How to Add Audio and Video Narration to PowerPoint?

March 24, 2023Ashley Mae

With the development of modern society, online education and work have become a social epidemic. Most of the time, you may need an effective way to show your online result. PowerPoint is your best helper. Since PowerPoint can integrate text, images, and videos into one and present them visually and concisely. There is showing a demand for creating higher quality PowerPoint. So how can you make an excellent PowerPoint presentation? On top of the PowerPoint images and text content, it would be great if you can add some speakers notes on PowerPoint. Today, you will quickly learn how to add narration to a PowerPoint from this article.

Add Narration to PowerPoint

Part 1. How to Add Audio Narration to PowerPoint

Doing a voiceover on PowerPoint needs a stable connection between your microphone and computer. If the connection is OK, you can prepare to make the voice-over PowerPoint.

Add Audio Narration to PPT
Step 1:
Open the PowerPoint that you have prepared.
Step 2:
Click the Record tab on the PowerPoint toolbar.
Step 3:
Click the Audio button at the top of the Auto-play Media tab. Find Audio and then select the Record Sound option.
Step 4:
Input the name of the recorded sound and click the Red icon to start your audio recording.
Step 5:
Now you can speak into the microphone according to your ideas. When adding audio narration, you can click the Blue icon to pause and the red icon to continue.
Step 6:
Finally, click OK to save the audio.

Now, you will see a trumpet icon on this current ppt page. You can left-click to play the audio or right-click to trim it. If you like, you can move the trumpet to a suitable location.

Part 2. How to Add Video Narration to PowerPoint

For Windows users, PowerPoint can't support video narration recording in the slideshow. So, you need to use one tool to record video narration for your PowerPoint, such as iSpring Presenter. Ensure your computer's webcam is in proper condition before recording video narration.

Add Video Narration to PPT
Step 1:
Download iSpring Presenter.
Step 2:
Open an original PowerPoint and find the iSpring Presenter tab on the PowerPoint toolbar.
Step 3:
Click the Record Video button and choose the checkbox: Process current slide only.
Step 4:
Click the Start Record to start the recording. Then you can also click the Next Slide, Next Animation, or Skip Transition buttons according to your needs.
Step 5:
Finally, click Stop and OK to stop the process.

iSpring presenter is different from iSpring screen recorder, and you should be attention when downloading.

Part 3. How to Add a Pre-recorded Narration to PowerPoint

If you want to add a pre-recorded audio or video narration to PPT, you don't know how. You can learn by following the steps.

Add Pre Record Narration to PPT
Step 1:
To make PPT more quickly, first put the pre-recorded narration into a specific folder.
Step 2:
Open the PowerPoint you need.
Step 3:
Click the Insert tab on the PowerPoint toolbar.
Step 4:
Find the Media tab at the top-right corner of the menu bar.
Step 5:
To add pre-recorded video narration, click Video and insert video from this device. Then you can load the pre-recorded video from your folder.
Step 6:
To add pre-recorded audio narration, click Audio and select Audio on PC. Then you can insert the pre-recorded audio from your folder.

After that, you can get a slideshow with narration. You can do the same for every slideshow if you like.

If you want to further share your production with PDF, you need convert your PowerPoint to PDF.

Part 4. Best Way to Record PPT Presentation with Video and Audio

You must have known how to add narration to PPT by the previously detailed introduction. If you want to learn how to video record yourself presenting a PowerPoint for work and study, we highly recommend you a best screen recording software.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is the easiest but most professional way to record your screen PPT presentation. This capture tool offers six recording selections for your PPT Presentation, which lets you record videos and audios on your Windows and Mac easily. It also allows you to make a professional PPT with 4K/Ultra HD video and noise-reduced audio.

Screen Recorder


Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

  • Record everything on your screen in a single click.
  • Support multiple recording sources including webcam.
  • Produce high quality gameplay automatically.
  • Offer advanced features, like take schedules.
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Here are some steps for you.

Step 1:
Free download this PPT recorder on your desktop. Install and run it.
Step 2:
In the main interface, you should select Video Recorder from Default to record video with audio for your PPT presentation.
Select Video Recorder
Step 3:
Now, you can adjust some settings for recording PPT in advance. In the main interface, there are 4 basic tabs. You should turn it on/off as you like for every tab.
Set Recording Audio Source

DISPLAY: Confirm the recording area by selecting Full or Custom.

Webcam: The camera can record your footage in real-time.

System Sound: Recording the sound made in the computer.

Microphone: Use it to record your voice.

Step 4:
After customizing, you can open the prepared PPT and start recording by clicking the REC button. During the recording, you can edit video and add text, line, arrow, and specific labels to the captured PPT presentation.
Edit the Recording Video
Step 5:
After recording, you can click the Stop button to preview the recorded PPT presentation. Finally, click Done to save the screen recording to your computer. You have completed the recording process.
Save the PPT Recording

Except for capturing PowerPoint presentation, this recorder can also record teams meeting online, team viewer session, online class, etc.

Part 5. FAQs of Adding Narration to PPT

Can I add a web video to PowerPoint?

Indeed, you can copy the URL of the web page. Locate the video you like and switch back to PowerPoint. Now select the slide where you decide to place the video. You can select Video and Online Video, then paste the URL you copied to the Online Video dialog box. Finally, select the Insert option.

What is the narration in PowerPoint?

It includes video and audio narration. When you play a slideshow, the narration can be helpful with sound and visual effects. You can add more you want to show in the PPT by narration.

Can all computer users add video narration directly?

No, it's not. You can add video narration directly on Mac, but Windows computer is not supported.


In this article, you have learned how to put audio and video narration into PPT presentation. Narrations can breathe life into your PowerPoint slides. And recording a PPT with narration requires a professional tool. When you learn to record PPT, you can better present your PPT work with narration. Now, leave your comments if you have any other questions.

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