Solutions & Expert Tips on How to Fix iPhone Low-Volume Issues

Smartphones like the iPhone offer a feature wherein you can make and receive calls, listen to music, or watch videos. However, many iPhone users have encountered frustrating issues such as unexpectedly low volume levels. This dilemma has left countless users exasperated and searching for an answer to this question.

Whether you face this problem for the first time or have been dealing with it persistently, understanding the underlying cause is the first step toward finding the appropriate solution. Explore why your iPhone volume is low and discover the most effective ways to restore it to its full auditory glory.

iPhone Volume Low

Part 1. Why Is My iPhone Volume So Low - 7 Reasons Behind It

When your iPhone's sound is low, there could be several reasons why it happens. Before you jump to a conclusion or assume that there is a hardware problem, consider these potential causes first.

1. Media Volume Settings

One of the most common reasons volume is low is accidentally adjusting the media volume slider. When you are playing media, pressing the volume buttons on the side helps you to adjust the volume precisely. Pressing the volume down button can decrease the volume of what is playing on your iPhone.

Media Volume on iPhone

2. Do Not Disturb Mode

Why is the iPhone ring volume low? Disturb mode might lower the volume of your notifications, rings, and calls. When this mode is activated, the name suggests it all, and no notification can be heard on your iPhone since you do not want to be disturbed.

Do Not Disturb

3. Blocked Speakers or Ports

Dust, lint, water, or other debris can clog your iPhone speakers and ports, reducing the sound output.

Blocked Speaker or Ports

4. Bluetooth Devices

If you have connected your iPhone to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones, the volume might be low on the connected device due to compatibility issues. iPhone Bluetooth volume low is a common problem you might have encountered on your iPhone, including the one Airpod is not working.

Bluetooth Error

5. Media Playback Error

While listening to music or watching movies, you might run into a situation when the audio output can be too low during media playback on your iPhone. The audio remains low even if you have set the volume to the maximum. This media playback error can be fixed with an audio booster app or by re-downloading the media file to get the correct bits that might be missing, causing low audio.

6. Settings Misconfiguration

Is your iPhone alarm volume low? Settings misconfigurations can cause iPhone volume issues because they alter how the device handles sound output. Specifically, the Change with Buttons option under the Ringer and Alerts section in the Settings app plays a crucial role.

7. Hardware Issues

There might be a hardware problem with your iPhone speakers that causes low volume. It can be due to playing a media file at maximum volume that leaves strain on the speaker.

Part 2. How to Fix iPhone Volume Low Using the 5 Methods

1. How to Fix Media Volume Settings Error

When you have encountered a media volume setting error, the best ways to fix it are by playing a video or some music and using the volume up button to increase the sound. The other way is to turn off the Disturb Mode by going to the Control Center and tapping the moon icon when it is on.

2. How to Fix When Call Volume Is Low

When an iPhone call volume is low, there are several approaches you can take to solve the problem, such as increasing the call volume while on a call, removing the screen protector or case, cleaning the speaker and microphone, restarting the device, updating the software, checking to call audio routing, resetting networks, and contacting Apple Support if none of the solutions works.

3. How to Fix When Speaker Volume Suddenly Became Low on iPhone

Likewise, when you need to fix the phone speaker volume suddenly low on an iPhone, you can use the solution we have taught you earlier on how to fix low call volume. Instances may occur that your iPhone might be connected to a Bluetooth device, and the audio output is redirected there instead on the speaker of your iPhone. Turn off Bluetooth by going to the Settings app, select Bluetooth on the menu, and toggle it off to disconnect.

4. How to Fix iPhone Caller Volume Is Low

Not only may it happen to the receiver, but it can also happen to the caller. When the iPhone caller volume is low, carefully clean the receiver's earpiece using a soft brush or compressed air to remove any obstruction that may block it. If you are using a noise cancellation during phone calls, you should toggle it off since it might affect the call volume. Go to Settings, Accessibility, Audio/Visual menu, Phone Noise Cancellation, and toggle it off.

5. How to Fix When iPhone Volume Low Is Caused By Bugs and Glitches

If the problem persists and you do not know why your iPhone volume is so low, you can use the Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery to recover your iOS device on Windows or Mac. This app can repair the iOS system without causing data loss and fix various iOS problems by correcting software glitches, errors, or corrupted system file that causes low volume. Plus, it is a reputable iOS system recovery tool prioritizing the safety and security of user data and devices with the help of advanced algorithms to fix iOS issues immediately. If you want to know how to use this app, follow the steps below.

Step 1.
Download the latest version of the iOS system recovery by clicking the download button below. Next, install the package you downloaded earlier and launch the app afterward.
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Step 2.
Inside the interface, click the iOS System Recovery and connect the iOS device to your PC via a charging cable. Tap the Trust on your iOS if this is your first time connecting the device to the computer.
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Step 3.
On your computer, click the Start button to verify the mode and other information it asks you. To start the process, click the Repair button to initiate this app's procedure. After that, you can use the device with a better volume.
Repair iOS Low Volume

Part 3. FAQs on iPhone Volume is Low

Why is my iPhone volume so low all of a sudden?

iPhone volume might suddenly become low for various reasons, such as software glitches, misconfigured settings, or speaker or audio components issues. Sometimes, an iOS update or a problematic app can also cause volume issues.

How do I make my iPhone volume louder?

You can hold the volume up on the side of your iPhone to make the audio output louder. Plus, you can clean the speaker grills and ports to remove any debris blocking the sound.

How do I clean my iPhone speakers?

Turn your iPhone off, and use a small soft brush or compressed air to remove dust or debris on speaker grills gently. Take note: avoid using liquids or abrasive materials to clean the speaker because it might cause damage.

Why is my iPhone media volume low when using headphones?

If your iPhone media volume is low when using headphones, it could be due to issues with the headphone jack, damaged headphones, or software settings. Ensure the headphone jack is clean and debris-free, try different headphones to see if the issue persists, and check the volume settings within your specific app.

Why is my iPhone volume low only during calls and not for other media?

Low call volume could be due to network issues, misconfigured call settings, or problems with the phone app itself. Check your call volume settings, ensure no obstructions over the receiver, and test with different network conditions to identify the cause.


Does your iPhone sound low? We have added the solutions you can perform to solve the problem immediately. If your iPhone has a system problem that causes low volume, the best app you can use will be the Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery to reset the device without affecting the data inside.

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