How to Solve Video Not Playing in PowerPoint with Effective Fixes

November 20, 2023Jenny Ryan

After a long work of creating a PowerPoint, you tested out the presentation. Upon pressing the F5 button on your keyboard, the PowerPoint cannot play media, and you feel devastated. Considering your hard work, you don’t want it to go to waste. And the good thing is there are solutions to make the video playable on the computer. Check out this post and how to fix a corrupted video on a PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint Cannot Play Media

Part 1. Media Requirements of PowerPoint

Text, pictures, and a powerful slideshow transition are what make a good PowerPoint presentation. But other than these components, there are several tips that you should know about, especially when you need to insert a video.

Video formats play a vital role in PowerPoint presentations, and fortunately, it has a wide range of supported video and audio formats. It accepts ASF, MP4, MOV, MPG, and WMV for video file types. Depending on the resolution you want for the video, the file size will follow. For example, an Ultra HD video is the highest resolution offered by PowerPoint’s Office 365 and Office 2019. A short clip of 10 minutes and 42 seconds with this resolution can be a 476MB file size. It is more complex to render and, of course, prone to not playing on the projector. But if you already follow the media requirements and the PowerPoint video is still not playing, check the next part for the solutions.

Part 2. Fix PowerPoint Video Not Playing Due to Video Corruption

Most videos are prone to being corrupted in many ways. But it is still possible to fix a PowerPoint video not playing with Aiseesoft Video Repair. It is a desktop tool with powerful technology that imitates a sample video’s resolution, quality, frame rate, and other elements to fix a corrupted file. This can be used for MOV, MP4, and 3GP from any supported device and platform. Free download it to fix the video not playing on PowerPoint.

Video Repair


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Step 1.
Download Aiseesoft Video Repair from the official website and install the software. After that, run the application and click the Add button from the first section to upload the corrupted video from the local folder. Click the Open button to confirm the upload.
Video Repair Download Plug Upload Video
Step 2.
Once the first video is uploaded, click the Add button for the sample video. The video must have the same duration, encoder, and other elements as the first video. The program will match the details to recover the video not playing in PowerPoint.
Aiseesoft Upload Sample Video
Step 3.
Click the Repair button to process the video. After a while, you can see a short part of the processed clip by clicking the Preview button. To export the video, click the Save button and open it on PowerPoint. Click the Repair Other Videos button to upload another one.
Video Repair Preview Save

Part 3. More Ways to Fix PowerPoint Cannot Play Media

There could be unknown issues within PowerPoint presentation. The only way to find the problem is to use the following methods of fixing videos not playing on PowerPoint.

Check the Media Compatibility

There is a large supported video format for videos on PowerPoint. But if you receive an error despite uploading MP4, then you must set the media compatibility in the settings. Check the following steps:

Step 1.
Open PowerPoint on your device and go to the File menu. Choose the Info option from the list.
Check Media Compatibility in PowerPoint
Step 2.
If the video clip in the slide is incompatible, the Media Compatibility window will appear. Click it, and the optimizing wizard will run a scan. Once it finds a problem, it will automatically fix it.

Convert the Video Before Embedding

If you tried the first method and nothing happened, the codec might be different from PowerePoint’s supported ones. Convert it using a free online converter like Online Video Converter by 123Apps. It is free and user-friendly, allowing you to upload all popular formats, including MP4, MOV, FLV, etc. Furthermore, it has the codec options, which you can change for PowerPoint support. Alternatively, you can also extract audio using this online tool by converting your MP4 video to MP3.

Step 1.
Visit the online converter and click the Open File button. Browse for the file and click the Open button to select it.
Online Converter Change the Codec
Step 2.
Choose the output format, then proceed to the Settings. Choose the Video and Audio codecs according to your preferences. Click the Convert button to change the format. Once done, check if PowerPoint still cannot play media MP4.

Use the YouTube Code for the Video

If you want to use a YouTube video for the presentation, there is a way to incorporate it other than copying and pasting the video link. This method can help for easier video embedding without too much work.

Step 1.
Run YouTube and search for the video you want to incorporate in the PPT. Click the Share button and choose the Embed option to insert it into PowerPoint.
Embed Code YouTube Video
Step 2.
Type the embed code, then proceed to the Media menu on PowerPoint. Paste the code to the Video on the Embed menu. Then, click the Insert button, and it is done.

Part 4. FAQs about PowerPoint Cannot Play Media

Why is the MOV video not playing in PowerPoint?

MOV is a supported format on PowerPoint. When it is not playing, check and change the codec to make it compatible. You can also change the output format to make sure PowerPoint can read it.

How do you silence the background music in PowerPoint?

You can turn the volume down or delete the audio from the PowerPoint presentation. To do this, select the Audio icon from the slide, then click the Delete button to remove it. You can always add a new audio from the Insert menu. Just click the Audio button and upload the file.

Can you convert the video to PowerPoint?

Yes. Online converters like OnlineConvertFree allow you to choose PPT as the output format. Just click the Choose File button from the website and upload the video. Select PPT from the Format menu and hit the Convert button.


A video on PowerPoint can add an outstanding presentation to the audience. But it is also frustrating when the video is not playing in PowerPoint. But with the solutions here, you can find the cause and fix it without too much work. If the video is already corrupted, it is best to use Aiseesoft Video Repair for a quick fix. Download it for free on Mac and Windows.

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