bring your colorless video, process it, and make the colors pop out more with the available filters and effects. Besides the effects and filters, the apps offer PIP & Chroma Keys that could play a vital role in processing the CG effects you added to the videos you are about to create. With text and stickers, you can attach emotions to your film. If you want to use or download it on your device, visit your Playstore or Appstore, for this app is available on the known mobile device operating system.

Vita Video Editor


  • It compiles the best effects and filters you can apply to a video.
  • It offers more than 2,000 pieces of music without copy-correct issues.
  • You can process videos and save them here in full HD quality.
  • It can add or change the video transition into a better version.
  • Available to be downloaded on iOS and Android devices for free.


  • You need to purchase the app to use it without limitations.
  • The free version of the app has a lot of pesky ads.

How much is VITA App?

Vita editing app is a free to use program that you can use on Android and iOS. However, it offers a pro version to remove the watermark on the final product and the ads while using it. You wouldn't need to purchase the pro version to gain access to the available features.

Part 2. ITA Video Editor Evaluation from Users Perspective, Performance, and Best Use

All the information included in this part is based on factual observations on the app VITA to assure the readers that they will receive an honest review. If you want to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and evaluations we did on the app, this part is for you.

Evaluation of VITA Video Editor from a Users Perspective

Overall, VITA Video Editor & Maker provides users with needs for quick video editing that attracts the vast majority of the audiences. It fits nicely for beginners and those who want to add simplistic yet effective designs to a video. But for professional use, is it the best? Well, it is still usable for pros, but the features it highlights aren't for pros but rather for beginners.

Moreover, the app's file size is enormous, and it already ate a lot of space on most mobile devices. Sadly, when you delete the app, all of the progress you have done that you didn't export isn't saved, which means it will delete all of them from the app. Also, the app leaves a watermark on the final product; the only way to remove it is by purchasing its pro version.

What are the Best Known VITA Video Editors:

1. Free Video Editor

VITA is a free application, which is already mentioned in this article many times. If you are on a tight budget and want to create amazing videos, then this could solve that problem.

2. Creates High-Grade Video Transitions

Mixing or attacking two or more videos could be difficult for everyone, especially when there is no transition. Here, you can apply various pre-made change that could make your video looks much better. Try this feature out to see what we are talking about.

3. Brings Aesthetic Design to Videos

With dreamy glitch, glitter, and bling effects, you can instantly apply these aesthetic effects to a video you are creating. These effects will bring an aesthetic feel to the video you are making, and usually, before you can use this on another editor, you will need to have the pro version of the app, but here you can freely use it.

4. Motion Speed Manipulation Option

With this video editor on a mobile device, you can easily change the video speed according to your wants. Speeding or slowing up video won't be your problem when using the VITA video editor.

5. Pre-Made Fonts and Animated Texts

Adding text to a video can convey the information you want to tell audiences much more accessible. After adding the text, you can customize the stroke, shadows, colors, and font to make it look fancier than ever.

6. Creates Collage and Overlay Easier

Even if you aren't experienced in video editing with this app, you can quickly learn how to create collages and attach overlays to the video you are creating with a PIP for creating clone videos.

7. Enrich Videos with the Background Music

Do you need background music on your video? Well, this app does provide a set of enriched music in its library. You can select songs you want to apply to bring an audible sound into the video you are creating whenever you want it.

What Makes Vita Video Editor Best from its Competitors?

Aside from its innovative features, filters, and effects, the app is designed well for beginners who have just started video editing. You wouldn't have difficulty manipulating or pre-processing videos using this app. However, the app isn't designed to perform heavy-duty video editing like what you can get on most video editors on PC. But overall, the app is an excellent choice for quick video editing for presentations, sharing, or keepsake purposes.

Part 3. Newest VITA Video Editor Alternative to Download on Mobile Devices

Vid.Fun is the best and newest video editor that provides video editing without limitations on mobile devices. It is designed to help users perform professional video editing on devices with little work. Moreover, the app is considered the best alternative not because we say so but because of the app's features and performance that aren't included in the first app we reviewed. With this app, you can easily rotate videos for Tiktok even if you aren't an expert. This video editor's design is compact and easy to understand. So what are you waiting for? If you want the best video alternative for VITA Video Editor, download this app to start using it.

VidFun on Android


  • The app design is on point, so users won't have difficulty using it.
  • Its performance on video editing is far better than most free-to-download editors.
  • It doesn't leave a watermark on the final product.
  • There is no video length limitation on the app.


  • The current application version is only available on Android 6 or higher.

Part 4. FAQs about the VITA Video Editor

Is VITA a good editing app?

Considering the strengths that it provides in video editing, there is no doubt why the app has reached the top tier of the best video editor on mobile devices. VITA Video Editor is a good editing app for mobile devices to process the video you shoot or download over the internet.

Why does my VITA app keep shutting off?

VITA does often keep shutting off because of the high processing it needs. Sometimes, the version of a device or even the RAM of it can't process the filters and effects that VITA provides. If you are encountering this problem, you better email their customer service to consult it or download the best alternative we included in this article so that you wouldn't experience the same problem again.

Who developed VITA?

Snow, INC. developed the VITA Video Editor & Maker on December 26, 2019, and it has already received 100,000,000+ downloads on Playstore & Appstore.


VITA Video Editor & Maker is here to help mobile users when video editing is needed. In terms of using this app, there is no need for you to become a professional and have vast knowledge about video editing. You wouldn't regret downloading the app and the alternative we added here. If the app we review isn't sufficient, then adding another application on your device would be a great addition to your arsenal.

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