How to Fix Safari from Freezing: Solutions to Use for iPhone Users

It is frustrating to see Safari keep freezing on your device. After all, it becomes essential for daily life. It helps to answer questions, research, and more. Although you consider using another alternative, Safari is the default browser for most Apple devices, and other browsers might also run into the same issues. What you can do is try solving the problems on Safar by following these effective solutions. Moreover, an ultimate tool will help you fix the undetermined issue on your device.

Safari Keeps Freezing

Part 1. Why Does SafarI Keep Freezing

The browser can be glitchy, especially when you open various tabs or search online for numerous information. When this happens, you might want to quit the app and start all over again. However, it seems not to work. Well, Safari might not be the main cause, and many factors can affect its performance, such as:

Outdated Safari version- when your phone is being updated, there is a high chance an outdated app will malfunction.

Browsing extensions- some downloaded extensions are not compatible with the browser.

Too many tabs on Safari- not closing tabs after using them will eventually pile up. The browser becomes glitchy as it processes all the information in those tabs simultaneously.

Unfixed bugs- they can be from the browser or your device. They will likely cause issues to other apps if left unfixed.

Part 2. Solutions to Solve Safari Freezing on iPhone

After learning the possible causes of a glitchy browser, you will look for possible ways to fix it. Here are some of the most effective fixes for Safari on iPhone.

Close All Tabs

Look at your browser and see if there are opened tabs. The tabs are active on the browser. This means that Safari works on any of them, making it difficult to process a new one or open another tab. In this case, your browsing experience will be glitchy. You can still close all the tabs with the following steps:

Step 1:
You can close tabs within the browser but also in the settings. Access the settings on your device and find the Safari menu.
Settings Safari Close Tabs
Step 2:
Scroll down and tap the Close Tabs option. Choose if you want to automatically clear tabs after One Day, One Week, or One Month.

Fix Freezing Safari with an Easy Tool

You do not know why Safari keeps freezing for unknown reasons, and it takes too much time to find the cause. To save yourself some time, try Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery, for it is a reliable solution that immediately fixes any device issue. When your browser, apps, and built-in function do not function well, this tool will run a scan to find the problems, including for black screen, loop start, DFU mode, etc. In another case, it will help you go through a disabled iPhone after a failed unlocking process. Even if you are not tech-savvy, Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery is designed with a simple and functional interface.

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Step 1:
Download Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery on Mac or Windows and install it. Once done, launch the software and plug your iPhone with a compatible USB cable. If you get a prompt on your device, choose the Trust option. This will successfully connect the iPhone to the tool.
Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery Connect Device
Step 2:
Carefully read and check the device information. To start fixing the iPhone Safari freezing, you should select the iOS System Recovery option from the main menu. Download the firmware by clicking the Start button.
Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery Mode
Step 3:
By downloading the firmware package, the tool will have the firmware files to run the device. Wait for it to get done. After it is downloaded, click the Repair button and allow the tool to fix the problems on your iPhone.
Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery Firmware Package

Empty the Browsing History and Web Data

Your browser keeps information from the websites you visit. It accumulates the data to promote similar interests and keep personal information for log-ins. As much as they are important, the data can hinder Safari’s performance. Thus, you have to regularly clear the browsing history, and here’s how to do it:

Step 1:
Open the Safari app and go to the Safari menu. Under the About Safari & Privacy section, tap the Clear History and Web Data button.
Safari Clear Browsing History Web Data
Step 2:
This action will remove the browsing history, cookies, and other files. Tap the Clear History and Data button to confirm your action.

Restart Your Device

All minor issues can be fixed by restarting iPhone. The iPhone Safari freezing will likely start again if you have cleared all browning history and tabs. See how to reboot the device easily:

Step 1:
Press down the Home and Power buttons at the same time. Keep at it until the Apple logo appears.
Restart Your Device iPhone Safari Freezing
Step 2:
Wait until the device is refreshed and set. Then, open the Safari app and try to visit or search for anything.

Update to the New iOS Version

Always check for software updates on your phone to avoid problems with built-in functions. If you are still on the previous iOS 16 version, you can check the new version and update to iOS 17 by following these instructions:

Step 1:
From the Settings app, head to the General menu and tap the Software Update. Allow the device to check for available iOS software on the device.
Step 2:
If there is one, tap the Download button. It will take some time to install the new ioS version, so wait patiently. Once done, open the Safari app to see if it’s still freezing.
Update iOS Software iPhone Safari Freezing

Part 3. FAQs about iPhone Safari Freezing

What else should I check when iPhone Safari is freezing?

If you are confident your device is fine without issues, check the internet connection. If it has a weak signal, it might affect the browsing performance of the app. Also, close some apps running to allow Safari to connect smoothly.

Which browser to use when iPhone Safari is freezing?

Google Chrome is a trusted browser to download on iPhone. It has a user-friendly interface with functions to boost the browsing experience. Moreover, you can install it for free on the App Store.

Can I uninstall Safari from my iPhone?

Unlike other apps, you cannot uninstall Safari to fix the issues. Instead, use the methods in this post or call Apple Support for further help about the matter.


To conclude, there are many reasons for iPhone Safari freezing, such as an outdated app, too many opened tabs, and more. However, you can use the simple solutions to fix the issues. Additionally, Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery is the professional desktop software to get rid of Safari or device issues. An easy fix can be done by downloading it!

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