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Movavi Screen Capture crashes on startup? Movavi Screen Capture record no audio? Movavi Screen Capture gets an export problem? Where to download Movavi Screen Capture on Windows 10? Read this post to get the quick and easy help to solve the most problems you may encounter.

Movavi Screen Capture, as the combination of video recorder and editor, gains more votes from users.

However, every coin has two sides like a sword, so does Movavi Screen Capture.

More users say that Movavi Screen Capture has stopped working while others point that this recorder records no audio on Mac. More problems about this app have appeared.

In this post, we gather the frequently asked questions about this software, and provide the quick answers to help you to solve the issue.

Movavi Screen Capture Problems Fix

Movavi Screen Capture Problems Fix

Part 1. Quick how-to guide to use Movavi Screen Capture

Here, we gather the most cared questions about Movavi Screen Capture, so that you can use it normally.

1. Download Movavi Screen Capture 2. Install Movavi Screen Capture
3. Activate Movavi Screen Capture 4. Uninstall/remove Movavi Screen Capture

1. Download Movavi Screen Capture

Movavi Screen Capture is compatible with Windows and Mac.

You just visit its home page to find Movavi Screen Capture Studio, click the download link to download it directly on your computer.

Download Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10:

Download Mac:

2. Install Movavi Screen Capture

After downloading this software, you just follow the on-screen instructions to install this app on your computer for using.

You can download Movavi Screen Capture on many computers, but the activation code can be used on only one computer.

Movavi products are licensed on per-computer basis, not per-user, site or company.

3. Activate Movavi Screen Capture

As for the activation, you just need to run this program, and click "Activate" to paste your license key into the menu.

The license key is the activation that has been sent to your email address when you purchase this product.

If your lost you activation key, just visit, and input your email address to receive the activation key for your purchased products.

4. Uninstall/remove Movavi Screen Capture

For Mac users, you just need to put Movavi Screen Capture into Trash to remove it.

As for Windows users, you need to go to "Control Panel" by clicking the Start menu > Find "Uninstall a program" under "Programs" > Find "Movavi Screen Capture" and right-click it to select "Uninstall". Then you just need to follow the prompt information to delete this program from your computer.

Part 2. Troubleshooting of Movavi Screen Capture not working

After getting a quick guide to use this tool, you may also encounter some problems. Get the troubleshooting in this part to enable Movavi Screen Capture to work well.

1. Movavi Screen Capture no audio 2. Movavi Screen Capture export video with no audio on Mac 3. Movavi Screen Capture not working/responding/recording video

1. Movavi Screen Capture no audio

Whether you record the video without audio or cannot enable recording from any audio device, you can fix the issue in the 3 solutions below:

✔ Disable third-party sound enhancing software.

Most commonly this problem is caused by some third-party sound enhancing software like Nahimic, Sonic Suite, etc.

For solving this problem, just check your Windows system tray to check any audio-enhancing program and close it. Then restart Movavi Screen Capture, enable system audio and microphone again.

✔ Update sound card driver.

Right click "Computer" to select "Properties" > Under "System Tools" properties to select "Device Manager" > Expand "Sound, video and game controllers" dropdown to find your sound cards marked with a speaker icon > Right click the sound card to select "Properties" and update the driver under "Driver" tab.

Update Sound Card

✔ Change sound quality settings.

Sometimes, the problem is caused by the sound quality settings between system and this software. You just need to change the settings.

1Right-click the speaker icon and select "Playback devices" > Temporarily disable sound device > Right-click the playback device and select "Configure" to select "Stereo" option.

Playback Settings

2Click "Next" > and complete the configuring > Right-click your playback device and select "Properties" > "Advanced" > Select "24 bit, 48000 Hz" for your speakers.

Speaker Properties

3Tick all the options under "Exclusive mode", click "Apply" and start to record the audio again.

2. Movavi Screen Capture export video with no audio on Mac

Movavi Screen Capture uses a special virtual device, which mirrors the system sounds to speakers, so that the recording device can hear the sound.

When you find the recording video is lacking in audio, you can fit it by the following three solutions:

✔ Reinstall the software.

The installation error might occur, which lead to the sound installation loss. Just reinstall this software.

✔ Disable some third-part recording software or audio grabber.

Some apps take control over the sound like Sound Flower, which may conflict with this software. For solving this issue, you just need to disable such apps while using Movavi Screen Capture.

3. Movavi Screen Capture not working/responding/recording video

When Movavi Screen Capture has stopped working on startup, or not responding while using it, you can try to remove the message error with the following measures.

✔ Adjust software settings.

Go to "Settings" > "Preferences" > "Video" > Enable "Use DirectX for capturing" or "Use alternative capture mode" (one of these options will be available). Then restart this app to try recording again.

✔ Update video card driver.

Right-click "Computer" > "Properties" > "Device Manager" > "Display adapters" to check your computer's video card driver.

Download the corresponding video card driver and update it immediately.

Intel videocard

NVIDIA videocard

AMD (ATI) videocard

Note: This way is also available when you can only record audio without video file with this software.

Update Video Card

Part 3. Movavi Screen Capture review and alternatives

1. Movavi Screen Capture Review
2. Movavi Screen Capture alternative

1. Movavi Screen Capture Review

You can get a quick fix when Movavi Screen Capture gets problematic in the ways above. As for this software, we can get a review of this program here:


1. Many ways to accelerate your workflow, Intel HD, Nvidia and AMD hardware supports makes footage so fast.

2. It is safe and pretty self-explanatory.

3. The interface is very easy to work with./p>

4. It's very easy to edit and save videos in the format you desire.

5. You can also record keyboard keystrokes.

6. The built-in editor makes it more attractive.


1. It leaves a lack of expanding the export section for advanced users.

2. It makes your other apps super slow while running this software.

3. You cannot edit in the one place.

4. There is not an easy way to edit instructions into the actual video.

5. There are rare crashes when exporting or save video files.

In one word, Movavi Screen Capture brings you convenience, and users prefer to use it when compared with other screen capture programs in the market.

Top Ten Screen Capture

However, it is not the ideal one recorder tool. As a result, you can also get a recorder alternative when you do not want to use it.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is the tool that you need exactly.

2. Movavi Screen Capture alternative

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

1Free download, install and run this software on your computer. In the main interface, you are given more options to record video, audio, screenshot, etc. Select what you need exactly.

Download Recorder

2Select reading area if you select "Video Recorder" in the last step. Get such audio settings as system audio and microphone.

Select Recording

3Hit "REC" to start the recording. Click the stop button to preview and save the recording.

Preview Recording

Here, we come to the end of this page.

This page gathers the frequently asked questions and answers about Movavi Screen Capture, so that you can use this tool smoothly and easily. In addition, you can find its review and get the alternative to this screen capture software freely.

If you have more questions about this software, do not hesitate to leave your comments below.

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